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When browsing through online directories of interior architects in Patna, usually, all one finds is the contact details of the professional. There is no mention of the fee they charge or the type of work that they undertake. A doubt that most homeowners have is whether it is essential to hire an architect or if an interior designer or decorator can take on the project. It's essential to understand that the type of work that an interior architect is qualified to do is quite different from that of a designer.

What does an interior architect do? How is it different from what an interior designer does?

An interior architect is a professional who has a degree in architecture. As a result, he is qualified to undertake all the technical aspects of the design and planning of the interiors of a home. This can include planning the structure, acoustics, ventilation and other details. An interior designer focuses more on the aesthetics and visual planning of spaces, including the placement of furniture, the colour palette of the room and the accessories that create the desired look.

Therefore, before deciding whether to hire an interior architect or a designer, it's essential to get an idea of the scope of the work. If it involves any structural work or technical aspects such as moving walls or the position of existing fittings, then it's advisable to hire an architect to avoid the risk of walls or the roof collapsing due to a weakened structure.

One should also be aware that an architect's fees are usually higher than that of a designer. Therefore, although an interior architect can also undertake design aspects to improve the aesthetics of the interiors of the house, it will be cheaper to hire a designer if no structural alterations are needed.

What are the advantages of hiring a local interior architect in Patna?

For a house that is being constructed or remodeled in Patna, it makes sense to hire a local professional for several reasons:

  • An interior architect in Patna will have a better working relationship with local suppliers, contractors and other specialists such as tilers and carpenters. As a result, he can get the best prices for the project, thereby keeping the cost as low as possible. 
  • Since the local professional only travels within the city for site visits or for sourcing materials, the transport costs reimbursable to him will be minimal. In case of hiring a reputed architect from a metropolis, the cost of travel to Patna would have to be reimbursed by the homeowner, adding to the overall cost of the project.
  • A local professional is better acquainted with the interior architecture that works well in Patna, given the climate and the availability of materials. 

What style of interior architecture is suitable for a house in Patna?

The design style of the house can be adapted to suit the homeowner's requirements. However, the interior architect might advise on the suitability of a design style. For example, in an old colonial-style bungalow, which is a common feature in some neighbourhoods of the city, the professional might recommend following the classic, vintage or colonial style to preserve the heritage of the building. A house with modern interior architecture might not suit an old house as it will completely clash with the look of the exterior façade.

What is the approximate fee that interior architects in Patna charge for a project?

The size and scope of the project will influence the fee of the professional. Sometimes, the homeowner may require just the plans and drawings, which he can get executed by a contractor who has earlier worked on smaller projects for him. In such cases, the interior architect will charge only for the drawings and plans, which can vary from Rs.40,000 to Rs.100,000, depending on the amount of work involved or the reputation of the professional.

Most interior architects charge a percentage of the total project cost as their professional fee. The percentage can range from 10% to 20%, so for a project that is worth Rs. 15 lakhs, the architect's fee may be between Rs. 150,000 and Rs. 300,000.

In certain cases, the architect might charge on a cost-per-square-feet basis, ranging from Rs.40 to Rs.400, depending on whether the house finishes are basic, standard, premium or luxury. Therefore, for a 2,400 square feet house, the interior architect's fee can vary from Rs.96,000 to Rs.960,000.

For interior design related aspects, the professional might charge on a cost-plus-mark up basis. For example, for custom-made furniture costing Rs.50,000, he might raise an invoice for Rs. 60,000, including his fee.

Sometimes, a professional may use a combination of these methods to calculate his fees.

What points should one consider before hiring an interior architect in Patna?

Firstly, one needs to verify that the professional is qualified and certified to build and design interiors. Architects need to register with the national council to get a registration number that permits them to practise. 

Secondly, one should choose a professional who is reliable and adept at the interior architecture style that one prefers for the house. Online reviews are a good source for getting an idea of the work ethic and quality of a professional. Alternatively, one can get references for good interior architects in Patna from friends or relatives who have worked with a professional and are satisfied with his services.

How to find the right interior architect in Patna

On homify, our interior architect directory features a list of verified professionals in Patna. Each professional's profile includes contact details as well as a portfolio with images of projects or plans that the architect has completed. By browsing through the portfolio of a professional, one can get a rough idea of the quality of work as well as the style of the architect. Then, after choosing one or two professionals, all one needs to do is fill up and submit the online contact form to get quotes.

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