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25 Interior Architects in Surat Gujarat India


When do I need an interior architect?

If you’re buying a new property that requires extensive renovation, while you may have many fantastic ideas for the space, it is always best to consult with a professional interior architect. They will have many years of experience in designing for homes and commercial interiors, taking on a big project can be exciting but daunting, so having an experienced architect at hand is very helpful. Equally, if you’re over-faced with the prospect of overhauling your home or renovating a space, as interior architect can bring lots of fresh ideas to the table.

What does an interior architect do?

An interior architect is there to translate your hopes and dreams for your home into reality, when you have identified design styles and features you like using the homify website, your interior architect will be able to begin to figure out how they will fit into your home. As well as being experts in design and helping to flesh out your ideas, architects will also be able to help you project manage your renovation—breaking down timeframes and budgeting costs. If you’re looking to revitalise a specific room in your home then it may be a good idea to search for an interior architect who specialises in that particular area of design, you can easily search our directory of interior architects on the homify website.

Interior finishes & fittings

Homify has a million ideas for interior finishes and unique fittings for your home, it is these things that give your renovation or redecoration project finesse. Some interior architects specialise in remodeling projects, whereby structural elements and complete room overhauls are overtaken. Other interior architect’s speciality lies in the creative side of design. Using homify’s website to find a talented interior architect makes finding a professional with the same taste as you easy. Fittings such as taps for a kitchen and lights switches, although small, can make a huge difference to the ambiance of a room so consider these carefully with your interior architect the perfect fixtures for you.


Lighting is one of the most important elements to consider when you’re decorations or remodeling, a great interior architect knows that lighting can completely alter the mood of a room. There are practical elements to consider with lighting, of course, but there’s also massive potential for creativity. Statement ceiling lights look modern and grand in a dining room, dimmer lights are traditionally used in bedrooms, but consider using them in your bathroom to create a relaxing spa atmosphere. Interior architects can also introduce you to the latest high-tech developments in lighting to suit all your design needs.

Room acoustics

Acoustics are something you may not have even considered before remodeling or redecorating your home, this is where the expertise of your interior architect becomes invaluable. To make a house a home, the way in which sound carries through is important, no one wants echoing sounds making their kitchen or living room feel hollow and empty. Equally your interior architect will suggest clever design solutions to minimise noise carrying between rooms or even to neighbours. Experience is invaluable so using the homify directory to seek out an interior architect to consult with is a great idea.

How do I find the right interior architect in Surat? 

Finding an architect in Surat can be much the same as any other city, looking up separate architecture practices and trying to find a firm and architect that suits your needs. This is time-consuming and there’s no guarantee you’ll find your perfect match. A recommendation from a friend who has used a particular interior architect is worth noting, but by far the simplest way to locate an interior architect in Surat is to search through homify’s directory of interior architects.

Searching for interior architects in Surat

Homify has hundreds of interior architects available to connect with at the click of a mouse, easily see their specialities, experience and location and choose to contact them either in person, over the phone or via email. Helpfully, you can also see reviews from previous clients, providing an invaluable insight into theinterior architect’s skills. Maps will also show you where in Surat your interior architect of choice is.

What do I need to look out for when choosing an interior architect in Surat?

Firstly consider the nature of the work you require, for especially large projects you should look to work with an interior architect who has worked on commissions of a similar size. If you are remodeling your bathroom, spa or pool area look for an interior architect who specialises in that kind of renovation. Also, if there is a particular school of design, or design-era you like, for instance ’art deco’ design—search for an interior architect whose style aesthetic closely matches your vision. There are so many interior architects out there, it’s just a matter of finding the right match.

How much will an interior architect cost in Surat? 

This depends entirely on the size and type of project you enlist an interior architect for. The grander the design, the more costly it will become. Bear in mind that an architect is a highly skilled professional and as such their fees reflect their skill. The internet and sites like homify are opening up the market and subsequently the fees of an interior architect is becoming a lot more competitive. Paying for skilled interior architects can save money and hassle in the long-run, so think of it as an investment.

How do I best prepare for the first appointment with an interior architect?

You should have an idea of your budget, timeframe and the type of design you would like. There could be considerations that will be useful to share with your chosen interior architect such as access to your property, and original features that cannot be changed and previous structural issues. Printing off visual prompts and inspiration from interiors magazines and websites like homify is a good idea too. Don’t worry if you feel unprepared, a good interior architect should be able to speak with you and develop a sense of what your home design ideas, a great interior architect can turn your ideas into reality!

What other professionals do I need for my home building project?

If your home building project will require structural reworking and building additional structures then you will probably require builders, labourers and you may also need to hire someone to survey the property before and after. Your interior architect will be able to advise on which other professionals you may require for your home design project. They may suggest you enlist a project manager whose job it is to find and manage any manpower it will take to complete your home architecture project.

Home builders in Surat

To find home builders in Surat always consult with your interior architect, they will have worked on projects that require builders before and may have contacts in the industry. Whoever you decide to employ ensure that they are fully qualified and have fulfilled all health and safety requirements needed to perform their job. Hold off on hiring home builders until your plans are finalised in order to keep building costs down.

Kitchen planner in Surat 

The kitchen is the heart of the home and one of the most complicated rooms to remodel, as well as the most rewarding. There are many elements to consider in kitchen design, ovens and hobs, lighting, water supply, dining areas and work surfaces—not to mention storage and high-tech appliances. You will need to enlist a kitchen planner in Surat whose speciality is kitchens. Use homify to carefully select your interior architect whose forte is kitchens, or if you are using an interior architect for your whole property, they may want to subcontract the kitchen to another interior architect. There are some many ways to make your kitchen special from lighting to taps and the kitchen sink, you may have to spend a lot of time planning, but the rewards will be worth it. While your kitchen is being built or remodeled check with your interior architect about whether it’s safe to use, you may have to make sure you have an alternative space to cook and prepare food during the remodeling.

Designer in Surat

The most enjoyable part of a renovation of a  remodeling project is arguably adding the finishing touches, while an interior architect is invaluable in seeing the big picture and helping with structural changes, you may need to consult an interior designer to add wallpaper, paint, furniture and soft furnishings. This is your chance to stamp your personality on your home or property. To find an interior designer in Surat you may want to check reviews on homify, reviews are one of the most helpful tools to help find a matching designer. Of course design is entirely subjective so do ask to see lots of examples of past projects and a portfolio from your designer. Your interior architect may have worked with a particular designer before and may be able to offer an introduction. Like hiring any subcontractor try and give the designer as much information about your needs as possible, even if it’s a swatch of fabric or a special ornament that you’d like an idea to be based around, any visual queues are invaluable. Also, consider the length of your design project and choose someone that you’ll be happy to work with for weeks or even months. Be sure to choose an individual that specialises in home design rather than commercial interiors too.

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