1 Engineering offices in Patna


What services do engineering offices provide?

Rome was not built in a day, and neither is any building or city! Each construction, be it residential, commercial or industrial, is supported by massive architectural knowhow, engineering and design expertise. And that is where the engineers come in. A standard engineering office generally comprises of a team of civil, construction or structural engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers and at times, chemical engineers. A firm may also decide to specialize in any one particular discipline.

Both civil and construction engineers are usually involved with the designing, project planning, process of construction, project management or construction management of buildings, bridges, dams, highways, airports and more. Structural engineers also create conceptual designs and conducts analysis to find out if the structure is viable, stable and durable. These professionals often work together with architects, builders or contractors to pave the way for successful completion of a project.

It is important to consult with electrical engineering companies when the application area is power generation, transmission, fire protection, or distribution of electrical systems in a building. Modern professionals may also make use of software, controls and different instrumentation techniques. Mechanical engineering methods are often combined with electrical engineering for heating, ventilation, air-conditioning or street lights installation projects. Such engineers may also collaborate with civil engineers for work related to wastewater treatment or pumping stations.

Engineers from multiple disciplines are hence required to brainstorm together for projects like hospitals, hotels, factories, educational institutions, shopping complexes and more. Now let’s take a closer look at the services which an engineering office offers.

- First, an engineering firm can provide you the exact cost estimate of a project even before the blueprints are created. This can help clients to decide whether to go ahead or cancel a project or make alterations to it.

- Based on your requirements and desires, the company will discuss with you and create the design of the building you have in mind. This will also cover the structure’s interior features, plumbing, electrical diagrams and other facilities.

- The engineers will carry out structural calculations to assess the impact of gravitational loads or stresses, the users of the structure, various climatic and ground conditions. They will then suggest the appropriate raw materials to be used for building construction.

 - A construction schedule will be prepared for efficient project management. This will include the intended start and finish dates, activities and deliverables and project milestones.

- An engineering office that stays updated about the latest technological innovations or progresses, will offer the benefits of building physics. This means, that professionals will predict the performance of completed buildings with regard to ventilation, daylight, moisture and condensation, heat transfer and energy.

- The actual construction phase will witness land excavation, foundation preparation, making the property accessible for heavy machinery, freight of materials and commissioning parts of the project to subcontractors.

- Then step by step, the company will complete the ground work, substructure, super structure and masonry works. Electrical, plumbing, sanitary or other mechanical services will follow next. Finishing touches will be added lastly to the structure and it will be thoroughly cleaned. A final inspection is conducted before handover.  

- Many engineering offices may also help you with restoration, renovation, remodeling, or reconstruction of an entire building or parts of it.

How do I find a professional engineering office in Patna?

Search online or go through yellow pages to find engineering offices in your vicinity. You can check listing websites, like Homify, where you can look for a company, too. If any of your friend, neighbour or family members have recently hired the services of an engineering office, then ask them for feedback. Maybe the same office will be able to meet your demands.

If you are planning to get in touch with a company that you found online, go carefully through their website to see what they offer as well as their terms and conditions. You can also call or mail them to ascertain if they can actually deliver what you need before meeting them in person.

What do I need to look out for when consulting an engineering office in Patna?

Getting a building or structure up and running is no easy task. Consulting the wrong company can lead you and the project to trouble. So here are the aspects you should keep in mind before availing the services of an engineering office.

- Ask about the firm’s years of experience and types of projects accomplished. It will be better if you see some images or past project details, too. This will help you to gauge their quality of work, proficiency and professionalism.

- Enquire about the qualifications of those you will be interacting with, in the engineering office. The engineers should have completed a bachelor’s or master’s degree in their respective disciplines through full time courses. Also check if the company has any certifications or is a member of a well known professional association. Request for reviews or testimonials from former clients and call them up to make sure if the firm provides high standard services.

- Carry out a bit of background check about the engineering office or hire a third party agency to do so. It is crucial to know if the firm had declared itself bankrupt in the past or faced any legal hassles.

- Ask if the office provides any kind of insurance in case something on your property gets damaged through their fault while the construction is going on. Make sure that the formal written contract includes provisions for worker’s compensation and warranty for the work done. This way, you won’t have to bear out of pocket expenses if a laborer gets injured on the premises. Also, if any repairs or touch ups are required within a certain time period post project completion, then the office will do it free of cost or give your money back.

- Wherever permits from the local council are required for a building construction, extension etc., ask the firm if they will take care of all the necessary applications and inspections.

- Ask for a strict cost estimate which includes all payments to be made before, after and during the project. Compare quotes among 2 or 3 engineering offices to arrive at a cost effective decision which suits your budget. The detailed schedule of the project along with start and finish dates should also be submitted for your perusal.

- Discuss your ideas and requirements with the company. Learn how they plan to implement the concepts step by step. Note if they are confident and can resolve any doubts that you have.

- Inquire about who will be present on the site for supervision and if that particular professional will be able to handle all labor and technical issues effectively. Remember to ask how the engineers plan to protect the construction site in case of unfavorable weather conditions. Also ensure that there is someone in the office who will regularly communicate the work progress to you on a daily basis.

How much does the service of an engineering office in Patna cost and how can I keep the costs down?

The cost of services will naturally depend on the size and complexity of the project, its location, the experience and repute of the engineering office, the materials being used, the time it will take for completion and several other factors.

The best way to avoid a sudden escalation of costs in future is to first obtain a rigid estimate before the project commences. It should have a list of all materials and services required and the respective payments to be made. If something appears too pricey, don’t hesitate to ask the company to clarify the reasons. You can also choose to use less expensive raw materials, electrical and mechanical features to keep the costs under control.  

What other professionals and services do I need for my home in Patna?

Engineering offices no doubt can assist you with almost everything you need, to witness a structure come into existence or benefit from improvement. But here are some other professionals in Patna who have a major role to play in the construction industry. Homify is the perfect online platform to help you to get in touch with them.

General Contractors in Patna – These professionals can relieve you of all the stress and anxiety associated with a construction project. General contractors estimate costs, interact with subcontractors and architects, procures the best suited workforce and raw materials and supervises the entire assignment from start to finish. So besides the main structure, aspects like flooring, carpentry, plumbing, painting, paving and even disposal of construction waste will be taken care of.

Architects in Patna – Before a structure or building is actually realized, it has to be visualized. And an architect designs or creates the plan of a building keeping in mind its aesthetic appeal and functionality. He considers how the building will be used and its safety and durability. For this, the possibility of harsh weather conditions and natural calamities are also taken into account. The architect may oversees the work of the construction company to make sure that the work is progressing as per plans.  

Home Builders in Patna – The role of a home builder is quite similar to that of a general contractor. He can construct both individual customized homes and those present in a housing estate from start to finish. He surveys the site before construction begins, consults the architect, and develops cost estimate and explanation of the same. His responsibilities also include managing subcontractors, to accomplish foundation, framing, siding, roofing, plumbing, electrical wiring, flooring, carpentry, installation of appliances and much more.