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UrbanMali Network
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'Bagbani is a landscaping and urban gardening company, established in January of 2015. The company is located in Delhi/NCR
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Gardeners in Hyderabad

The planning and installation of a garden are not only time-consuming but also physically demanding, which is why one should hire gardeners to make the task more comfortable to handle. Homeowners with little or no experience in gardening will especially benefit from hiring gardeners in Hyderabad as they will not only help with the setting up of the outdoor space but also provide tips for maintaining it so that it looks good even after a few months. A common mistake that homeowners make is to go to a neighbourhood plant nursery or garden store to buy plants for the house. However, there’s more to setting up a garden than just filling up the area with beautiful pots and plants. A professional gardener or landscape architect plans the layout and decides on the right mix of plants after assessing the amount of sunlight in the garden as well as the quality of the soil and the local weather. As a result, the maintenance of the garden becomes easy, and there is a significant cost saving from not needing to replace plants frequently.

What are the various services that gardeners in Hyderabad offer?

Depending on the number of years’ of experience and skill level of the gardener, it’s possible to get end-to-end services that include the initial garden design, installation and maintenance.

  1. Designing the landscape: Although the design and layout of the garden should ideally be done by a landscape architect, some gardeners, who have years of experience in implementing garden designs of professional landscapers, can undertake the task of designing the outdoor space. It includes deciding on the foliage and flowering plants that are ideal for the conditions that exist in the garden.
  2. Sourcing the garden materials and accessories: The gardener will identify the best places for buying planters, potting mix, manure and plants so that the garden can be installed within the homeowner’s budget.
  3. Cleaning and maintenance: The upkeep of the garden consists of two main tasks. The first is to keep the garden area clean always. It’s the gardener’s task to rake leaves, clear the trash bins and keep the area looking tidy. Additionally, he needs to maintain the garden by ensuring that the plants get the required amount of water and nutrition. From weeding the lawn and flower beds to applying manure in pots and planters or spraying solutions to keep away pests, gardeners in Hyderabad should be responsible for ensuring that the garden looks lush throughout the year. It might mean that the gardener needs to undertake seasonal planting to make sure that the garden has colourful blooms throughout the year. 
  4. Maintenance of garden equipment: Gardeners need to use tools such as rakes, tillers and shears when they work. It’s their job to ensure that the equipment and tools are cleaned, oiled and stored after use so that they don’t need to be frequently replaced.

What qualifications do gardeners need to offer services?

Although the job of a gardener requires knowledge of plants, soil compositions and gardening techniques, usually no specific educational qualifications are needed for a professional to offer services. Gardeners in Hyderabad typically learn their trade after working as an apprentice with an experienced gardener or by helping a landscape architect execute landscape projects for houses. Sometimes, gardeners might have completed a short-term course run by a local organisation that aims to provide vocational training.

What is the difference between a landscape design professional and a gardener?

Landscape design requires specific technical knowledge, which only a qualified architect can provide. Usually, landscaping is done by an architect who specialises in the area after working for a couple of years. The advantage of consulting a landscape architect is that he takes care of all the elements, including complicated aspects such as planning the drainage system in the garden to prevent waterlogging. In the end, it depends on the complexity of the garden design. If the garden is on a flat area with a lawn, flower beds and a few trees, gardeners can set it up without the additional expense of hiring a landscape professional.

What should you look for before hiring gardeners in Hyderabad?

Before hiring a gardener, it’s essential to ensure that one gets high-quality services for what one pays. It’s advisable to ask the person for references so that you can verify whether he is experienced and skilled. Ideally, you should visit a garden that the professional has installed or maintained to get an idea of whether he can take good care of your garden. It’s not always possible to visit a home to view a garden. In such cases, it’s advisable to see the gardener’s portfolio. You can request him to show you photographs of gardens that he maintains. 

Online searches can provide an extensive list of gardeners in Hyderabad, but before you decide whom to hire, it’s advisable to visit some of the gardens that the professional maintains to assess his skills. Alternatively, you can ask for references or photographs to verify that the person will deliver gardening services as per your expectations. 

Our Hyderabad gardeners’ directory on homify has listings of professionals in the city along with photographs of gardens they have designed or maintained. Once you browse through the profiles and shortlist a few gardeners, you can submit the online form to get a free quote from them.

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