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What do electricians do?

Electricians are trained to handle every electric problem of your house. They can rescue the house from tough situations like circuit breakage, MCB and even faulty fuse boxes. An electrician will help you with light repairs and installation. An electrician is highly required to fit in garden lights and exterior lamps that help in decorating and lightening up your exteriors. Kolkata is a place where traditional houses have a big courtyard in the centre and the whole family gathers there either in the evening or night to spend some good time together. So to keep this spirit alive, an electrician can help you to decorate and maintain the exteriors as per your wish. 

When it comes to the bathroom the electrician needs to work closely together with the plumber. Be it the water heater or geyser, an electrician can help you with everything you need. Moreover, he can be helpful for installing spotlights for mirrors and electric connections for hair accessories like dryers, curlers and straighteners. In addition to that, he can even help you to connect the electric lines with solar panels or solar water heaters on the terrace. An electrician is also responsible for descaling the salts that might get set on the walls of the geyser. This badly affects the life and efficiency of the geyser. So in totality an electrician can help you to set up the whole bathroom with all electric lines and fittings perfectly intact. Apart from the above, also in the normal rooms, the electrician is supposed to be contacted for any electrical glitch. He can help you to install fittings in all the rooms of the house including the kitchen and the bathroom. Be it air conditioning or room heater or even a centralised cooling system, he can make proper arrangements to install everything for you at your desired place. In case you have any current leakage or faulty wiring that might cause changes in voltage and power, an electrician can test and inspect your house to detect the fault and rectify that quickly. This test is highly imperative; otherwise the fault may damage your expensive appliances as well. He is responsible to provide safe electricity that comes through proper wiring and a sturdy MCB. Moreover, the electrician services also come useful when you need to install security systems in your house. He can easily link the doors to an alarm system for added protection. 

Besides the aforementioned, an electrician can help you to combat the load shedding syndrome and help you to avert the danger by installing inverters and generators. He can help with the internal wiring to connect the inverter lines in all the rooms. This guarantees light in every room, even if there is a load shedding.

When it comes to complex issues like internal wiring getting affected, an electrician can help you to handle these issues with much ease. He knows which wire to handle and can solve the problem of faulty wires by just changing the partial wiring system. You should immediately call an electrician if there is any kind of leak or damage in one of the lines of your house. Before this faulty connection damages the other lines of the house, it is better to call an emergency electrician in. While emergency electricians are tough to find, they can easily help you combat emergency issues in much less time as compared to the regular electricians. They might even charge more than the normal electricians but guarantee you a quick and easy solution. In case you have any trouble with your domestic appliances like TV, air conditioning, washing machine or your kitchen appliances like toaster, mixer, grinder or RO, the electrician will be able to solve them in a jiffy. An electrician is also needed to check for faulty fuse boxes, sockets and MCB so that there is no loss of power in your house. If your MCB trips every now and then, it means there is a high demand of voltage or current from some device that immediately needs a repair. This means that the whole circuit box has to be removed and every fuse needs to be checked. This is a long process, as it requires internal wiring to be checked one by one.

How do I find high quality electricians in Kolkata?

Finding an electrician in Kolkata is no big deal. Just approach the nearest electric local store and there will be a line of electricians available. In places like Kolkata day-worker like plumbers, electricians or masons assemble at one point early in the morning. People who need their services can directly approach them by talking to their contractor who is also present with them.They have designated spots and are usually found on certain busy road squares near a food stall or a tea stall. However, for smaller issues you may want to ask your friends and neighbours about the best agency that supplies electricians. You may also look for an online website that will provide you with the best options available. These websites are in touch with third party agencies supplying electricians, plumbers and floor fitters. You can look for the previous experience and if you find it suitable for your project call for that electrician immediately. You may also negotiate about the prices at a local store and then call for a local electrician.

What do I need to look out for when hiring an electrician?

While hiring an electrician always have a closer look at his skills to make sure that you hire an electrician that provides you a good service. Online tools and websites display the reviews and feedbacks of electricians which can help the prospective customers to estimate the expertise of the electrician. Moreover, the electrician can be also chosen according to the recommendation of the local store people or other localities in that area. In case you want a deeper insight, you can even call the customer care number of the service website and inquire more information about the electrician in particular. You can explain your problem to these people who can send you the best expert according to your electric issue.

How much will an electrician cost in Kolkata?

In Kolkata, the costs of an electrician depends on the job. Try calling for low cost electricians at first, but do not forget that low costs maybe result in a service quality below the average, too. So the best way to judge the cost is by asking nearby people or by asking your neighbours about the generic rates in the society. The building administration can be helpful as they already have an electrician who knows all the rates and prices. You might also research through different websites to know the best competitive price. Try asking the local store and try negotiating for the lowest price but nevertheless good service. 

How can I keep the costs down when hiring an electrician in Kolkata?

Electricians in Kolkata can chargeost as much as they like. This is because in metropolises the costs of those services are usually higher than in smaller cities. So, to prevent to get fooled by such people, always have a basic knowledge of the subject. This way the electrician will know that you are not new to the issue. Only call an electrician when you are in dire need of one. Otherwise, you can call him later, after accumulating all the issues together. The costs of an electrician can be also kept down when you avoid to call an emergency electrician. Hence do not call the electricians during night and wee hours, holidays and festive seasons like Diwali and Durga Puja, unless it is really very urgent.

What other professionals do I need for my home? 

Painters in Kolkata 

Painters in Kolkata are responsible for giving your house a new and modern touch by painting the interiors and exteriors with the colours of your choice. The painters also help to provide you with contrasting accent walls that look ravishing against the subtle interiors.

Plumbers in Kolkata
plumber in Kolkata is responsible for working out any issues regarding to your piping or water problems. They can easily treat your drainage issues as well as give you a functional kitchen and bathroom. They also take care of the swimming pool and garden drainage.

Joiners in Kolkata 

Joiners in Kolkata are required to build for example cabinets and cupboards for your house. They help you to turn every single corner into a functional storage space that keeps your house highly organised. From the shoe rack to the walk in closets, the joiners are responsible for all kinds of wooden delights.