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Shree Om Furnitures
"Shree Om Furniture" is a mumbai based specialised in Furniture Work from Past 25+ Years, but we even take Turnkey Contracts
sunil enterprises
HI , We are 1 stop solution for all Interior and Exterior works contractors. We take up turnkey projects for Residential
Interior Contractor-M.K Enterprises
Hare Krishna🙏 This is Sanjay Kumawat here from M.K Enterprises (Interior Contractor). We are a Sole Proprietorship base
Gapoon Online Consumer Services Pvt. Ltd.
Gapoon offers subscription-based lifecycle maintenance of infrastructure & end to end execution of interiors. Currently
horizon Infrastructures
Horizon Construction Company has extensive background in Commercial, residential, factories, and commercial building, renovation
Wood'n design
Wood'n Design provides high quality design & craftsmanship, inspired by mid-century Scandinavian style.
Intercity interior
Intercity interior is one of the best Interior designer firm in Kolkata. We provide excellent design and do execution on
Freedom Interior
Freedom Interior is where your dreams meet reality. We take you to an all new world of elegance and magnificence. We design
Karigars (Carigars) is a trusted platform, where people and business can get skilled & verified Karigars for completing
I do all kind of new or old alteration works, pl call me for price.
APoxy Innovations
Apoxy Innovations is making wood , epoxy & stone items. That are very different and attractive. APoxy Innovations expertises
Zahra Interiors&Contracting company
Zahra Interiors and Contracting company is a specialized Interior Fit out company for Commercial and Residential projects
eurostar kitchen
Euro star kitchen - makes your kitchen more aesthetic, functional and convenient to work. Euro Star cuisine made for Indian
This is Rajesh from VENUS INTERIORS.We are professional in installing Wardrobes,Modular Kitchens,Entertainment Units, Crockery
Somos una compañía con más de veinte años de experiencia en el sector del tallado y esculpido superficial de piezas fabricadas
Nexa homez designs
I want tell u about company nexa homez designs this worked with carpenter and wooden I have 20 member team and every person
Qualite Solutions
Company provides turnkey solutions for Residential, HealthCare,Retail and Commercial

Carpenters in Mumbai

Building a house can be a dream in the making or a laborious process for quite a few. Right from the planning stage to the design, organizing the manpower to start the process until the final result, your home could take years to build. There are several go-to specialists that are essential for the building process to be set in action. One of them consists of a carpenter. A carpenter is an artist who works with wood. They carve furniture and create intricate designs in them. They build cabinets, tables, chairs, and a number of other furniture items.  

Many carpenters specialize in a particular skill set. Some may be fabulous at door installations or some may be great at carving Victorian-era style dining tables. There are carpenters that you call if you want your table fixed and carpenters that you call when you want your dining room remodeled. In a country like India, carpentry is an art-form that’s passed down through generations or is learned through an apprenticeship. There aren’t schools that are dedicated to learning the craft. And most often, the trade is a closely guarded secret by those who are in the profession.

If you live in a popular metro city like Mumbai which is constantly bustling with activity, finding a reliable carpenter who is an expert at his craft may not always be an easy task. There are several thousand carpenters in the city of Mumbai. Finding a great one is like discovering a gem in a haystack. So how do you find a reliable carpenter who is a master at his craft? For starters, you could ask your neighbor. I bet they’ll have a directory full of contacts that they’d be more than happy to share with you. If talking to your neighbor is not an option then hey! There’s always google search- your trusted search companion. Type in your requirements and you’ll get a list of options. There are also several agencies that hire carpenters and who can connect you with one. When you finally do manage to get a hold of a good carpenter, how do you manage to identify those that are actually good at their job and those who are just doing it for some bucks?


1) Execution: It’s always methodical and well-planned. A seasoned carpenter who knows his trade will first come to your home and peruse through the area that needs to be worked upon. He will ask questions regarding the materials, how old the materials are, the designs that you are looking at, whether the measurements are feasible. All these questions are pertinent to understand whether the project can be done or not. Planning is one of the most crucial steps in the carpentry business. Creating a blueprint for the project is extremely essential. 

2) Tools of the trade: A carpenter is incomplete without his tools. He needs them to be able to conduct his business flawlessly. Some of his paraphernalia should include a measuring tape, cutting saws, metal jack plane, try square, a pencil, and bench vise. 

3) Professionalism: A carpenter who does justice to his craft will ensure that from start to finish the entire project is completed within the agreed upon period of time and is done well. He ensures that a solution has been provided for the problem and that the customer is happy with his handy work. 

4) Math mavericks: They’re probably better than your school teacher when it comes to mathematics. Being good at maths is not just a requirement but a necessity for this job. From walls to furniture, everything is calculated in terms of square meters and inches. Maths is a language that they are fluent in. 

There’s no dearth of carpenters in Mumbai. The city is huge for god's sake! Depending on your needs you can hire carpenters for commercial, residential, and industrial projects. You’ll also have to find a carpenter who fits your budget. Usually, in a city like Mumbai, a carpenter would charge around 1000 to 1500 rupees for odd jobs like fixing a small crack in the cupboard or leveling a table. And unlike, Western countries, you don’t get charged per hour, phew! The cost rises when it’s a bigger project. For example, if you have commissioned a carpenter to design the furniture for your living room which includes a huge center table, a lounge sofa, chairs, and side tables, then the cost could easily bump up to 50,000 and more.

Before you decide to go ahead with one carpenter, it’s best if you ask two or three carpenters for their quotes and then you can compare and make your decision. How much you’ll be shelling out also depends in a big way on where you’re situated in Mumbai. South Mumbai is considerably more expensive than the rest of Mumbai. 

All the best for your carpenter hunt in Mumbai city! Here are some carpentry design inspirations that you can check out on homify- your one stop destination for everything related to home and living.  

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