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The person who is responsible for laying the flooring in the house is called a floorer or a flooring installer. The nature of his work includes measuring the floor, cutting materials to fit the area and installing it. Floorers deal with a variety of materials such as vinyl or ceramic tiles, natural stone such as marble and granite, linoleum, wood and carpet, among others. Besides installing the flooring, they are also responsible for removing the old flooring and laying subfloors and levelling the floor surface as per the design of the architect or interior designer.

Why should I hire a flooring contractor for my home construction or renovation?

The process of installing a floor is quite complicated. It involves laying a subfloor, levelling it, protecting the top layer from the risk of moisture damage and cutting and laying the top layer. While it may seem like something that can be taken up as a DIY project, especially for a small area or when installing parquet flooring, it’s a job best left to professional floorers for several reasons.

Laying a floor is a laborious and time-consuming process that is physically demanding as one needs to be on one’s knees throughout the process. Additionally, it involves the handling of cutting tools that pose the risk of accidents, unless handled by an expert. Moreover, since the flooring material needs to be cut precisely to fit tricky corners unless it’s done by an experienced floorer a lot of material could be wasted in the process of getting it cut to size.

There’s also the aesthetics and functionality to consider. The floor of a house needs to be levelled correctly to prevent accidents and to allow natural drainage. It also needs to look good, especially if the material has patterns that need to appear symmetrical.

Besides this, a flooring contractor can help with deciding on the right type of flooring for your home after understanding your lifestyle and requirements. He will explain the benefits and disadvantages of each material, such as their durability and maintenance, to help you to decide which one would be best suited for your home.

What are the various steps that a floorer undertakes when laying the flooring in a house?

  1. Removal or preparation of existing flooring: In the case of new construction, the substrate or sub-floor needs to be laid over the foundation. For an existing house, the floorer will remove the existing substrate and level it for putting the new floor. The extent of removal will depend on the type of flooring material being installed.
  2. Preparing the subfloor: The next stage is to prepare the subfloor by removing any debris, nails or staples. The idea is to make the subfloor as even, dry and smooth as possible.
  3. Installation: This involves laying the material on the floor after measuring the area and cutting the tiles or planks to size. Additionally, the application of grout between the tiles is also a part of the floorer’s job description.
  4. Cleaning and sealing: Not every type of material requires sealing. Professional floorers will advise their clients on the types of protective coatings that can be applied on the floor surface to add to its durability and to prevent staining. In case sealing isn’t required, the flooring professional will clean up around the edges of the tiles to give it a smooth finish. Trims and borders can be added to improve the look around the edges.

Does a floorer need a specific qualification or certification to be skilled at his job?

In India, a flooring specialist doesn’t need a qualification and certification. In general, the person needs to be physically fit as it requires a significant amount of strength and stamina, including kneeling on the floor for a substantial part of the day when laying the tiles. Usually, a floorer learns his trade on the job by working under an expert for several years until he learns the entire process.

How much does it cost to hire floorers in India?

The contractor usually includes the labour and material costs of tiling in the quotation that he provides. Based on the type of material used and the amount of work involved in refurbishing an existing floor or laying a new one, the cost of hiring a floorer can range from Rs.600 to Rs.1200. More complicated tasks such as creating patterns might cost more.

What should you look for before hiring a floorer for your house construction?

It’s essential to hire an expert as the finish of the flooring in your house needs to be perfect not only from the point of aesthetics but also to prevent the possibility of accidents caused by tripping over uneven flooring. Most architects and interior design professionals have a team of reliable contractors, including floorers, whom you can use. However, if you have a small project for which you don’t need to consult an architect, then before you hire a flooring contractor, you should verify whether he has enough experience to handle the project on his own. One way to do this is by getting references from friends or acquaintances who recently hired a floorer for a project.

You can also find hundreds of names of flooring professionals online, but before you hire anyone, we recommend reading reviews to get an idea of the skill and quality of finish that he can deliver.

On our floorers’ directory, we have listings of verified contractors in each city, including details of the projects completed by them. Once you identify a suitable person, you can get a free quote from him by filling up the online contact form.

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