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Gardeners in Lucknow

Lucknow, the erstwhile home of nawabs seems to be perpetually caught in a time-wrap and it's beautiful gardens and parks are reminiscent of its glorious past and exciting future. Most of the city’s landscaped gardens are a part of historical buildings and have managed to resist the onslaught of modern settlements. The favorite haunt of Lucknow’s health conscious folk that prefer to maintain their daily routine of walks and exercises is Dilkusha garden with Dilkusha Kothi as its backdrop. The Smriti Vihar Park may be a typical family region with toys and flower gardens but it has its share of fitness tracks for the health conscious. Besides these other beautiful parks that adorn the city are Ram Manohar Lohia Park in Gomti Nagar adjacent to a large artificial lake, evergreen Jyotiba Phule National Park and the eclectic Gautam Buddha Park which also has boating facilities. 

The interest of Lucknow’s residents in gardening and greenery is visible in the large number of participants and visitors to its flower shows that happen across the year. Though summers between April to August are scorching hot in the city its spring, monsoon and winter seasons help to bring down the temperature and allow restoration of its green cover within a few months. This is exactly the reason why Lucknow gardeners are in great demand by house-owners that need help to set their gardens and from garden enthusiasts that need advisory services to help their balcony or terrace garden thrive. 

Ideal garden designs for homes in Lucknow

Getting a gardener in Lucknow to plan and construct the perfect garden for your home is easy as long as you are clear about the type of environment you want around the house. For homes with large backyard and front yards that have fences to protect the plants from stray animals, flower and fruit plants along with a small lawn would be perfect. If space permits then a fountain with small pond around it would enhance the charm of your garden. Even if space is a constraint around your house then why not turn your terrace or balcony into a garden as there are gardeners that specialize in designing these spaces with arrangements like vertical garden installations and hanging planters.  

Garden with hedge around the border

Setting up the perfect garden suited for your house may not require the services of an expensive Lucknow landscape designer as a gardener with experience can also help to design a tasteful small garden on a small scale that can be effectively managed by just you or maybe just one gardener. The shape of space in the yard can decide the design and layout of the garden and the kind of detail that can be a part of it. To maintain privacy in the garden from the street, plant tall hedges around the garden periphery and then have the lawn or flower beds closer to the house. Choose sturdy hedges that will need minimum pruning and water to reduce maintenance costs. 

Garden with multiple vegetation and lawn 

To have a garden that gives both pride and joy you can opt for a garden with a wide variety of vegetation comprising of flower plants, shady fruit trees, kitchen garden and a lawn close to the house. For planning a garden like this you will need the assistance of gardener to plan the regions where each type of mini garden can be set up to make it easy for maintenance activities like mulching, watering, removal of weeds etc. If you are planning to have a garden like this then ideally hire a Lucknow garden developer that can plan and carry out the project for you at a cost of Rs. 340 to Rs. 400 per square feet. 

Terrace and Vertical Gardens

People in the city are exploring several innovative ideas to keep their surroundings green in view of its depleting tree cover in high traffic zones. If you have an empty terrace or large balcony then this is a doable exercise that could attract some small birds and attractive butterflies to your terrace and balcony. There are specialists that develop greenery in these areas by setting up vertical gardening installations or make landscaped gardens on large terraces complete with artificial lawn and flowers within the price range of Rs. 65 to nearly Rs. 150 per square feet. 

Landscaped gardens with pond/pool and rock garden

To design an extensive garden with details like lawn, flower beds, pool, garden pond, Japanese or stone garden, pavilion, stone benches and pathways you will need an experienced landscape architect. Insist on the landscape architect to show you the entire plan about how the entire region will be divided into different sections before the work begins. A garden with all these details is likely to require a fair amount of funds for maintenance but the effect will be worth the expense. On hot summer evenings sitting around a small pool or fountain can be refreshing experience while a pavilion can be used to set up a barbecue or a small fireplace during chilly winter evenings. Rock gardens can be created on your own with few appropriately arranged stone statues, small waterfall and pool or you can buy it as a complete unit for Rs. 25000 and above. 

Cost effective garden that can be created without professional help

Lucknow residents are by instinct lovers of greenery and poetry and there is no other place like a private garden to enjoy the flavors of both. This is why people in the city’s urban high rises that cannot afford a landscaper or gardener create their own green spaces by setting up potted plants all around their balcony and terrace. It is easy to get a customized frame made for setting up a vertical garden if one has good knowledge of plants and shrubs and several garden enthusiasts have created their own versions with little help from professionals. To create a garden on your own, you many need to research about local flora and vegetation to understand which would grow well in your garden but the results would be worth the effort. The easiest way to set up a garden is to leave open space in the center for the lawn and make flower or vegetable patches around the periphery for which all you would need would be laborer to just dig up the entire yard so that you begin the plantation process. 

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