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Gardeners in Thane

Thane is home to Sanjay Gandhi National Park, where the municipal corporation has recently built a beautiful bio-diversity park. This garden is indeed a combination of five gardens in one huge garden, located right at the entrance of the city. This implies that as soon as you enter the city, you are welcomed by a green belt. This greenery is carried forward to the main city and to the homes of Thane as well.

The benefits of indoor plants are many and these days, people have started growing their own vegetables too. Gardeners in Thane are on the rise because of this trend. Even the interior designers and architects in the city are emphasizing on the inclusion of a garden in the design of the home.

You would see all kinds of gardens in the Thane – traditional gardens in the homes of Khopat, the terrace gardens in the Hiranandani estates and the organic farms in the other uncommercialized parts of the city.

Why do you need a professional gardener in Thane?

Gone are the days when people had time for gardening themselves. Since Thane is a tier-2 city and quite close to Mumbai, people working in Mumbai generally buy a home in Thane. Apart from daily travel, there are many day-to-day tasks and hence, people find it difficult to keep their gardens in good conditions. Moreover, a person who is not proficient might not be aware how to prevent their plants from pest attacks or how much nutrition is ample or what resources they need for growing a plant.

This is where the need of a professional gardeners’ kicks in. A professional gardener in Thane would set up your garden and then maintain it for you. They would know what kind of soil it is that your land has and how to make it healthy enough to hold the plants and vegetables that you want to grow. They would also suggest which fertilizers you should get. If they are resident gardeners of Thane, they would also be aware of some references where you can get the best quality fertilizers, seeds and gardening tools.

Further, houses in Thane are growing smaller and hence you might need a rooftop garden, a vertical garden or any other non-traditional garden type. A professional gardener would help you with the initial setup in such cases. You cannot attempt a DIY for these non-traditional garden types since you do not have the expertise. A professional gardener would ease your tasks of weeding, pruning and general maintenance of such new-age garden types.

Should you hire a landscape architect or a weekly gardener?

Based on your requirements, you have an option to hire a landscape architect or a permanent gardener to maintain your garden on a weekly basis. A landscape architect would generally take care of a one-time project and a weekly gardener would maintain it on an ongoing basis. A landscape architect might also suggest some structural changes to the garden such as installing sprinkler systems, leveling the yard or spreading mulch. A gardener, on the other hand, would only concentrate on individual plants and regular maintenance of the already set-up garden.

A general trend in Thane these days is to hire a landscape architect for initial set up of the garden and once the garden is in good shape, people opt for weekly gardening service. A landscape architect would evaluate the topography of the land and the soil characteristics and carefully pick plants which could be held by it. The kind of natural light falling on the garden would also be noted. A garden area of 10000 sq. ft. would need at least 2 days of planning and 5 days of working. However, if the gardening company can afford more men, your time could be saved.

Once the garden is planned and set up, the weekly gardener can take up the job to maintain the garden in such a way that the original vision of the landscape architect is intact. As the season changes, one might need to contact the landscape architect again to suggest changes to the garden design.

Most gardening companies provide both services and you can probe them to understand the pricing and services in a detailed manner.   

How much would it cost to hire a professional gardener in Thane?

Weekly gardeners generally charge an hourly rate. This rate might be anywhere between Rs. 100 per hour to Rs. 500 per hour, depending upon the service you require. For example, a regular weeding would cost lower than digging the land, preparing the soil and planting a fresh new seed.

Another way a weekly gardener might charge you is based on rate per visit. However, this would depend upon the type of garden and the per sq. ft. area of the garden. In Thane, you can expect a gardener to charge Rs. 100 – Rs. 150 per sq. ft. of the garden area, if you are only opting for general maintenance.

Landscape architects charge higher as compared to regular gardeners because they involve structural changes to the area. A terrace garden in Thane would cost Rs. 150 per sq. ft. to Rs. 180 per sq. ft. An organic terrace garden would cost Rs. 180 per sq. ft. to Rs. 200 per sq. ft. because the organic supplies are generally expensive.

It is always a good idea to discuss the cost of the project beforehand. You should also ask the gardener if they would charge extra for the additional services requested during an ongoing project.

Where can you find reliable gardeners in Thane?

You can find gardeners in Thane by the word of mouth. Residents place high trust in fellow resident gardeners. In case you are new to Thane and don’t know whom to ask, an online search would be a good idea. However, you should not go for any gardening service listed online without verifying the background. At Homify, we have background-verified gardeners and landscape architects listed city-wise. These professionals provide all kinds of gardening services. You can browse through the listings and request a free quote from them.