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What do electricians do?

Electricians can handle every electric problem of your house, big or small. They are the rescue rangers of the house, especially during a short circuit, fuse breakage or even during power cuts. An electrician is the person you need to call for lighting troubles. Whether it is installation, repair or replacement, an electrician can handle it all. In addition to this, an electrician can also help to fit in garden lights and exterior lamps. This helps to decorate and lighten up your exteriors along with the interiors. For a place like Bangalore where the evening atmosphere is full of cool breeze and soothing fragrance, you cannot have a pale exterior. Try going for fountains and trendy lamps to decorate your house from outside and enjoy the lovely weather. Moreover, an electrician is highly recommended for installing appliances in the kitchen and bathroom as well. Be it a room heater or centralised cooling system, an electrician can make proper arrangements to install everything for you at your desired place. In the bathroom, electricians can help you set up all electric lines and fittings. Be it the water heater or geyser or the spotlights for mirrors and electric connections for hair accessories like dryers or straighteners, an electrician can help you with everything you need. Furthermore, an electrician is able to connect electric lines with solar panels or solar water heaters on the terrace as well. An electrician can also descale the salts that might get settled on the walls of the geyser. When it comes to electrical wiring of the house, an electrician is highly required to get to know the internal state of the wires. In case you have any current leakage or faulty wiring that might cause a change in voltage and power, an electrician can test and inspect your house to detect the fault and can rectify that quickly. The electrician is also responsible to provide safe electricity that comes through proper wiring and a sturdy MCB. Besides the above mentioned, an electrician’s services also come useful when you need to install security systems in your house. They can easily link the doors and windows to alarm systems for added protection. The alarm will go off in case any unauthorized person tries to enter the house. This is very helpful for families with kids and especially women living alone in big cities like Bangalore. In case your area is facing a lot of power outage issues, an electrician can do the internal wiring of inverters and generators. This guarantees light in every room, even if there is a load shedding. In case of partial wiring, an electrician will be very helpful as he is the one who knows which wire to cut and which one to retain. Partial wiring is needed when you plan to build a new room in your existing house. It is also needed when you wish to install new appliances and sockets in an existing room. In addition to this you need to call an electrician if there is any kind of leak or damage in one of the electric lines of your house. In that case, it is advisable to switch off major power consumers like washing machine, geyser etc. so that at least your expensive appliances remain protected. An electrician is also qualified to repair domestic appliances like TV, air conditioning, washing machine and even your kitchen appliances like toaster, mixer, grinder or water purification system. Apart from these, an electrician is needed in the installation of appliances in the kitchen as well. They can easily connect the internal wiring of dishwasher, microwave and oven to give you a highly functional kitchen. Moreover, an electrician is important, if you plan to install a home theatre in your house. He can help you to deal with the acoustics, lighting and overall layout of the room pretty well. He is imperative in placing the projector and high resolution TV. An electrician is very important for installing festive lights for weddings, Diwali and Durga Puja as well.

How do I find high quality electricians in Bangalore?

Finding an electrician in Bangalore is no big deal. Just Google ‘Electrician in Bangalore’ and you will find a plethora of options to choose from. However, it is always advisable to go for the best agency, especially when you are new to the city. You can also find a list of electricians on homify which includes their contact details and reviews. There are other ways to look for electrician, too. You are well-advised, if you ask your neighbours, friends and colleagues. By this way you have at least a trustworthy source. You may also go for local stores that have electricians on a daily basis. In addition to that, you may also refer to various print media like magazines, newspapers and pamphlets to know about the best electrician in your area. If building a new house in Bangalore, ask your contractor to get in touch with electricians, plumbers, floor fitters etc. to give you a ready house. This way you do not have to take extra botheration about petty matters.

What do I need to look out for when hiring an electrician? 

While hiring an electrician always look out for a trustworthy source. In Bangalore, there are numerous of agencies providing such services. Before booking, always research a lot about the website, agency and related people. You should also try to check the background of the person visiting your house. Read through the people’s reviews, feedbacks and even complaints. This helps you to decide much easier. Also, do check the electrician’s previous work history like years of experience and qualification to be doubly sure that the person touching your expensive equipment is not an amateur but highly experienced.

How much will an electrician cost in Bangalore? 

In a place like Bangalore, the cost of any service provider is astronomically high. From the painters to plumbers to even electricians, they can charge you double the price as compared to any small city. To save yourself from a fraudster, research deeply with the help of the online medium to know more about the rates. Browse through different websites and when you are properly educated about the problems and the prospective solution, only then call for the electrician. Also the nature of the problem decides the price. If your problem demands a lot of effort and time, try to hire the electrician for a day rather than per hour. However, if it is a petty small job, you can pay the electrician accordingly after researching through the prices with neighbours, friends and online medium.

How can I keep the costs down when hiring an electrician in Bangalore? 

You should  inform yourself through different sources, like several websites, about the basic rates and prices. Take help from friends and relatives to get information about rates for some basic activities. You can also talk to the building administration people to inform yourself about the rates. Also to cut down on rates, use your appliances effectively. Do not try to mishandle or misuse as it may call for an early repair. Proper service and maintenance of major home appliances like air conditioner, TV and washing machine can help you save electrician’s cost. In case you are using the internet to call for an electrician, use trusted websites only. Try to club all small jobs for one day. You can call the electrician just once to get all the repairs done. This will save your time, his time and money.

What other professionals do I need for my home?

Lighting designers in Bangalore 

If you have certain ideas of the lighting in your house or need some advice to create the perfect atmosphere with lights, then you should consult a lighting designer in Bangalore. He can design every kind of lamp according to your wishes and compile a comprehensive lighting concept for your home.

Painters in Bangalore 

Painters in Bangalore are available throughout the day to give you any service related to painting and colouring. In addition to a wide variety of colours and designs, painters can also assist you to beautify your house with wallpapers, wall tattoos or stickers.

Joiners in Bangalore 

Joiners in Bangalore are required to give your house a sleek wooden touch that accentuates the look of the plain and dull walls. Joiners are responsible for creating storage space in your house to combine functionality with design. Joiners in Bangalore provide you with the latest and contemporary wooden designs that suit your home décor and the budget.