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Gardeners in Ahmedabad

With hunters and gatherers not a profession in the modern world, gardeners are probably the oldest profession alive and gardening the most popular hobby across the world. However, in the present world scenario where climate change and Global warming is a reality, building and maintaining a garden in the ever growing ‘concrete jungle’ has become a necessity. It’s always good to be home; and if the home has a beautiful garden to spend a pleasant evening with family then it is bliss, especially in Ahmedabad, the city infamous for its brutal summers. The greenery of the garden brings in cool energy of nature right at the doorstep. Though working in garden and nurturing plants is quite meditative, but in this fast paced life there is no harm in hiring a professional gardener to do the work for you.

What are the benefits of having garden in Ahmedabad’s home?

Though we all love to be surrounded by greenery and get soaked in the fragrance of flowers; still it’s quite possible that people may consider maintaining a garden to be a cumbersome task or an unnecessary expenditure. Usually gardening is considered to be a hobby people pick up after retirement to kill the time. However, the reality is that gardening can benefit you in more ways than just making your home beautiful. 

Impact on environment: Plants are natural air purifier! Garden and gardening can benefit the environment in a positive way. If there is space, it is the duty of every citizen to contribute in the protection of the environment and reduce your carbon footprints.

Impact on temperature: Ahmedabad has long and harsh summers, mild winters and a few days of monsoon. With a well planned garden at home, the temperature both inside and outside of the home can be brought down substantially in summers. Plants attract rain and help in retaining rainwater, thus replenishing the depleting ground water.

Impact on mind and body: Gardening is a great and beautiful way to exercise both mind and body. Apart from physical workout, gardening is a stress buster in today’s stressful life-style. It also reduces blood pressure, lower cholesterol, checks on blood sugar level and acts as an antidepressant. The fresh vibes and colours of garden calms mind and soul and bring in happiness and tranquillity.

Impact on food: Create your own organic garden and grow veggies and herbs in the home garden. Technology has made it possible to grow vegetables in planters and containers and even vertically. In this age of fertilizers and pesticides, all you need is a little space and will grow your garden.

Impact on property value: A lush green beautifully maintained garden around the home adds to the aesthetics of the home. It is an investment that will bring in good return when you plan to sell the property. It will also attract more buyers than a home without any garden.

Why should I hire a gardener for my home?

Gardening is an art and building and maintaining garden demands patience, time, skills and dedication. Not all of us have the skills nor have to time to maintain the garden of our home. But we all love to have a well maintained beautiful garden around us. This is where the services of gardener are required in our home and life. Gardener is a person who has the skill to get their hands dirty, toil in the soil, build and then maintain the garden, sow the seeds, plant the saplings, tend to them, clear the garden of pests and weeds, irrigate and fertilize the plants, prune and maintain the shape and texture of plants, remove the dead leaves and plants, keep the plants healthy, create a balanced ecosystem in the garden, keep the garden clean, service the garden equipments, guides you in gardening matters, helps in selecting plants and planters and does all these within the budget assigned by you. In fact in modern homes, they also help you in creating vertical garden or even indoor garden. 

What qualities should I check in gardener before hiring?

Gardener is basically the person who helps in maintaining the garden designed by landscape architects or garden designers. The work of gardener involves long hours of physical work in the outdoors under adverse weather conditions. Physical and mental fitness is very important attribute to look for in gardener. They should be nature lover and have knowledge about plants and seasons in which they grow best, fertilizers, latest innovations in gardening technique, sustainable and organic methods and is open to learn more so that to maintain the garden in an eco-friendly way. Water has become a major issue in Ahmedabad. With depleting groundwater and scarcity of water especially during summers, it is challenging to grow and maintain the garden. The gardener should have the skills to select the right plants that require less water and should have the knowledge about drip irrigation, water recycling, and be aware of permeable landscaping technique. It is a technique in which the soil is kept porous in layers so that it can breathe and retain the moistures so that the lawn remain lush green with minimum efforts even in long months of summer in Ahmedabad. The gardener should be able to grow herbs and vegetables too and be able to maintain the aesthetics of the garden independently.      

There was a time when gardeners or mali was a family profession which was carried on from generations to generations. The skills were learnt through on-job training. But now there are institutes which provide diploma or certificate courses on gardening. So if you want to develop the garden in a particular theme or style you can check for the area of expertise before hiring or opt for the traditional gardener who has more practical training than theoretical knowledge. Check for references before hiring the gardener. This will give you clarity about the work and professionalism of the person.

How much will a gardener cost in Ahmedabad?

Assuming that the garden is designed and built by the landscape architects and the gardener is being hired for regular maintenance works; the gardener will charge on a monthly basis and will work daily for about an hour, except on Sundays. The monthly charge will be approximately Rs.1000-2000 depending on the size of the garden. This is only the service fees of the gardener and the rest of the expenditure like plants, fertilizer, garden equipments, etc. are to be borne by the client. Before hiring compare the fees of the gardeners and the services they provide. Negotiate and talk about the work clearly before hiring to avoid any disagreement or confusion in future.

Where can I find the best gardener for my home in Ahmedabad?

In the modern world which is dominated by mobile apps and every service is just a click away, we have to be cautious before hiring. Hire the services from authentic website of Homify where the credentials of every professional are verified before listing. You just have to go through the list, select the one that suits your requirement and homify will help you in getting connected with the gardener of your choice.    

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