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UrbanMali Network
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Gardeners in Vadodara

A key to good gardening in a willingness to getting hands dirty, playing in the dirt, planting and saving seeds, creating a garden ecosystem that's balanced and self-sustaining, learning to see life from the plants' point of view. Such willingness is what makes for a gardener.

What does a gardener do?

A gardener is a professional who knows how to design a garden so that the plants in that garden thrive. A gardener’s major job involves in knowing when to plant, as certain temperatures and conditions are more favorable for a plant to survive. Gardeners must know how to maintain the health of a garden and harvest the plants when the time is right. Gardeners may also be specialized as a nursery or greenhouse worker.

What are the steps to finding the right gardener in Vadodara?

You can visit homify and check on the professional's section. Choose the gardener profession from there and enter Vadodara as your city. There you have a dropdown list of high-quality and reputed gardeners in your city.

homify has experienced and high-quality gardeners with a high track record that are qualified to offer both diverse and specialized services. It also offers a unique blog section which covers a wide array of topics pertaining to your home. Take a look at how you can to ramp up the look of your garden

How to find a high-quality gardener?

Few tips to finding the right gardener-

- Pay attention to the website design. Try to avoid single page websites with flashy banners and a big phone number at the top. Websites that are poorly designed may offer poor service quality. A professional gardener would add information about their work and past projects in the form of text, pictures, even videos.

- Body of work. Reputed gardeners add their unique selling point and reasons to choose them over the rest of the providers. A reputed gardener would have loads of them. 

- Service cost. Price information mostly is not provided because, in the gardening business, every service is individually specific. A price estimate in some form is also a step to finding the right gardener.

- Contact information. Professional gardeners would offer you a number of contact methods, such as phone number, booking form, free quote, chat feature, email, etc.

- Reviews. Check for the reviews on the gardeners online. One good tip is to take the name of the firm and enter it into a search engine and see what comes up. Third party reviews will give you a good overview of the company’s customer satisfaction and service quality.

- Home Visits. Professional gardeners offer home visits as part of their service so that you can explain in details what you want to be done in the garden. An on-site viewing will give an exact price estimate and the gardener will be able to take measurements and check what tools and materials will be required.

Looking for simple garden ideas for your home?

What does one need to ask gardeners before hiring them?

Few questions to before hiring a gardener-

Do you offer a satisfaction guarantee? This is crucial to know, as not all professionals are ready to make this claim. Clients are different and have individual needs. Gardeners who would carefully follow your instructions and priorities are a must. This is what guarantees your satisfaction.

How long have you worked as a gardener? Get an overview of their experience. Seasoned gardeners work more efficiently.

What kind of training did you get? Inquire with the gardener about his work experience. This is crucial in determining the skill and knowledge of the gardener. Someone who is reluctant in giving these details is not worth hiring.

How much does a gardener charge in Vadodara?

A gardener may charge on various aspects like the space of gardening. Also, factors like garden type, flower type, the vegetable type may also determine the cost of gardening. 

For a general idea the cost of hiring a gardener in Vadodara maybe as follows-

Terrace Gardening 1500-3500 INR

Organic Gardening 1500-3500 INR

Landscaping 3000-6000 INR 

General Maintenance 1200-2500 INR 

Other Gardening Service 1200-2500 INR.

Few principles good gardener follow-

  • Plan (what I wanted and what changes I want this year.)
  • Prepare (the soil, and things to put seeds in)
  • Plant (seeds, the things seeds have become)
  • Prune (both for the sake of the plant and the sake of the garden aesthetic)
  • Potter (is a sort of catch-all for anything you do in the garden, pretending it's work, but really because it's the excuse to be in the garden.)

What is the difference between a gardener and a landscape artist?

Both the professions of landscaping or gardening involve creating and maintaining functional, aesthetically pleasing outdoor spaces. Both activities can be hobbies or professions in tiny back yards or parks, golf courses, and building complexes. There are similarities between landscaping and gardening but differences do exist between both the professions through the line separating the two is often blurry and subjective.

Unlike gardeners, landscape architects require a degree in landscape architecture and must pass a national examination to obtain a license. The job profile of a landscape architect covers a variety of project types and scales, from designing and implementing a residential yard to planning transportation facilities, resorts and waterfront developments.

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