1 Electricians in Mumbai


What do electricians do?

An electrician is the super hero of the house. He can do anything and everything to light up your residence and make it highly functional. In case you have any current leakage or faulty wiring that might cause changes in voltage and power, the electrician can test and inspect your house to detect the fault and can rectify that quickly. He is responsible to provide safe electricity that comes through proper wiring and a sturdy MCB. An electrician can repair electric heaters and wires related to electric heaters. They can easily manage the internal components that might get heated up or malfunctioned due to continuous usage. Electrician can even help you install new electric heaters in absolutely no time.  An electrician can also help in descaling the salts that might get set on the walls of the geyser. For all your lighting troubles, an electrician can help you replace or repair any lighting issues. They can assist you to install garden lighting and external lighting for your houses. An electrician proves very handy when you need to install lights during festivals and weddings. The electrician services also come useful when you need to install security systems in your house. He can easily link the doors to alarm system for added protection. The alarm will go off in case anyone tries to enter the house suspiciously. This is highly helpful for families with kids and especially women living alone in big cities like Mumbai. An electrician can also help you deal with power cuts and load shedding by installing proper inverters and related devices. Even for installing sensors and heating controls in different rooms of the house an electrician is highly recommended. In case of new homes, electrical wiring is the most essential feature that needs to be fixed even before the construction of the whole house. An electrician is the person who can work in every nook and corner to get you the best electric supply in the entire house according to the proposed layout. Even in case of partial wiring, an electrician will be very helpful as he is the one who knows which wire to cut and which one to retain. Partial wiring is needed when you plan to build a new room in your existing house. It is also needed when you plan to install new appliances and sockets in an existing room. In case you have any trouble with your domestic appliances like TV, AC, washing machine or even your kitchen appliances like toaster, mixer grinder or RO, the electrician will be able to solve them in a jiffy. He can look through the internal parts with much ease to give you a brand new and perfectly working device. For a humid place like Mumbai, coolers and AC are highly imperative. The electrician can help you maintain these expensive devices by providing regular servicing and maintenance so that the appliances stay longer. To help you enjoy the lovely weather in the evening, electrician can help you decorate your exterior deck or patio with intimate lighting so that you can spend some quality time with your friends and family. They can also install solar water heaters and windmill connection to help you save power and become more Eco friendly. An electrician can also help detect faulty corners in the house so that they do not trip the electricity. After every monsoon, especially in Mumbai, it is advisable to call for an electrician to assure that water has not seeped into the electrical circuits, fuse boxes and even the MCB.

How do I find high quality electricians in Mumbai?

Finding electricians in Mumbai is not a problem. From the east to the west, the city is brimmed with electricians and service providers. The best way to look for an electrician is through online medium. This way you get to know about people’s reviews, feedbacks and genuinely of the website and the person. Also, you get to know the background of the person, which includes his qualifications, years of relevant experience and feedbacks as well. You also get to know about his profile of work and if he will be capable enough to handle your expensive equipment. Quality electricians can also be found through local medium. You can talk to your colleagues, neighbours, friends and even nearby local stores to supply you with good electricians. If you are new to the city and the place try going for the one suggested by the building maintenance. This way you are assured that whoever is entering your house knows about the wiring and their intricate details. Also, if you are in the office, this person can come in the daytime and do the repairs under the supervision of the security guard. By this way you save time and money. Homify also brings you a safe and trustworthy channel to supply you with great services through electricians, plumbers, floor fitters etc. You can try our service by booking an appointment on our customer care number.

What do I need to look out for when hiring an electrician?

While hiring an electrician look out for the most safe, trustworthy and loyal medium. There are a number of online agencies available these days, but not half of them are legit and genuine. Do proper research about the agencies, websites and even payment options before booking a service through any of them. Asking people about these local services is another good way to know which electrician to hire. You may also look into local pamphlets and newspapers about any deal or discount on any of the electrician services.  You may also like to talk to your building watchmen to know about any regular electrician who visits your society. The most important thing with local electricians is they are loyal and trustworthy, as most of the people in the society know about them. They will also not try to cheat you with the low class service or rates.

How much will an electrician cost in Mumbai?

The cost of an electrician depends on a number of factors. First, make sure you call them through a nearby local store. This way you will not have to pay for their transportation.  Secondly, go for trusted stores only. These people have many daily wagers working for them and they are constantly on a look out for jobs. Also, to know better about the cost and prices of an electrician, the internet is the best medium. Try to browse on Google for rates and you will get many forums that discuss the prices of the electrician’s services. Another way to know about the cost is by asking your neighbours or building management or even at your workplace people will be able to guide you. In case of freelance electricians first confirm the rate and then call him to service. It is hard and rude to call off the service while the person is standing at your doorstep. During the monsoon and during nights, the rate of electrician is sky high. Try to avoid those times unless it is very urgent and you seriously can’t do without electricity.

How can I keep the costs down when hiring an electrician in Mumbai? 

Electricians can rip you off, especially in big cities like Mumbai. You need to be extra careful while deciding an electrician and that is why proper research and information is a must before calling any service from the outside. To cut down on an electrician try going for the one suggested by friends and colleagues. By this way you earn referrals through some online medium while local electricians can gain your trust as well as charge you a nominal amount. Try going for freelance electricians only. If you will be aiming big agencies they are likely to cost you more because of the many parties involved in between. Also, if the work is not that urgent, try clubbing it with other jobs over the months and then call for an electrician as then you will be charged with one time visiting fee only.

What other professionals do I need for my home?

Painters in Mumbai 

Painters in Mumbai are just a shout away from your house. There are a lot of daily wagers and contractual painters working in Mumbai that can help you with long-term and short-term projects. From full house colour to painting just a garage or single room, the painters are always there at your service.

Plumbers in Mumbai 

plumber in Mumbai is literally on a one arm’s distance. They provide a gamut of facilities ranging from pipe repairs to bathroom installation and even kitchen installations. Plumbers work closely with electricians to give you a classy bathroom and a highly functional kitchen.

Joiners in Mumbai

Joiners in Mumbai are hard working and very easily available. They take responsibility for attaching best wooden accents in your home. The joiners charge nominally and can give you a variety of products depending on your taste and choice. Along with the electrician and the mason, joiners are responsible to give you a fully functional house.