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When do I need an interior architect?

Are you dissatisfied with the space of your home? Not just the colour scheme or the furniture, but the very space itself? For instance, does your kitchen feel a little cramped, leaving you wishing that you could just knock away the wall connecting it to your dining room to create a spacious and sunny open plan area? Do you want to add in a mezzanine floor or a few large windows to let light in to a dark study? Then you need an interior architect! Interior architects can perform all these tasks and more, as they are experts in remodelling the interiors of your home at a structural level.

What does an interior architect do?

Interior architecture is like a deeper form of interior design. An interior architect is trained to adapt the interior spaces of your home to ensure that each room is best suited to its purpose. As well as working with walls, doors, and windows, an interior architect is also skilled at working with lighting and acoustics to create the perfect home interiors.

Interior finishes & fittings

Interior finishes and fittings are a crucial part of home design, and homify contains a whole host of different products that you can use to turn any building into a cosy dream home. Over and above this, homify also provides inspiration about how to put all of this together, for instance by suggesting ways that finishes and fittings can be used to evoke a particular theme (like rusticity or minimalism). An interior architect will be able to ensure that the fixtures and fittings in your home harmonise perfectly with the spaces within the building.


Good lighting is fundamental if you want to show off your home interiors to their best advantage. An interior architect will be able to shape the lighting dynamic in your home to create a variety of moods and atmospheres. Whether you want a romantic dining room or a light and spacious kitchen, an interior architect will ensure that the lighting in your home works in partnership with the space of the building so that every room perfectly fulfills its function.

Room acoustics

When they are busy choosing colour schemes, new furniture and pretty furnishings, few people pause to consider the acoustics of their home. However, this is meat and drink to the interior architect! Acoustics are so important in creating the right atmosphere, and ensuring that your home is a relaxing and calm place to be. An interior architect will be an expert in all things to do with room acoustics, from creating super quiet bedrooms to ensuring that the acoustics of your floors are soft and welcoming rather than hollow and echoing. Your interior architect will be able to select the perfect materials for a given home to ensure that the acoustic environment of your home is just right.

How do I find the right interior architect in Ahmedabad?

There are so many different professionals working in the fields of architecture and interior and home design in Ahmedabad. So, you could be forgiven for thinking that sifting through all their CVs and portfolios to find the right interior architect for your project will be a daunting challenge. Fear no more, however, as the team at homify has searched high and low throughout the city to bring you an amazing selection of interior architects working in Ahmedabad. Just browse the list and pick the interior architect that most appeals to you.

Searching for interior architects in Ahmedabad

Alternatively, you can search the internet to find yourself an interior architect. When choosing an interior architect, make sure to do as much research on them as you can to ensure that they are the right professional for the job. Reading reviews of their work from previous clients is always a great idea, as is checking out what qualifications they have and what types of professional accreditation they hold. Most interior architects will include their CV and a photographic portfolio on their website, too, so you can see what sorts of projects they have worked on in the past and quickly get a feel for their style of working.

What do I need to look out for when choosing an interior architect in Ahmedabad?

As well as the factors mentioned above, you might also want to consider the cost of hiring the interior architect, which other professionals they work with and how long they think they will take to get your project completed. These are all things that you can ask your interior architect about during your initial consultation with them.

How much will an interior architect cost in Ahmedabad?

The cost of hiring an interior architect in Ahmedabad can really vary. The team at homify have made sure to include professionals to suit all budgets here on the homify site. So, if you are specifically seeking a super cheap interior architect, never fear: homify is the place to come. In general, the cost of hiring an interior architect will depend on the project's size and scope, how long it will take to complete, how complex it is, and the types of materials that will be used. It is always advisable to work out a budget before hiring aninterior architect, and to ask your interior architect about the fees that they charge when you first meet them. An interior architect might quote you a lump sum for the whole project, or they may ask them to pay you per sub-task or per hour.

How do I best prepare for the first appointment with an interior architect?

Sitting down with your family and chatting about how you want your home interiors to look is a good idea before you first meet with an interior architect. Of course, you might want your interior architect to come up with their own creative ideas, or even to just surprise you with something they have come up with by themselves! But, it is always a great idea to make sure that you know what your budget is, the general themes that you want to work with, and the purpose to which you want to put the various rooms in your house.

What other professionals do I need for my home building project?

It is rare for an interior architect to work alone, and various other professionals will probably be needed for your project. These can include home builders, interior designers, architects, and construction workers. Often, an interior architect will work in conjunction with a site manager, whose job it is to make sure that the project runs safely, accurately, and to schedule. It is not uncommon for an interior architect to also be trained as an interior designer, though, so here there will be no need to hire a separate professional.

Home builders in Ahmedabad

Use homify to find home builders in Ahmedabad, or ask your interior architect to recommend some. These professionals are indispensable for turning your interior architect's plans, and your dreams for your home, into physical reality.

Kitchen planner in Ahmedabad

The kitchen is the main room in the home. It is where food is made, where entertaining is done, and where the family congregates for that first chai with dhokla of the day in the sunshine before work or that relaxing meal in the evening. So, it is so important to get the kitchen right! If you want, you can even choose an interior architect in Ahmedabad who is a kitchen planner, or you can just talk through your ideas for your kitchen with any interior architect in the city.

Designer in Ahmedabad

Good home design can make all the difference to your living space. As we have seen, interior architecture is a branch of home design, but you might also want to elicit the services of a specialist interior designer alongside those of an interior architect as you remodel your home: it's up to you. With homify at your side, though, you can also have a go at designing your home yourself. For instance, homify can help you to create a room that evokes a particular them, or can explain how to use lighting to the best effect when you want to create an elegant dining room or romantic bedroom. At homify, you can also find plenty of ideas for products to buy to beautify your home, after the interior architect has finished working on it.

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