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The Couple Room Project
We are…….Men, Women, Couple, Friends, Family, Indians, Young, enthusiasts, dreamers, thinkers, travellers Architect, Designer
shritee ashish & associates
Specializing in Interior Designing & turnkey execution. We do it on consultancy and turnkey both. At your convenience. Basic
         ANTRIK   INTERIORSInterior designers, planners and Project executors ‘SPACE’ for us is a canvas for creativity.
Devika Diwan Designs
Devika Diwan is an designer, stylist and consultant with a difference. Based in Delhi, she provides styling, prop sourcing
Walkin Design Pvt Ltd
We are working from 2013 as a architectural 2d ans 3d designer.
I have worked on various projects like of  interior designing, architecture,landscape, technology based and facade development
Design Halt Studio
DESIGN HALT STUDIOWe believe in transforming your vision into reality!Indulge in an interactive questionnaire to get a mood
KreateCube owned by Webmakers Infosystems LLP, is India’s only dedicated platform to connect homeowners with thousands of
the karigars
The Karigars was set up in 1976 with the prime objective to create environments which are space friendly, environment friendly
Space design
I am an Architect and  Interior Designer with 9 years of experience and an Artist and Crafter by hobby. I love designing
Shape Studio is a multi-disciplinary firm that offers end-to-end solutions - Architecture, Interior Design, Landscaping,
Design Concept creative studio
Based in New Delhi, India, DesignConcept is composed of a group of professionals that love design and quality lifestyle.
The urge for good design is the same as the urge to go on living.Quirk’D is a creative design consultancy firm which was
Studio Ezube
Founded in 2013, built on the foundation of creativity, innovation and unmatched services, Studio Ezube is one of the finest
Ar. Sandeep Jain
SOMETIMES YOU NEED A GUIDE!Our team is led by Ar. Sandeep Jain, a graduate in architecture from IIT Kharagpur. With over
Interior Shapes & Designs
We are doing complete High-end Turnkey Interior work from Planning to finishing of Residences, Offices, Showrooms, Hospitals
Sense Interiors
Sense Interiors is a Modern Home & Office Interior Designing Company in Delhi, Noida & NCR Region. We have A Highly Experienced
Varija Home
VARIJA HOME is a Delhi based professional interior design firm.  We focus on both residential and boutique commercial interiors
Uber-Dwell Architects
Architecture can re-modulates one's life with it's design integration.We trust one's dreams to develop in it's own shell.Our

When do I need an interior architect?

While many home decorating jobs can be done by DIY enthusiasts, certain upgrades require the skills of a professional interior architect. Redesigning rooms in older homes or creating unique looks from scratch in new builds is best left to an interior architect. An experienced interior architect knows how to achieve the effect the owner desires whilst staying within budget and time restrictions. Anyone who wishes to create a home that is original, beautiful and comfortable can do so easily and effectively with expert assistance. A good interior architect will help to design a unique space that takes dimensions, light, materials and colour into account, and which will enhance and complement existing features. An interior architect can also advise and offer suggestions on styles and methods, and will outline the best and most effective ways to proceed. homify features interior architects in Delhi who specialise in many different styles including classic, traditional, contemporary and futuristic, allowing home owners to easily select the firm that best suits their requirements.

What does an interior architect do?

An interior architect is more than simply a designer. Not only will an interior architect help to create a room that is aesthetically pleasing, he or she will consider the shape, structure and overall design of the space in order to make it safe and functional, as well as beautiful. Your interior architect will works in conjunction with construction teams, designers and planners to help create the home of your dreams. These gifted professionals know and adhere to local building and planning laws and regulations, and will oversee every step of the project, from the first consultation to the completion of the room. The interior architect will draft plans that show the locations of walls, doors and windows as well as structural elements, plumbing or electrical wiring. An interior architect may also use a special software programme in order to show clients a computer-drafted image of how the finished room or space will look. They also consider aspects that will affect the project- the direction the room or house faces for example, and how much natural light it will receive during the day. Finding a Delhi interior architect is simple with homify, whether it’s for a small one room project or for a complete home makeover.

Interior finishes & fittings:

The interior finishes and fittings of a room are what make it beautiful and give it character. Each interior architect has materials they like to work with such as glass, marble, leather, and stainless steel, copper, stone or natural fabrics like hemp and bamboo. Colour and texture are highly important, and an interior architect can advise on what will work in a given space. Glass is often used to make spaces feel bigger for example, while metals such as stainless steel or hammered copper are ideal for focal points like fireplaces, feature walls or even floors or ceilings. Stone and marble are popular and an interior architect might suggest materials like this to create a room that feels cool and relaxing. Interior finishes can be chosen to enhance or highlight existing features such as a curved wall or a split-level room, or to introduce a style or theme such as rustic and traditional or modern and futuristic. Colours are one of the basic considerations when designing a room, and a skilled interior architect will suggest a palette that complements the size, shape, style and even the age of the space. Fittings are just as important, and once the basics are in place the interior architect will use furniture and fabrics to create the space that the home owner desires.


Lighting is one of the key elements in the interior design of any home, and an interior architect is adept at selecting solutions that work beautifully. With access to software programmes, suppliers and designers, an interior architect is able to set the mood and tone of a room with creative lighting. Natural light is one of the first things that an interior architect will take into consideration, and they will choose fittings and finishings that are not only appropriate for the room’s function but that are also complemented by the amount and duration of natural light. As the sun sets, a room can be shown to its best advantage with clever lighting and an interior architect can achieve fabulous results. A gifted interior architect makes the most of alcoves, shelving, ceilings, walls, and even the floors. Artistic, aesthetically pleasing and functional, lighting can be soft and elegant, colourful and bright, or an array of special effects. Different rooms have different requirements, and while fluorescent light might be perfect for a kitchen or laundry room, unique effects like timers and dimmers can be used to great effect in living rooms, halls and bedrooms. Solar and LED lighting are both considered environmentally aware solutions, and you’re certain to find an interior architect in Delhi on homify who can help design the perfect lighting for your home.

Room acoustics:

While lots of DIY enthusiasts can paint a room or fit new flooring, the effect is often spoiled because of the room’s acoustics—in other words, its unique sound. This is another area where an interior architect can be of great help. An interior architect understands the way that sound works. For example, a large empty room sounds very different to the same room filled with furniture and decorations. Each space is unique, and whether owners require a room that will show off their music system perfectly or a room where outside noise is kept to a minimum, the interior architect can create the perfect environment.

How do I find the right interior architect in Delhi?

Choosing the right interior architect in Delhi is simple with the help of homify. With a selection of professional interior architects in Delhi to choose from, it is easier than ever to select those who excel in the styles that appeal to you. Home owners should also think about the size of their project and look for an interior architect who is suitable.

Searching for interior architects in Delhi:

Perhaps you want a special feature made from a material like steel or marble to be the focal point of your room, or maybe you would like an interior architect who uses sustainable materials? Maybe you are looking for an interior architect who prefers to work with traditional craftsmen or designers? homify users can browse each interior architect in Delhi at their leisure and add their favourites to their personal ideabook.

What do I need to look out for when choosing an interior architect in Delhi?

Be aware of the limitations of your space and budget when choosing an interior architect in Delhi. If an interior architect is known for their luxury city apartment developments, they may not be right for the refurbishment of one room in a country house. Similarly, an interior architect who specialises in small but unique projects might not be the one to choose for a sprawling villa makeover. It is vital that you check that the interior architect you choose has the correct qualifications and credentials, and is confident when dealing with officials regarding planning permission or zoning laws.

How much will an interior architect cost in Delhi?

The cost of hiring an interior architect in Delhi can vary greatly and will depend on a number of factors. It will be more expensive to hire an interior architect from a prestigious, more established firm than a new, young designer. However, this shouldn’t deter you from choosing the new interior architect, and you’ll be able to see a selection of each firm’s work on homify. The size of your task will also have an impact on the price, and a one room job will be considerably less than a complete interior architecture project for a newly built home. Materials can also add to the cost, and if you want special finishes or fittings you should budget accordingly. The time that it will take to complete the project must also be considered, but any interior architect will be happy to give you a rough quote after an initial consultation.

How do I best prepare for the first appointment with an interior architect?

When preparing for a first appointment with an interior architect in Delhi, there are a number of ways to ensure that the meeting is satisfactory. Create an ideabook on homify and list all of your important points. What materials, colours and textures do you like? What style do you have in mind? These are all things that your interior architect will want to know, but you should also be realistic about the task. Be very clear about what your budget is, and how long you expect the job to take. Make a list of questions that you’d like to ask your interior architect and refer to it during the meeting.

What other professionals do I need for my home building project?

Engineering office in Delhi 

An engineering office in Delhi can help you through all stages of the building process, especially in the beginning. Engineers are there to help get your home building project off the ground smoothly, and most of all, legally. They can help with the initial planning, rezoning and permitting, surveying, and dealing with issues such as storm water management. 

Kitchen planner in Delhi 

homify can help home owners to find a kitchen planner in Delhi who will work in tandem with their interior architect. The kitchen planner will help choose appliances and fittings that complement the overall design. 

Designer in Delhi 

designer in Delhi is the ideal partner to an interior architect, and owners can find some of the most gifted at homify.

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