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Floorers in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad homes have witnessed the huge transformation from mud flooring to engineered wood floor bringing in style and elegance right beneath the foot-steps. The floor brings in significant change in the beauty of the space, be it a private home or commercial property. Flooring is also the surface of the house which takes the brunt of everyday life, braves the wear and tear and still reflects and adds beautiful value into the space. There are hundreds of flooring options to choose from but we have to choose the ones that will add value into the room and keep pace with the daily life of the residents. With long months of brutal summer and fetish for cleanliness, marble, granite, stones, ceramic and porcelain tiles suits best for Ahmedabad homes. However, modern homes are open to experiment with wood, toughened glass, vitrified tiles, etc. Selecting the right flooring is crucial since it is expensive and will remain there for long. The professional floorers will assist you in making the crucial decision while selecting the right one for your home and then getting if fixed for you.

Why it is important to hire a professional floorer in Ahmedabad?

Though it may seem like flooring is just a way to add finishing touches into the home, in reality it is the backbone of the interior design of homes. Whether renovating or building new home, right flooring can dramatically change the look and feel of the space. Installation of flooring is a skilled job and requires high degree of proficiency. The seamless touch of tiles, stones, wood, lacquered glass or any other materials on floor once complete looks a simple task. However, the perfect finishing that professional floorers can bring can never be achieved by DIY. There are different techniques for different types of flooring, which only a floorer understands and knows the best. Hiring a professional floorer will save of time and ensure the quality of work. After all they are trained to do so.

What do the floorers do?

The work of floorer begins when the structure of the new building is ready. They work with architects, interior designers and client. They help in selecting from variety of flooring options and in making the right decision based on the lifestyle, home decor and the use of the room. For example you can have wooden flooring in living room but you cannot have it in the bathrooms. Based on their suggestions you can confidently make a better choice. The floorers then measure the space and fit the flooring in a professional way which will last longer without any problem.

When renovating the home, changing the floor drastically changes the look and feel of home. Spreading a new rug or carpet doesn't require a floorer. But if tiles, stones, wood, bamboo, or any other type of flooring is to be installed, it is better to hire a professional floorer. They will measure the floor, suggest you the best type of flooring for each room within the home, remove the old flooring, and install the new one in a professional manner.

What homework should I do before meeting and hiring a floorer?

It is always advisable to do homework before meeting the floorer so that the work is completed in highly professional way and you can get the best for your project within the budget.

Learn about the different types of flooring: Educate yourself about the various types of flooring options available in the market. You can Google it or can visit reputed home décor website like homify to know about it. Even if it a little bit of knowledge, it will give you thought clarity when talking with the floorer and making them understand your requirements. 

Look for references: Installation of floor is an expensive job which once done will stay there for long. It is better to check the previous work of the floorer or ask for references from your family and friends. The architects and interior designers can also suggest you the floorer. Apart from the credentials also verify about the labourer who will be working on the project. Hiring any professional for home also risk the safety of the family.

Get the estimate:  Get the estimate based on the selection of flooring. The professional floorer can easily provide you with the correct estimate and this will help you in fixing the budget for the project. Know about how they will be charging and get a break of costing- materials, labour, man-days, etc. Get the written estimate. There will hardly be any inflation in material cost. So the estimate will almost be the cost of final project.

Fix the budget: Based on the estimate given by the floorer, assign a budget for the project. Make a deal about what will happen if the expenditure exceeds the estimate and budget. This will avoid unnecessary delay by the floorer. They will manage their labourer better to avoid any delay from their side.  

Time duration for the project: Make it clear the time it will take to complete the project. Give your deadline and be stern with it so that the work is completed on time.

How much will the floorers cost in Ahmedabad?

The cost of flooring depends on the type of flooring material you choose for your project. The cost of tiles or stone selected depends on the brand, type and quality of the materials. However, the labour cost of installation is Rs.35-45/sq.ft. The cost of wooden flooring is Rs.150-250/sq.ft including the installation charges.

How can I reduce the cost of floorer in Ahmedabad?

The floorer cost can be checked or reduced by fixing time duration for the completion of the work. It is better to give them the contract for the complete flooring project. Once you give the contract, it is the responsibility of the contractor to finish the project on time. 

Select the flooring types and materials which are locally available. It will reduce the cost substantially. Also hire the local floorer.

Where can I find the best floorer in Ahmedabad?

Once you have decided on giving a makeover to your home, dive online and start browsing to find the best professional floorer. homify has an exhaustive list of floorers with images of their projects. The website has kept the list in an organized way based on location, style and expertise. Once you have shortlisted the floorers, homify makes it simple to connect them with you. So you are just a click away.