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Interior architects in Lucknow

Great exteriors surely draw the attention of the passersby, but it really is the interior architecture that binds critical elements together for a comfortable living. Making architectural developments/ changes to the house, be it on the exterior or interiors, can be taxing, and involve meticulous planning. With the complexities involved, to do a stellar job, professional help is required. Whatever your motivations, and however small your need might be, structural changes are advised to be administered with professional interior architect's advice help. Are you on a lookout for a professional interior architect in Lucknow? Read on!

How is Lucknow is unique in terms of architecture?

The city of Lucknow traces its origin back to the Suryavanshi dynasty of Ayodhya. Epics say the nawabi city is named after Hindu god Ram's brother Lakshman. The city has a reminiscence of Persian culture, thanks to one of its many invaders. During the independence struggle of the country, the city suffered a lot of damages, that have led to many buildings in ruins. The city's old past was replaced with new developments during the British Raj, hence the city enjoys a beautiful medley of the old and the new.  Heritage sites in Lucknow are a true reflection of its culture and an architectural marvel. The city beautifully blends the busy chaos with royal calm. The city blossomed under the rule of the Nawabs and developed into a hub of marvelous art and rich culture. The Nawabs arrived here from Iran and blended their own language, etiquette, and architecture, along with customs like the Shiite ceremony. The nawab's sense of aesthetics transformed the city's landscape.  A bit of this rich heritage and phenomenal architecture, along with meticulous planning can liven up any space.

How is the real estate market booming in the Nawabi city, Lucknow?

Lucknow is the largest and capital city of the state of Uttar Pradesh. Lucknow's proximity to strategic locations and investors' interest in terms of infrastructure has led to a boom in real estate in Lucknow. Lucknow's property market gives home buyers the great choices in categories from affordable to mid-segment and luxury homes. The upsurge in the residential market in the city is linked to the growth in multinationals, commercial activities, and trade. Once an epicenter of handlooms and small-scale trade, Lucknow is aggressively transforming into an IT and technology hub. The city is the sixth fastest growing city in the country in terms of IT. Many premium builders like Parsvnath, Omaxe, Eldeco & Uppals are increasingly offering complexes in Lucknow. In the last two years, property price appreciation has been in tune of 25-50%.The city boasts of one of the fastest growing Metro network and expressway infrastructure in the country. The scope for medical-tourism, job opportunities and, booming business communities, the population has led to the real estate boom. The website there are around 1,300 ready-to-move properties in Lucknow while 154 are under construction. Many new launches are lined-up.

Why can you expect from an interior architect in Lucknow?

Interior architect shall work with you to identify your specific needs and create interior spaces per your requirements. Professional architects in Lucknow are trained to create designs binding together all aspects of interior space, such as wall thickness, doors, windows, electrical points placements, materials, finishes, plumbing, lighting, ventilation, intelligent space utilization, and more. Professionals with formal training in interior architecture will usually be present at, and have a say throughout the construction process, right from initial conceptualization, all the way to final finishing touches. Hiring someone who knows the city can help you maneuver through the demanding task with ease. A local architect understands the weather/climate of Lucknow and can help suggest materials that suit this place the best. She/he also have umpteen contacts with local plumbers, electricians, PVC guys and more. Their list of contacts can save you time delivering quick results at competitive rates.

What is the average fee of architects in Lucknow?

A lot of factors govern what your architect would charge you, like the type of project, Apartment, villa, independent bungalow, complexities if tasks involved, where is the house located, size of the project and scope of works.  While the guideline from the Council of Architecture advises the architect to charge ~4% of the overall cost of the project, this is not mandatory. The architect's fee can be may be higher or lower per square foot or even be a lump sum amount.

How do I seek for professional help in Lucknow?

The city of Lucknow experiences extreme weather. Well, planned interior architecture can go a long way in making your house a comfortable home. Design for apt functionality and the Lucknowi Tehzeb with your professionals to create magical spaces. We at homify India bring to you the list of world-class interior architects and designers all under one roof. On our website, we have listed stellar interior designers and architects, city wise. By browsing through our directory and viewing their profiles, you can see photographs of previous work and get an idea of their services. You can then simply fill up the contact form and get a quote from the professional of your choice. Professionals listed with us have vast experience in the city of Lucknow and in most cases have connects with material suppliers, plumbers, electricians and more. Build well!

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