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Floorers in Pune

Whether you live in traditional style bungalow or the modern state-of-the-art apartments in Pune, to give it a homey feel you have to create a cohesive interior and the flooring of the house plays a vital role in binding the space. However, when it comes to selecting the type of flooring, we either think of tiles or marble; isn’t it? It might be because we are unaware of the wide variety of flooring options available. The fact is that the smart selection of flooring can dramatically uplift the aesthetic appeal of your home. Today we are spoilt of choices when it comes to home décor, including the flooring. So why not explore the options, seeking the professional help from the floorers in Pune and spread your personal style on the flooring of your home.

Why do I need the professional floorers?

Accessorizing or decorating a home before moving in the new construction or renovating the existing one to give it a facelift is a time consuming work. Dressing up your home also includes designing the flooring. When it comes to flooring it has to be aesthetic and functional since it has to bear all the wear and tear of the house, weight of furniture, regular cleaning with wet mop and it is also the family’s playground. We all want a perfect ambience but in this fast paced life we hardly have time to think for it. This is where the services of professionals are required. The floorers work with the interior designers and decorators to enhance the beauty of the space and give it your personality.

The floorers in Pune have expertise to install all types of flooring efficiently, quickly and in a competent manner thus giving the floor a smooth and seamless finishing. They understand the latest trends and the best layout options. They know the type of flooring that will suit the room based on its functionality and can also save your money by procuring the materials through their associates. They even take the responsibility of damaged, cracked or stain tiles. They will also suggest you with an affordable alternative if what you want is exceeding your budget 

How do I choose the right flooring type?

Choosing the right type of flooring is an important decision to make since it involves substantial investment of time and money. Apart from the aesthetics, style, durability, designs and colours of the flooring, the climatic condition of the place should also be considered. Pune has a pleasant climatic condition which supports all type of flooring option. The globalization of the city has brought fresh flooring ideas to choose from:

Natural stone flooring: The charm of natural stone will never go out of style. Along with its elegance and touch of luxury, the stones like marble, granite, limestone, kota stone and slate also bring some respite from below in hot summer days. Easy to clean and maintain, they can endure rough uses and will shine in all weather condition. Stone flooring will cost Rs. 150-650/sq.ft.

Hand painted tiles: The unique designs, vibrant colours and the customized traditional feel it brings into the space has made it quite popular among chic and stylish citizens of Pune. It is ideal for terraces and balcony or in any room of the house except the bathroom and kitchen since it holds moisture. The price range is between Rs.110-350/sq.ft.

Vinyl flooring: The cost effective vinyl flooring is quite popular among the young generations who have just made the city their home and cannot afford the luxury of real stone or wood on the flooring. The textured surface of vinyl imitates stone or wood, is flexible and feels soft and cold beneath feet. It will cost you between Rs.350- 750/sq.ft.  

Mix and match flooring: Same flooring throughout the house may feel monotonous and boring. Modern homes invariably have integrated social area. Mixing and matching of the tiles on the floor creates an interesting space and visually divide the living room from dining room. If the kitchen is also a part of the integrated space then having three different type of flooring dividing the rooms will bring in an amazing aura into the home. The cost will depend on the type of flooring selected for each room. 

Floating or laminate wood flooring: It has become common in most modern homes and people simply love it for the warmth, luxury and style. It is made of synthetic wood which is laminated to increase its durability and make it easy to maintain. These floating floors or laminate wooden tiles are simple to install and if any of its board gets damaged then only the damaged board can easily be replaced. You don’t have to change the entire flooring. You will have to follow the instruction for the care and maintenance of floating floors. The price range varies from Rs.120-450/sq.ft. 

Designer flooring: To give the home exquisite feel and express the creativity onto the flooring of the house, the floorers and designers have come up with the idea of designer flooring. The stunning design created from bronze, wood, mosaic, terracotta or any other different flooring material in the middle of the hallway or living room, especially on the white marble floor, breaks the monotony to enhance the charm of the space. It can cost you between Rs.150-2000/sq.ft.

How can I find the floorer in Pune?

The interior architects, building contractors or the interior designers working in your project will help you in finding the floorer in Pune. However, in this Google era, if you want to explore it on your own to find the best among the rest then you are on the right website. Look for the floorers on Homify India website; browse through the images of actual project and then shortlist the ones you desire. Now all you have to do is to submit the form and our professional will get in touch with you.   

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