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A fine blend of modern and traditional values which is also reflected in its homes, Chennai has witnessed a huge change in the materials used for home construction, especially in the flooring of the houses. In earlier times before the advent of modern architectural style, Chennai homes had mosaic or coloured red-oxide flooring which had the quality to cool down the home interior but needed effort and time to maintain it. Then the city got globalised and expanded both horizontally and vertically and new flooring options replaced the old ones. Modern people of Chennai adapted to the change and opted for comfort and innovative flooring options like marble, wood, ceramic, vitrified tiles, artificial flooring, etc. over traditional floors. The city homes are changing to make it comfortable for working couples whose basic requirement as far as flooring is concerned is long lasting, maintenance-free and easy to clean floors. The professional floorers of Chennai are there to help them out with their insight in selecting the right one and then getting it fixed.

Which are good flooring options in Chennai?

The coastal city of Chennai is located in the southern part of India which is closer to the equator and it experiences hot and humid climate. With high humidity in air, Chennai homes have to be careful in selecting the right material for flooring and because of the hot weather throughout the year it should be something to provide cool feeling inside the home.

Ceramic tiles: Available in a wide variety of colours, designs and sizes, ceramic tiles have become a popular choice in modern Chennai homes for it is easy to maintain and clean. The price of ceramic tiles varies from Rs.6 – Rs.500/sq.ft depending on its quality.

Vitrified tiles:  In comparison to ceramic tiles, vitrified tiles stand out since it is stronger, stain and scratch resistant, absorbs less water and are butt-joined thus giving it a smooth finish. It will cost you Rs.50/sq.ft.

Wooden laminate: Wooden furniture has been the favourite among the locals since long. Now it has been extended to the floor too. The only difference is that what you see is wooden laminate flooring. In Chennai’s hot and humid climate it is difficult to maintain wooden flooring which will absorb moisture. But still if you love wood and wish to bring its warmth and elegance into your home, opt for wooden laminate. It is treated to suit all climatic condition. The price is between Rs.80-400/sq.ft.

Athangudi tiles: It’s a traditional handmade sundried terracotta tiles which is made from a combination of sand, cement, coloured synthetic oxides and baby jelly. The speciality of these tiles is that it can be made in a variety of colours with customised patterns designed on it to make it unique. It cost between Rs.22-25/sq.ft. 

Marble flooring: The grandeur and cooling effect of marble has made it quite popular among the residents without realizing the fact that the weather condition of Chennai doesn’t support it. Marble has pores on its surface which can take into humidity from the atmosphere and become stained and dull very soon. Still if you want marble for the floor, opt for Italian, Spanish or Greek marble. The price range of it starts from Rs.250/sq.ft.

Why do we need the floorers?

Laying the floor is best done by the professional floorers. Fixing tiles, marble or wooden flooring is not an easy job and it is definitely not the same as covering the floor with a carpet. The floorers fix the floors of the house after the building structure is ready and it is handed over to the interior architects and interior designers and decorators for aesthetic and finishing touch. Floorers with their knowledge and experience can help in selecting the right type of flooring for each room. Their work starts with measuring the floor. They then prepare the floor depending on the flooring material selected. For example, preparation to fix tiles will be different from wooden flooring.

When renovating an existing home, people usually avoid refurbishing the flooring since it is time consuming and costly affair. But if you have decided to change the flooring then the floorer will first remove the old flooring, prepare the ground for new flooring and then install the flooring material selected.   

Is it necessary to hire a professional floorer?

You cannot build your home! Installing the floor is a part of house building process. It requires technique and the floorers are professionally qualified and trained to do the job. Any mistake in the process may lead to problems immediately. They know that if the flooring is uneven it will break or if the grouts are not sealed properly the joints will be an eyesore and water will seep in loosening and discolouring the tiles. Through their experience they can guide you in selecting the right type of flooring according to the usage. For example you cannot have slippery tiles in the wet area of the bathroom for obvious reasons or shiny marble tiles in the open terrace since it will attract dust and develop cracks.

How can I find floorer in Chennai?

Floorers work with the architects or building contractors. When you hire the architect for your project, he/she may suggest you the floorer too. In multi-storey apartments, the building contractors have floorers in their team. However, if you are not satisfied with the work and want to hire your own floorer then Homify India is here to help you. All you have to do is to check the directory of floorers in Chennai, go through the images of the project completed by them, select the one you think is right for your project, fill a simple form and hit the submit button. Our professional will get in touch with you.   

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