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14 Interior Architects in Chennai


What is the advantage of hiring an interior architect in Chennai?

Chennai is the first city of India where the British experimented with their classical architecture. A wide variety of buildings such as Victorian and Indo-Saracenic made up a large part of the city redefining the skyline. Rest of the country including Mumbai soon followed suit and the Chennai style of buildings were replicated across India. Interior architects of Chennai reflect the mood of the classical architecture and can transform a room into what we need, a mix of modern and classical style, so that we can  renovate rooms that we are not taking advantage of to their maximum potential and update them according to the latest trends. The times continue to change and also the needs of the modern world, these professionals are always aware of the latest trends in interior design so they can renew any space and adapt it to the needs of today's world. Hiring an interior architect will allow you to take full advantage of the interior space of your house.

Hiring an interior architect is a great idea when it comes to redecorating either a full house or just one of the rooms. At homify you will find inspiring suggestions for hiring interior architects in Chennai. Notable architectural firms in Chennai include Space Sense, Creations, Quality Design Studio and Pranav Mantraa.

What kind of  professional services do interior architects in Chennai provide? 

Some of the design services provided by interior architects in Chennai are core competence in the field of design, planning, and management. Some also specialise in various types of design work like painting, false ceiling, flooring, cad drawings and 3d drawings. Basically, an interior architect is a professional who interacts with you to identify your needs and creates interior spaces accordingly to your needs, as in the end your home should be a comfortable and a pleasant place to be.

Keep in mind that your taste and preference will determine how your interior space will appear. Interior architects refinish spaces in your home according to what you have in mind. This will require the architect to interact with you and the construction team from the beginning of the project until the end. Interior architects will take part in the remodeling process by drafting the design plans. The plans include placement of walls, doors, windows, electrical system, plumbing, ventilation, and furnishings.

What questions should I ask an interior architect?

Besides all questions related to budget and sustainability, one should ask an interior architect the following questions:

Which styles and arrangements are made during the decoration phase? What is the average duration of project start and finish? What measures can be taken to prevent situations such as waste of time or additional time in different phases of projects? What material is used for ground applications? What decisions are made regarding material type, texture, color and patterns?

Which type of certifications do interior architects require in Chennai?

Professional requirements for architects in Chennai are basically a degree in interior architecture, an internship and additional certifications and licenses for special projects and services. The COA registration service also provides accreditation for institutions providing the degree of architecture, which is minimum five years duration including professional practice for 16 working weeks.

What should you know about interior architects in Chennai?

According to the Council of Architecture in India (COA), interior architects in Chennai must be paid the professional fee in accordance with the Scale of Charges. The professional fee should be paid following stages consistent with the work done plus other charges and reimbursable expenses as agreed upon. Any tax levied by law, such as service tax is contingent to professional services rendered by the architect, and shall be payable by the client, over and above the total fees charged by the architect for the services provided.  

Interior architects will charge you an architect’s fee for preparing the designs, detailed drawings and CGI visualisations for your interior project. The fees can be a lump sum fees for the entire project; a per square foot fixed fee; or a percentage of the total cost of the interior. The current rate for a per square foot fee is between Rs. 250 to Rs. 500. The standard percentage fee is between 10% to 20% of the total cost of the interior.

In conclusion, the average basic cost per square foot for an interior architect in Chennai is approximately Rs. 3500 without civil work and around Rs. 4500 with civil work. Note that these are average costs based on a good interior fit out for a standard Chennai home. The fees can increase or decrease depending on the materials you decide on.

How can you be ready for your appointment with your interior architect?

Begin by getting a clear idea of the budget you have, perhaps with a little margin of slack when setting a ceiling budget, in case the interior architect has a very good idea that will look amazing but which will cost a little more than you initially thought to spend. Spaces are designed according to their functions in the home so think about the use you want to give to each essential space of your house.