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Interior architects in Indore

Indore is one of the oldest cities in the county and archeologists believe the marvelous city was formed back in the 16th century to serve as a trading hub between the Deccan and the capital city of Delhi. The city of Indore was ruled by the Hindu Maratha Empire later and the influence on architecture is spectacular. Indore, being the focal point of the country and being centrally located in the heart of Madhya Pradesh, had enjoyed much importance. Indore, as we see today, is as advanced as it is ancient. Indore serves as the financial capital of the large state of Madhya Pradesh and houses the stock exchange. If you are planning to design your home from scratch or planning to incorporate a few interior elements for a refreshed look, in the city of Indore? Read on. 

How is Indore modernizing and developing?

The heart of the city is populated densely and areas in close proximity with the Ring Road, Bypass Road, and much celebrated Super Corridor are witnessing massive infrastructure developments. Indore with a great mix of good social infrastructure and prestigious the smart city tag is seeing tremendous growth in the housing space. Many architects and interior designers have mushroomed in the city and selecting a reliable one can be a task in itself.

What are the preferred residential styles in Indore?

Villas, independent houses and duplexes are the preferred styles for many in Indore, unlike other cities in the country where apartment complexes are on the rise. The city of Indore is experiencing the launch of massive projects from premier builders like DLF, Omaxe offering stellar units at competitive prices. A villa, bungalow or a duplex gives you more room to experiment with design to create lavish spaces. A typical 3BHK bungalow in Indore gives around 1850 Square feet to play with, on the interiors. Celebrate the space available by making most of it though cozy corners, reading nooks, activity spaces, and more. In the old areas, that are densely populated, land prices are skyrocketing at around Rs 10,000 per square feet in the city, but on the outskirts, the land is available at around 1000 -1500 per square feet. Lower costs of land and improved infrastructure, and increased demand is luring many builders to construct on the outskirts of the city.

Why is architecture central to Indore's culture?

Indore celebrates the true spirit of unity in diversity. People from all over have migrated and settled here for their livelihood and education, bring their own styles along. Shivaji Rao, the much-celebrated leader in the state, was a renowned builder and is credited to have built a majority of the existing buildings and palaces of Indore. Many spectacular architectural elements originated in this architectural marvel city, Indore. Many celebrated designs that have originated here include, vegetables like pumpkin are grown on the roofs of homes and cattle sheds, instead of vanilla designs colorful designs adorn the entrance gates of traditional homes at Indore and more. Deploy a few of these elements for a refreshed unique look of your own.

What should one look for while selecting an architect in Indore?

Constructing a house can be one of the most significant investments you ever make, both financially but emotionally. As a homeowner, it is obvious that you would want only the best. It is easy for a newbie architect to get confused with building codes, local laws and clearances, follow-ups with plumbers, masons and so on. Since there is no clear-cut path to follow, you need an architect with professional qualification and know how to guide you through the construction process, and beyond. A professional architect is able to visualize the unsaid satisfy functional as well as aesthetic needs of spaces. Working with contractors and local laborer, an ardent architect can help with seamless project execution within the defined budget and time frame. Selecting an interior decorator or an interior architect of your choice can make a world of difference. Terrain and the moderate extreme climatic condition are peculiar to Indore, only a professional who is aware of local nuances can do justice to architecting a house here. Select wisely, based on professional qualification and Indore specific experience. 

How much do professional architects charge in Indore?

Architects fees in Indore are governed by the schedule of fees by the Council of Architecture. Please note COA has only published a suggested guideline and the final prices quoted by a professional architect is to their own discretion. The COA guidelines suggest 5% of total cost as the architect's fee, but most architects in Indore charge in the range of Rs. 45 per square foot to a whopping Rs. 1500 per square foot. In Indore for a residential project, if you select a popular architect at Rs. 150 per square foot, expect to pay your architect around 2,50,000 for a decent 1750 Square feet villa in Indore.

How do I look for professional help on the internet?

Selecting an interior architect can be challenging, especially because it is easy to mix designers and architects. At homify, we have extensively researched on professional-qualified architects in Indore and listed them at one place for your convenience. Browse through the architects and their work on our website to get a fair idea of their work. Contact the professional of your choice and get a quote from them absolutely free. Happy architecting your dream home in the beautiful city of Indore.