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Electricians in Thane

Thane, a neighbouring town of Mumbai is fast emerging as one of the most promising cities of India. Thane is perfectly located with better connectivity, pleasant environment, good educational and employment opportunities and above all well designed and organized infrastructural growth with planned transportation, green zone, sewage, water and electricity.  It's challenging for the civil administration to keep up the steady pace of development and the architects, landscape architects and electricians of Thane are working together to make it possible. 

How important is the work of electricians in our home?

Though may not be a glamorous job, but the work of electricians are exciting, highly skilled and offer an immense opportunity and satisfaction. They work indoor and outdoor, under normal situation or stressful condition which test their mental agility and physical dexterity almost every day of their work. The electricians are broadly divided into two categories: the construction and maintenance electricians, depending on the nature of their work.

The construction electricians are usually employed by the electrical contractor and they work with the team since they have the responsibility of installing wiring and electrical system of the entire building. Electrical system includes the control panel, outlets and inlets, circuit breaker, switch boards and power points for various gadgets used in kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living room. Since the modern buildings have concealed wiring and modular boards, electricians are appointed during the primary stage of constructions. They begin the work by reading blueprints and installing the wiring and electrical system based on the technical diagram. 

The work of maintenance electricians is to repair and maintain the existing wiring and electrical systems, troubleshoot, diagnose the problem and replace the faulty electrical system and attend to the emergency and distress call of the people facing power shutdown or trouble in electronic and electrical systems and appliances. They usually work as freelancer but a few also work for industries, hospitals, schools, malls or business establishments.

How do I decide whether the electrician is good for the job?

Finding a good electrician is not the 'rocket science' but then in a city which is in the outskirts of Mumbai and bustling with growing population, picking one good electrician from many is a tough call. So the reliable source to find the best from the rest is from the neighbours. Indian neighbours are always ready to help and they will surely guide you in your hunt. If you are the tech-savvy guy and dependent on Apps and Google for all your solution then it will not be a problem to find the electricians through service providing apps. Once you found an electrician, check this out to test the competency: 

Training and qualification: You will be paying for the job, so it is perfectly fine to know about the training and qualification of the electrician you are hiring. Check the licence too; it will authenticate your selection. Any fault in electrical wiring and system can cause serious accidents. Even if a licensed and trained electrician comes at a high cost, it is worth spending for. Licensed technicians know about electrical regulations and codes which is a prerequisite requirement to avoid any legal issues. In case of mishap, even insurance agencies check the licence of the electrician.

On-the-spot decision making: The electrician should identify and solve the problem quickly even under stressful situations. Critical thinking and approach to problem solving can be judged by the attitude and efficiency. They have to read blueprints and work accordingly, so they should be able to understand it properly, identify any mistakes and give suggestions if there are any other better alternative. They should be well versed with tools and have knowledge about installation, connections, and testing of electrical devices and power sources.

Creative and analytical thinking: Careful eyes for details, clear colour vision, analysing the problems and coming up with apt solutions are important in this profession. They should also have creative eye to install the wiring and electrical system in an aesthetic manner. 

Customer friendly: The electricians should have responsible work habits and show patience and physical endurance even under stress and after long hours at work. Customer care and handling frustrated public is a part of the job. They should be able to handle numerous questions and concerns thrown by customers patiently. Hire a gentleman who happens to be an electrician and you will be a satisfied customer.

How can I save my money when hiring an electrician?

Electrical works are expensive but expenses can be cut down if luck is on your side and have time for planning. For example, if an emergency situation arises in late evening or festive holidays; you can't help it. You have to get the work done even if you have to pay double the normal rate of Rs.150-200 as visiting charge. But if the work can wait, then make your plans and let the work pile up. In India the electricians usually don't charge on an hourly basis but they charge a fixed amount in the name of visiting or service charge. Even if the visit is to change one switch on the board or the entire board, the visiting charge will be the same excluding the materials. Also try to procure the materials on your own. Electricians may overcharge for low quality product. Buy high quality branded products that come with guarantee and last longer. 

Where can I find the best electrician?

Whether it is for ordinary repair and maintenance works or for complete renovation and new construction; the electricians are frequently called for in homes, industries, and business establishments. homify India understands your needs and has maintained the directory of professionals to make your search easy and life simple. From home décor ideas to professionals who make it possible, it's a one stop destination for all.