5 Interior Architects in Jaipur


Where to find the perfect interior architect for you in Jaipur?

The homify team of experts has toured the land of interior architects and has put together a fantastic interior architect directory for Jaipur, where you can choose and hire the best interior architect for the design project of your home. Hiring an interior architect will allow you to take full advantage of the interior space of your house. Opting for an interior architect is a great idea when it comes to redecorating either a full house or just one of the rooms like the kitchen or bathroom.  

Many interior architects specialize in specific areas of interior architecture, such as acoustics or lighting, while others also have interior design skills. So whether you are looking for an interior architect with general skills or someone with some specialization to help you complete a specific project, homify has the answer.

What are the ways that interior design and interior architecture are the same and different?

The difference between interior design and interior architecture lies in aesthetics versus functionalism. Interior designers generally work with textures, colours and textiles, recommending methods to accentuate the beauty of your home. An interior architect goes the whole distance with you though, and can help shape the space efficiency and functionalism of your home. They can also help you avoid costly designing mistakes and help you turn your dream home into reality. Interior designers will make sure a room is beautiful, and are skilled on what color to choose, and what textures to put in each space.

Last but not least, interior architects in Jaipur will be able to provide helpful information about building regulations specific to your city, and will consider that while designing the interior space of your home. These professionals take part in the remodeling process by drafting the design plans. The plans include placement of walls, doors, windows, electrical system, plumbing, ventilation, and furnishings.

How do I find the right designer for my housing construction project in Jaipur?

-Recommendations from friends and family: Traditionally in India, one of the best ways to find out about good designers is through recommendations. Talking to people who have previously worked with designers is a good way to also get to know their work before you contact them.

-Internet search: The internet is the best way to find out about individual designers and see their work without having to schedule a consultation. Using the internet, you can easily see opinions, Facebook pages and portfolios. This is the best way to get an impression of whether a specific designer is right for you. Using homify you will find people in your area who can help you and visit your pages easily.

What should I consider when choosing an interior architect in Jaipur?

Like all other projects it is good to focus on budget, creative contribution and deadlines to avoid any discrepancies. Jaipur is famous for it’s havelis and Rajputana architecture. Some families are still interested in creating a vintage architectural atmosphere while having the modern needs such as heating or air conditioning. Here the needs of an interior architect peeps in and becomes important.

What are the qualifications, charges and taxes of hiring an interior architect in Jaipur?

For carrying professional practice in India, architects are required to register with Council of Architecture (COA), which is constituted by the Government of India. The profession of an architect is governed by the Architects Regulations, 1989 (as amended in 2003).

Professional requirements for architects in Jaipur consist of three elements: a university degree or advanced education, a period of internship or training in an office, and examination for registration with a jurisdiction. The COA requires interior architects to be paid the professional fee in accordance with the Scale of Charges. The professional fee should be paid following stages consistent with the work done plus other charges and reimbursable expenses as agreed upon. Any tax levied by law, such as service tax is contingent to professional services rendered by the architect, and shall be payable by the client, over and above the total fees charged by the architect for the services provided.  

An architect’s fee for preparing the designs, detailed drawings and CGI visualisations for your interior project can also be expected by the interior architect.The fees can be a lump sum fees for the entire project; a per square foot fixed fee; or a percentage of the total cost of the interior. The current rate for a per square foot fee is between Rs. 250 to Rs. 500. The standard percentage fee is between 10% to 20% of the total cost of the interior.

In Jaipur, the average basic cost per square foot for an interior architect is approximately Rs. 3500 without civil work and around Rs. 4500 with civil work. Note that these are average costs based on a good interior fit out for a standard home in Jaipur. The fees can increase or decrease depending on the materials you decide on.

How can I make the most of my interior architect?

Firstly, think very carefully about the use you want to give to each essential space of your house and identify some of the key aspects of your project as interior architects have been trained to design spaces according to the way they will be used. It is always good to have a clear idea of the budget you have. Apart from interior architects, you need other professionals to improve your home. An interior designer works with other professionals to accomplish your goals. Remember that you need to do a deep research to ensure that you get the right people to work for you.