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Believe it or not, the skills of electricians can make or break the overall aesthetics that one wants to achieve in the design and décor of a house. While it’s the job of an interior designer to plan the lighting, including its placement, intensity and type of fixture, the electrician is the one responsible for executing the plan. If you’ve walked into a room and found its lighting completely changing your mood, you probably have a skilled electrician to thank for it. 

Safety is another significant aspect to consider. While one can find electricians through any contract job portal, unless the person is experienced, the fixture may not be correctly installed, which could pose the risk of short circuits or electric shocks, which no homeowner wants. Therefore, even if it means having to pay a slightly higher fee, it’s advisable to use a professional electrician with proper certification and years of experience.

What are the pros of hiring professional electricians?

Homeowners often try to outsource their electrical work to the person whose charges are the lowest. However, it could result in a situation where additional expenses need to be incurred to rectify incorrect installations or replace those that pose a danger to the residents of the house. The advantages of hiring professional electricians include:

  • Safe and smooth completion of the project: An experienced electrician will ensure the installation of all the required outlets and circuits to prevent issues of overloading and the risks that come with it. Additionally, they follow safety codes when working so that there is no danger of them getting injured or risking their lives when working on a project.
  • Help to make the right lighting choices: With their experience in the field, an electrician can make recommendations on the type of fixture or light that is ideal for creating a specific mood in the room. They also have a thorough knowledge of the variety of accessories available in the market and can suggest the ones that are most suitable for the budget or design.
  • Choosing the right wattage and fixtures: A trained electrician looks not only at the immediate requirement but also keeps in mind the future needs of the homeowner. For example, the kitchen design may have a washing machine in the plan, for which a power socket is required. When fixing the outlet, the electrician might provide an additional one in the same board, which can be used if the homeowner decides to install a dishwasher after a few years.
  • Ability to execute the design without setbacks: An interior designer does not have the skills to undertake electrical wiring that fits the design. He needs an electrician who can bring his ideas to life. A trained electrician can install the wiring, outlets, circuits and fittings to ensure that the designer’s vision is achieved. 

What is the scope of work of professional electricians during house construction?

Unless the electrical requirements of the house are planned well, it would require continual upgrades or replacement. In general, an electrician ensures that a proper foundation is set for future updates or rewiring through the following measures.

  • Planning the location of outlets: The interior designer may have an idea about where to place an appliance or a switch. However, the electrician will have to verify whether it’s possible to extend wiring or to fix a switch in the location. For instance, wiring or sockets shouldn’t be installed in a load-bearing beam that is a part of the support structure of the building.
  • Determining the type of wiring system: Besides deciding aspects such as areas that need concealed wiring, the electrician will also review the location of various appliances to determine which areas require 5amp sockets and 15amp sockets. Additionally, he will work out the route of the wiring to ensure electrical supply to all the points outlined in the design.
  • Evaluating the need for more power: Depending on the type of appliances being used by the homeowner or if any future needs are mentioned, the electrician will make a provision for easy upgrading of the system.
  • Considering energy efficiency needs: Besides fixing the lighting and appliances, the electrician will also advise on the best types of bulbs or fixtures that can be used to reduce the overall electrical costs in the house.

How much do electricians charge in India for residential building work?

Electricians charge either on an hourly basis or by the per unit or per mm for lighting points and wiring. In some cases, they include the cost of the material as well as labour charges in the estimate. The fees can vary significantly depending on the expertise of the individual and the scope of work. It’s best to ask for an estimate before work commences to ensure that it is within your budget.

How to find reliable electricians online?

For home construction, it’s advisable to find a professional electrician who has experience in installing wiring and fixtures. The best way to do this is by reading online reviews of the electrician. Alternatively, you can use the services of a verified professional by searching the city-specific electrician directory on homify and submitting the online contact form for a free quote.

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