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In the historical port city of Chennai surrounded by a long coastline private gardens are a rarity due to the scarcity of water but then determined landscape architects, gardeners and city's residents decided to work together to create breathable green spaces in their neighborhoods that now embellish the city and allow healthy connection between people and the environment. 

The city with hot and tropical climate has varieties like coconut, neem, rain tree, copper pod, royal poinciana, tamarind and palmyrah trees that are typical of the coast. Chennai has several regions where the tree cover is extensive like the Anna Zoological Park, Kotturpuram Tree Park and around government educational institutions like Indian Institute of Technology and Theosophical Society in Adyar which act like lungs of the city. Besides these few government and private organizations maintain their own lawns and gardens while some public gardens and parks are developed and maintained by Chennai Corporation. Though rapid development and frequent cyclones have led to scarcity of tree cover in the city appreciation of greenery and gardeners in Chennai is sought after its residents that want to keep their homes and surroundings as beautiful and green as possible.

What is the difference between landscape architects and gardeners?

Who do you think should be responsible for developing and maintaining public gardens, parks and small residential private gardens. Maintaining both small and large gardens and parks requires hard work and knowledge of local vegetation, soil conditions, availability of water and climatic conditions. Depending on the size of the space around your office or house where the garden has to be made and maintained, you can any of the two for your project. Landscape architects are professionals who design complete landscaping projects, in which gardening is one of the stages among many others. 

Landscaping projects in Chennai take into account the topography of the land, the characteristics of the soil, the natural light and ventilation needs, and the opportunities to create environments within this space, such as recreational areas with a deck, swimming pool, garden furniture and a hidden or overhead lighting in strategic areas. The landscape architect makes plant selection choices based on the requirements and needs of the client and keeping in mind the local environment. In Chennai the priority is to select plants that require little water and can quickly adapt to the hot and humid climate. Around the garden periphery they select large shady plants that provide greenery and within the lawn and garden area the set up seasonal flowering plants to ensure that there are flowers in every season.

Gardener is appointed to fall in line with the vision of the landscape designer of the entire project and his/her expertise will be used to prepare flower paths and lawn area and select the ideal species suitable for soil that exists in that part of the city. After the planting process is completed the landscape artist's work may be over but the gardener's work is never complete. They will be responsible for maintaining the garden by replacing the dead plants with new ones, pruning the plants and shrubs, substitution seasonal flowering plants, using manure and fertilizers when needed and watering the plants on a daily basis. 

Even if you have a small garden between your front door and the boundary wall that is just a few yards and do not have time to take care of the outdoor area you can hire a gardener to  maintain the region. As an experienced individual he can suggest the best plants to use according to the soil, water and weather and can either take the effort of finding the best saplings for your garden for a small fee or provide valuable advice on how to do the maintenance if you like to take care of the plants on your own. In other words a gardener's responsibilities go far beyond mowing the lawn grass, pruning the bushes and watering plants so they should be valued for it.

Where to find gardeners in Chennai?

Chennai being a metropolitan city one can easily find professional landscape designers, small and large garden maintenance service providers both online and in the local telephone directory. These gardeners offer gardening development and advisory services to design empty spaces around individual houses, apartment complexes, offices and large school or college campuses using wide variety of floriculture and gardening ideas.

Due to growing awareness about the importance of maintaining greenery around the house for health and clean environment there is great demand for gardeners in Chennai who work as professionals and have trained personnel exclusively for maintenance of interior and exterior gardens and also large landscaped gardens around offices and housing complexes. These professionals generally do not maintain physical offices so the best way to find them is by searching for them on online platforms like homify that has professionals listed under each category for housework on the basis of location.

This platform gives you the benefit of checking the work profile of these professionals and gauge for yourself if they can provide the service that you expect for enhancing the beauty of your garden. You can then ask them to provide testimonials and a quote for your project and then select the one that suits your budget. 

How much does it cost to hire gardeners in Chennai?

When you reach out to gardeners or landscaping service providers in Chennai to ask for quote it is important to pass on detailed information to them about the services you want from them whether it is just maintaining the garden and lawn, developing a new garden and maintaining it, large scale landscaping project or advisory and assistance to set up a terrace garden.

If you are firm about budget then inform them if the kind of garden you envision can be made within the budget you have or they can suggest an alternative. Details about size of the garden or region that has to be landscaped and whether it is home or an apartment lobby and garden or an office complex and if it will be a one-time assignment or whether you want the gardener to maintain the garden on regular basis etc has to be specified in a personal meeting with the service provider. The timeline for the project completion is also a vital factor because if it is urgent then the service provider may have to charge you extra for giving it prominence before other customers. 

What are some landscaping and ground preparation rules?

In this type of service the gardener responsible for setting up different parts of the garden has to dig the ground based on the kind of plants, grass or vegetation that will be grown on the land. Depending on the size of the space where the work has to be done the gardener can hire manpower and carry required materials to the site. Gardeners in Chennai charge on the basis of size and type of garden or landscaping required for developing as per customer specifications. 

  1. To prepare 10,000 square feet of land for garden and lawn the generic charge in Chennai is Rs. 5000 per day
  2. For preparing the front-yard and readying it for lawn and garden the charge is Rs.30 per sqft. 
  3. For preparing a terrace garden the charges are around Rs. 180  to Rs. 200 per sqft. 
  4. For tasks like weeding, cleaning and watering activities the charges could range between Rs. 100 – 200 per day depending on the garden's size. 

Depending on the property size that has to be developed Chennai gardeners determines the price based on numbers of laborers or man hours that will be employed per day to complete different sections of the project. If the property to be developed is close to source of raw materials required like plants, fertilizers, garden tools etc then the price of these materials will be relatively lower.