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Undeniably, the lush foliage of a garden adds to the value of the house by enhancing its beauty and creating a place for relaxation, even in a small balcony or terrace. A thought that often comes to mind when deciding to plant a garden is whether to hire gardeners in Delhi, a landscape architect or set it up oneself. For homeowners who love plants, a visit to the neighbourhood nursery might seem like the simplest solution for adding some greenery to the home. However, the maintenance of a garden is an aspect that is often overlooked, and unless the area is well-maintained, it can look messy and take away from the aesthetic appeal of the house. By hiring gardeners, one can be assured that the garden is well looked after and has healthy plants always.

There are several advantages of hiring professional gardeners:

  • One of the main reasons that homeowners hire a gardener is to ensure that the maintenance of the plants takes place regularly. Otherwise, the garden would be neglected when the person travels or gets busy at the office.
  • Although a gardener is not a qualified landscape professional, after a few years of experience in the field he learns all aspects of garden design and can create and install a garden that looks just as good as an architect-designed one.
  • Most homeowners learn gardening by trial and error. As a result, much money is spent on replacing plants that don’t survive a pest attack or the harsh weather. Gardeners have the knowledge and expertise to handle all aspects of plant maintenance including fertilising, weed control, pest control and soil preparation. Therefore, by hiring one, the overall gardening costs can reduce in the long term.
  • Gardening requires a lot of strength and stamina as it involves mowing lawns, digging up flower beds, pruning shrubs and trimming hedges. Not every homeowner has the strength to handle these tasks without the help of a gardener.
  • Last, but not least, gardeners in Delhi are aware of the different seasons in the city and can undertake seasonal planting to ensure that the garden has a variety of blooms and foliage throughout the year, even during the harsh winters and sweltering summers.

Should I hire a landscape architect or a gardener?

It’s essential to work out a budget for the garden before deciding whether to hire a professional landscaper or a gardener. A landscape architect is responsible for planning and designing the garden, whereas a gardener executes the plan by setting up the area with plants and other elements as outlined in the design. The landscaper’s role ends once the garden is set up according to the plan, whereas a gardener’s job commences with the initial planting after which it continues with regular maintenance to keep the garden looking like the landscape architect envisages it. Due to the nature of his qualifications and expertise, the fees charged by a landscape architect will be more than that of a gardener. Depending on the size of the area, the complexity of the design that one wants and the budget, one can decide whether to consult an architect or to hire a gardener.

What are the various tasks that I can expect gardeners in Delhi to undertake in my garden?

It’s the job of the gardening professional to maintain your garden, including cleaning the area and nurturing the plants. Additionally, the gardener may undertake creative projects such as replanting or designing, depending on his experience and expertise. The list of tasks you can expect him to complete include:

  1. Cleaning and maintenance: The gardener’s responsibilities include keeping the garden area looking neat and clean. It might entail raking leaves, removing litter from the grass or flower beds and emptying the trash bins. Additionally, he will cut the grass on the lawn to prevent it from looking overgrown, prune shrubs and bushes, remove dead leaves from plants and aerate the soil to ensure that the roots of the plants remain healthy. It’s also his job to ensure that the plants get enough water every day.
  2. Monitoring the health of plants: Outdoor plants are prone to attacks from pests and diseases. Therefore, the gardener is responsible for inspecting the plants regularly and taking remedial action by spraying pesticide or weed control agents as well as adding nutrients to the soil to promote growth and flowering.
  3. Maintaining garden tools and equipment: Gardeners use equipment such as lawnmowers, sprayers and cutters as well as tools such as rakes, shovels and spades. It’s his responsibility not only to store the equipment after he uses it but also to clean and oil it when necessary to ensure that it continues to work well for a long time.
  4. Planting and replanting: Besides planting the garden as per the landscaper’s design or instructions, the gardener should also replace unhealthy plants and grow new plants before the start of the next season.

How can I find gardeners in Delhi?

Most horticultural organisations or plant nurseries in the neighbourhood train gardeners, thereby providing an excellent source for getting help with your garden. Besides this, you can find gardeners online but be sure to check their credentials and get details about the houses where they have worked before you hire them.

Our Delhi gardener’s directory has a list of gardening professionals. Their profiles include their contact details as well as photographs of gardens that they have created or maintained. Once you identify a couple of professionals whose work appears consistent, you can send an online enquiry using the contact form to receive free quotes from them.