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What do electricians do?

Electricians are responsible for giving you a good and trouble free life. An electrician can repair all your wiring troubles. They can even install and replace lighting issues of your house. In case you have to install new wires in different zones or parts of your house, an electrician is there at your service.  An electrician can repair electric heaters and wires related to electric heaters. They can easily manage the internal components that might get heated up or malfunctioned due to continuous usage. The electrician can even help you install new electric heaters in absolutely no time.  For all your lighting troubles, an electrician can help you replace or repair any lighting issues. They can assist you to install garden lighting and external lighting for your houses. An electrician proves very handy when you need to install lights during festivals and weddings.

In case of any trouble in domestic appliances, an electrician helps to fix them with utmost ease. Now all your domestic appliances like TV, fridge, AC and Washing machine can be treated with the help of an electrician. The water heaters or geysers have different issues to deal with. As this device is in constant touch with water, it is highly prone to frequent troubles. An electrician helps you solve all problems related to water heaters. They can assist you install a water heater at any height and location of your choice. They can even descale the scaling inside the water heater that affects its performance. In case of high-end TV’s and home theatre systems, an electrician is highly essential as we are not aware of the nitty gritties of the new technology.

In case of new homes, electrical wiring is the most essential feature that needs to be fixed even before the construction of the whole house. An electrician is the person who can work in every nook and corner to get you the best electric supply in the entire house according to the proposed layout. Even in case of partial wiring, an electrician is the person you need to call. Partial wiring is needed when you plan to build a new room in your existing house. It is also needed when you plan to install new appliances and sockets in an existing room. Electrician services are also needed when you plan to test and inspect few corners of your house. This happens in case of faulty wiring that is not visible to the naked eyes. In that case an electrician is required to test the faulty location and then change the appropriate wiring.

Electrical work is also desired in case of a fuse box or MCB troubles. In case there is a fault in the main line only, the MCB needs to change as soon as possible as it might result in a hazardous incident. Therefore, call for a qualified electrician who can use his expertise to change the MCB and prevent it from tripping. The electrician services are also needed for fuse box replacements and phase change equipment to divide the load of the house on different phases. You might also like to call the electrician in case of installation of inverters and emergency lights that are very much required during load shedding and electrical outbreaks.  In case you are environmental friendly, electrician is required to link your gadgets and appliances to solar panels and wind mills. This requires a high level of expertise and skills. Electricians are also needed to install and operate the security systems. They help you arrange door entry systems and security alarms that go off if someone tries to sneak in the house unannounced.

How do I find the right electrician? 

The right electrician can be located by many different means. There are always local stores and local shops that supply experienced electricians at any hour of the day. A local electrician has an edge over other as he knows the area of residence and even the building pretty well. You will feel secure and satisfied with their service. In today’s world, all buildings and apartments have also appointed their own domestic electricians and electrical agencies. They are responsible for every complaint and issue happening in a society or complex. The third option that is highly popular these days is online electrical services. There are various websites that can be contacted in the time of service requirement. These agencies then get you in touch with an experienced electrician that can be called according to need. In this case, the website is responsible for security and efficiency of that person.

What do I need to look out for when hiring an electrician?

While hiring an electrician can be tough, there are some key points to be followed. Try going for electricians that have a clean record. This can be assured through the website or the local store. Secondly, ask for an experienced electrician only. Check his number of years of experience online and after complete satisfaction with his work, call him home. Checking reviews is also a good option to judge the previous work of the electrician. Homify provides you an easy medium to see the reviews that are clear and self-explanatory. Lastly, go only for reliable sources. This helps in case of complaints and grievances. If calling through an online medium, always go for a website that has a proper call centre that takes care of all consumer complaints and take full responsibility of the person visiting your house.

How much will an electrician cost?

The electrician’s cost and pay depend on many factors. It is highly dependent on the nature of work and time of work. If you are planning for a complete wiring, the electrician will cost you a lot, as it is not a job of a single person. On the contrary, if you are planning for a simple socket addition or circuit board repair, it might cost you much less. Try hiring electricians through the right medium. This is the key that you will only get genuine and efficient people to deal with such critical issues of your house. His contractor or boss decides the electricians’ pay. If he is a freelancing electrician, you can decide the pay before calling him down to your residence. Try calling for electricians in bright daylight, so that it is easy for them to operate. In case you feel emergency during the night, the cost will be anyways high. Emergency electricians can be called even in the wee hours of the morning provided you are ready to shell loads of money.  Also, try not to call electricians on Sundays or during the holidays as they may charge according to their heart’s content. Again, try calling for services only through trusted and loyal mediums. Homify is one such medium that will give you the best price along with the most efficient service. Our after services are also very friendly and in case you are not satisfied in the first go; our electrician can pay a second visit absolutely free of cost.

How can I keep the costs down when hiring an electrician?

Electrical work can be expensive if we do not pay full attention to the type of work and the time of work. But if a consumer or customer is well educated and knowledgeable; he or she can avoid the electric costs. Pre-planning is another important aspect that can help you cut down the costs of an electrician. If you are planning to construct a new house or planning to move into a new property, try to indulge electricians before hand. Last minute notices are anyways expensive. Also, get the repair or replacement stuff on your own. Do not totally rely on electricians as they might fortify you with low quality material in the price of classy one. Also, choosing the electrician through the right agent makes a lot of difference. Homify brings you electricians that will not take you for a ride. Instead, notify you about the real problem and related solution.

What other professionals do I need for my home? 


Along with electricians, painters are also needed to decorate and redecorate the house. If you have any electric installation done inside the walls and from the ground level, you do need to have a painter to fill in the gaps and paint the entire area like before. Therefore, a painter comes handy after electric work.


plumber is also highly required for completing the electrical work especially in bathrooms. A plumber will help you to fix connections through geysers and water heaters after the electric wiring is done. He will also be responsible for giving your bathroom a finished touch by the installation of showers, sanitary ware and ensuring efficient drainage.


Joiners are needed to beautify your home. Now, after the construction is done, electrical wires are in place and even plumbing is completed, it is time to give your home a wooden embellishment. The joiners help you create a modular kitchen, TV wall unit, bedroom storage cabinets and many other wood related services that are needed for a complete and furnished apartment.