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Where can I find interior architects in Bangalore?

The homify team of experts has toured the list of interior architects in Bangalore and put together a fantastic list from where you can choose and hire the best interior architect for the design project of your home. Many interior architects in Bangalore specialize in specific areas of the job such as acoustics or lighting, while others also have interior design skills. So whether you are looking for an interior architect with general skills or someone with some specialization to help you complete a specific project, homify has the answer. A huge number of design school graduates in India are based in Bangalore and these interior architects with fresh new ideas will allow you to take full advantage of the interior space of your house. At homify you will find inspiring suggestions for hiring them in our architect directory. Notable interior architects in Bangalore include Ace Interiors, Spaceforms Architects, Depanache Interior Architects, Design Cafe and Initios Designs.

Are there any differences between interior design and interior architecture?

It may not seem like it, but there are subtle differences between interior design and interior architecture. While both focus on beautifying the house, an interior architects takes the extra steps to make sure that everything fits in harmony in the space provided by your home. For example placement of the TV to make it visible simultaneously from the kitchen and dining room can be planned by an interior architect. Both interior architects and interior designers can of course complement each other, and homify offers numerous ideas for doing so.

What is the benefit of hiring an interior architect from Bangalore?

In Bangalore, interior architects provide various design services and specialise in areas such as green sustainable interiors and residential projects.  Interior architects come in handy when you need to design interior spaces like walls, windows, doors, and furnishings as they can help you avoid expensive mistakes and finish the project much faster. Many interior architecture firms also provide a whole team of experts comprising of architects, lighting designers, project managers, site engineers and so on. Interior architects in Bangalore will also be able to provide you with important information for your house such as in residential areas of Malleswaram, Richmond Town, Vasant Nagar, Jayanagar, Vijayanagar, Visveswarapura, Rajajinagar and RT Nagar if the size of the plot is more than 240 sq.m, having a frontage of 10.0 m or more, and the abutting road is more than 18.0 m width, then ancillary uses can be used as main use. Also buildings with a floor area not exceeding 100sqm are exempted from providing car parking in Bangalore.

How to find out if your interior architect is certified in Bangalore? 

Among many top interior design schools in India, Bangalore boasts of Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology which has it’s own unique degree in Interior Designing. Also Bangore being the IT hub of the world have a lot of upcoming projects with new housing societies and high rise buildings which attract architects from all over the country to move here.

All architects in Bangalore are required to register with Council of Architecture (COA), which is constituted by the Government of India so you can always check to see if your interior architects has been registered under the COA. The COA registration service also provides accreditation for institutions providing the degree of architecture, which is minimum five years duration including professional practice for 16 working weeks.

If you plan on hiring foreign architects, keep in mind that foreign firms may only participate through joint ventures with Indian architecture firms.  To get an architectural plan approved for a local project, an Indian partner (registered Indian architect) has to sign.

What to be aware of when hiring an interior architect in Bangalore?

In compliance with the COA, interior architects in Bangalore must be paid the professional fee in accordance with the Scale of Charges. The professional fee should be paid following stages consistent with the work done plus other charges and reimbursable expenses as agreed upon. Any tax levied by law, such as service tax is contingent to professional services rendered by the architect, and shall be payable by the client, over and above the total fees charged by the architect for the services provided.  

Interior architects will charge you an architect’s fee for preparing the designs, detailed drawings and CGI visualisations for your interior project. The fees can be a lump sum fees for the entire project; a per square foot fixed fee; or a percentage of the total cost of the interior. The current rate for a per square foot fee is between Rs. 250 to Rs. 500. The standard percentage fee is between 10% to 20% of the total cost of the interior.

On average, the basic cost per square foot for an interior architect in Bangalore is approximately Rs. 3500 without civil work and around Rs. 4500 with civil work. Note that these are average costs based on a good interior fit out for a standard Bangalore home. The fees can increase or decrease depending on the materials you decide on.

What else do I need in my home?

Apart from interior architects, you need other professionals to improve your home. An interior designer works with other professionals to accomplish your goals. Remember that you need to do a deep research to ensure that you get the right people to work for you.

You don’t have to strain to look for them because homify has made everything easy for you. We have all professionals needed for home improvement. In this case, make your search based to that particular professional in India.