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Gardeners in Bhopal

The interior designers in Bhopal are inclined towards addition of indoor plants to the interior design of homes. There are numerous lakes in the city and greenery is visibly evident. Badi Jheel lake and the Upper lake are surrounded by gardens and people visit here often. The Vardhaman Park located near the Upper Lake and Shyamala hills is also crowded for most part of the day.

Residents of Bhopal are quite used to greenery and hence they want to take it to their homes as well. While providing the floor plan and the design, architects and interior designers in Bhopal give references of landscape architects and gardeners. It is generally residents’ choice whether they want a garden in their house or not.

Including a garden in your house – is it worth it?

Gardens add color and view to a house but they occupy a considerable amount of space. Whether you choose a front lawn, a part of the porch or backyard of the house, a garden would take up at least 5% of the carpet area. For your 2BHK apartment of 1000 sq. ft. carpet area, a garden area of 15X20 sq. ft. would be a bare minimum and you can go up as much as you like. As you go up the size, your landscape architect would also increase his charges. Gardens also require regular maintenance and hiring a gardener would be an ongoing cost.

However, if you overlook the additional costs, benefits of having a garden are many:

  • Gardens add a decorative touch to the house. A carefully designed garden would make your house stand out and would increase its perceived value.
  • A garden has therapeutic advantages. It adds a sense of calm to the house and once you are done with the day's work, you can relax in your own garden.
  • Bringing in a living element to your house would make it look beautiful. You can see plants grow and it would enhance the aesthetics of the house.
  • Cleaner air and a healthy environment within the house would become evident.
  • Bhopal is a city where people are connected to each other. Your neighbors can come over to relax with you in your garden and your children can bond as well. It encourages a cooperative and collaborative environment.

How can you include a garden in a small house in Bhopal?

Bhopal is a growing city and the size of the houses is reduced by at least 10% in many upcoming projects. In such circumstances, it might be difficult for residents to reserve even a tiny fraction of the area for landscape garden.

Experts in Bhopal suggest that if you cannot put aside 15x20 sq. ft. for a garden, you can go for other options to include plants in your floor plan. For example, a 12-ft. or 14-ft. tall specimen plant placed in the drawing room can give you a green garden-like feeling.  You can also go for terrace garden or a vertical garden. A vertical garden can be installed at the cost of a regular wall in your home and it does not take up much space. The most popular vertical garden has 8 panels where you can plant up to 16 pots. A professional gardener can tell you what kind of a garden would be best suited for your home.

How do you know if you need a landscape architect, landscape designer or a professional gardener?

With so many fancy terms surfacing, one might not be aware of the kind of services provided by a professional. Keep in mind below thumb rules to decide which professional you need to hire when it comes to gardening needs.

  • Landscape architect

        If you need a change in the lay of land, you need a landscape architect. These professionals are professionally trained and have an advanced education. They work in collaboration with surveyors, engineers, community planners and architects.

    • Landscape designer

          For simple projects where you only want a blueprint for your garden which indicates which plant should be planted where, a landscape designer would do the job. These professionals have nursery experience and can integrate a landscape design completely with the design of the home.

      • Professional gardener

            If your only task if you plant a few shrubs and trees and remove the existing plants which do not add any value to your garden, a professional gardener would be a good choice. They can help you with removal of mulch, installing sods and planting new beds. A professional gardener is a good choice when your initial work has been completed by a landscape designer or architect and you are only looking for ongoing maintenance of your garden.

How expensive is it to hire professional gardeners in Bhopal?

Depending upon whether you are hiring a professional gardener, a landscape designer or a landscape architect, the cost of the project might vary greatly. The cost also depends upon the type of garden installed.

A vertical garden is a slightly expensive option. The extra equipment for wall planters with 8 panels itself costs around Rs. 4000. On top of that, a single pot costs Rs. 35 – Rs. 40. This means that 16 pots would cost approximately Rs. 600. You would need to get soil and prepare the soil for planting of seeds, which would need additional fertilizers. Organic compost costs around Rs. 60 per kg. Then, the cost of plants would add up, and in a vertical setting, you cannot grow all the plants you could grow in horizontal setting.

If you consider a traditional horizontal garden, the cost of plants and fertilizers remain the same. But you might need to add fence and lighting to the outdoor garden. A single pillar light can cost up to Rs. 4000. If you install drip irrigation system, it could cost up to Rs. 5000 extra. Terrace gardens also require additional costs as they need rooftop irrigation system.

The cost of any garden would be between Rs. 20k to Rs. 50k depending upon the materials and type you choose. The professionals might charge you based upon the per sq. ft. rate or a percentage fee based upon the design cost. If you get the blueprint from a landscape designer/architect (which would cost you up to Rs. 10k for a 15x20 sq. ft. area), the gardener would charge you 15-20% of the design cost, which comes out to be Rs. 1.5k – Rs. 2k.

If the gardener decides to go by the per sq. ft. rate, the general rates in Bhopal are Rs. 150 – Rs. 180 per sq. ft. for initial planting. For the regular maintenance afterwards, the rates are mostly by per sq. ft. basis, which is Rs. 100 – Rs. 150 per sq. ft.

How can you find efficient gardeners in Bhopal?

If you need a professional gardener or a landscape designer, you can search through the city-wise listings on Homify. All the landscaping companies and individual gardeners listed on our website are background verified. You can have a look at their previous projects and based upon your requirements, you can select the one that suits you best.