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Electricians in Lucknow

Lucknow – the city of Nawabs, Janabs and Kebabs – is travelling at a fast pace to become one of the top 100 fastest growing cities of the world. With more than 9000 security cameras installed, it has also earned the title of CCTV city of India. Being a historically important city, there's no doubt that it's a place of rich culture. However, it is now growing as an IT Hub. It has the second largest market of IT goods in India and also has an IT park in its hinterland. Lucknow is a traditional city connected with the modern world through the network of Metrorail. Keeping up with the tradition of Lucknowi hospitality; the electricians of Lucknow are always at service making their contributions to keep the city moving.

How important is the role of electricians in Lucknow?

The construction boom in Lucknow is imminent. Every building, new or old has electrical connection in it. Boom in construction industries mean immense job opportunities for electricians since every residential home and commercial building requires trained electricians to set up the complete electrical system and thereafter for its maintenance. Expansion of the city, infrastructural development and industrialisation has increased the demand of electricity. Increased demand and less supply has led to the emergence of alternative power generation sources, like the solar panels, inverters or generators. From installation of emergency power source to linking it with the electrical system of the building is the responsibility of electricians. Employment opportunities for electricians have grown in Lucknow and will be on the rise in future too.

What are the different types of electricians we need to know before hiring?

For any ordinary citizen, electricians are simply the professionals who work with electricity. However, there are different types of electrician fulfilling different responsibility for the smooth working of the city:

Residential electrician: They install the complete electrical system including wiring, control panels, safety installations, switch boards, power points, fans, lights, etc and then maintain and repair them in residences.

Inside electricians: They work in commercial buildings, factories, public structures like airport, railway stations, stadiums, schools, office complexes, etc. From installation to maintenance and repair, it is the responsibility of the inside electricians.

Communication electricians: Their responsibility is to connect the city by laying the optical fibre and cables required to in communications including telephone lines, mobile phones, internet, local area network wiring, cable network, etc.

Outside linemen: They are the ones who bring electricity to the residential and commercial establishments, city roads and in every part of the city from main power plants to substations and distribution centres through high tension wires.  

What do electricians do?

A simple answer to this question could be that electricians work with power source and electrical components to bring electricity. However, in reality they do more than that. Their work begins with reading the blueprint, understanding the architecture of the buildings with architects and electrical specifications and requirements of it. Based on it they plan the best layout for wires and electrical systems. It is their job to make suggestions to interior designers and decorators and to clients and choose the right electrical equipment for projects. They install lighting, switch boards, power outlets, circuit breakers, power junctions, motors, AC, automated electrical controls, data cables and alternate or emergency power source. They are also called for regular maintenance works and repairs whenever there is any hitch in the functioning of any electrical and electronic equipment.

How to find the best electricians to hire?

Lucknow is known for its friendly neighbourhood and people. If you are new to the city you can always ask your neighbours. Large societies and commercial establishments often have electricians on-call registered with them. You can contact the society office for electrician for normal repair or maintenance works. However, if you are constructing a new house or renovating the existing one which requires major electrical work, you have landed on the right page. homify India maintains the directory of all professionals including electricians from different cities of India for your convenience. All you have to do is search for electricians in Lucknow and you will get the list to choose from. 

How much will electricians cost in Lucknow?

The cost of electricians depends on various factors and complexity of job required. For complete electrical wiring and installation of electrical systems in new construction, the charges will depend on materials cost, man-hours and total area of the project, number of rooms, electrical points required, etc. The cost will increase in renovation project since first they have to expose the concealed wiring and then cover it again. For repairs and maintenance, the cost will be different and will depend on the materials procured for it. If the materials are provided by the customers, the cost will come down. However, usually the electricians charge a fixed visiting amount which is over and above any other expenses.           

How can I keep the cost down when hiring the electricians?

If you need electricians for repair work and it is not an emergency situation, gather work and then call for an electrician. This way you will be paying the visiting fees only once. Before hiring an electrician for the major project, check the licence of the electrician. They are trained and technically qualified and the quality of work will be good and trouble free. They also offer guarantee of the work done. They have the knowledge of building regulations and safety rules. Though licensed electricians will cost more, but it's worth spending for and will give a good return for your money in the long duration.