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Bathroom designers in Visakhapatnam

Planning to design a new bathroom or redesigning an existing one? There are several ways to style your bathroom as the challenges of space and volume can be managed by experienced professionals through subtle manipulation of spatial volume and surface treatments. Experts believe that the key to smart bathroom design is to draw on diverse aspects of architecture design and marry it with various elements of art that home owners and their guest would love to use and feel blissful in its environs.  

How much will bathroom designing cost in Visakhapatnam?

Just like  any other part of the house cost of designing a bathroom in Visakhapatnam will  depend on kind of luxury, modest or economy finish that required by the owners. Economy construction starts from Rs. 1450 per sqft which can go up to Rs. 4500 per sqft to bring a new stylish and unique look to your space. If you are renovating an old bathroom with new tiles, fittings or changing its plumbing details the cost structure is will be completely different and depending on partial or complete bathroom renovation plan. In general a complete bathroom renovation in Visakhapatnam would cost anywhere between Rs. 1050 to Rs. 800 per sqft. If you are bored of the tiles and sanitary fitting of the bathroom then just change them with the help of local contractors that can be found under the listing of handymen on Homify. 

For a modest mid-sized bathroom the labor cost of removing tiles could be anywhere between Rs. 15-20 while cost of renting of tile removal machine could be around Rs. 500-600 at most. For a bathroom sized around 6 * 7 sqft labor cost of fixing tiles and sanitary ware could be between Rs. 40 – 50 per sqft so the entire cost of renovation without luxury fittings or cupboards, shower closets etc., could cost you below Rs. 20000 at most. Since Visakhapatnam is close to the coast and in southern part of India it stays warm and humid across the year and people prefer spacious airy spaces in their homes so why not the bathroom? 

There are several decoration ideas to give the bathroom a stylish look from glass shower cabinets to designer tiles, bathtubs with Jacuzzi, in-built cabinets and other luxuries that can be employed to meet expectations and aspiration of the home's occupants. All professional bathroom designers in Visakhapatnam will give detailed estimate of construction or renovation project for a bathroom from start to finish and you can decide if you would want to take on the additional task of purchasing materials required for the task and deliver to the work area that may reduce the overall cost. 

Should one hire contractors or bathroom designers in Visakhapatnam?

This is one bothersome doubt that is faced by almost everyone that is looking to make a new bathroom or redesign an existing one largely due to the conflicting ideas and suggestions from friends and well-wishers. If you have the funds to spare and are not limited by budget then hiring bathroom designer in Visakhapatnam will give you peace of mind as most reputable ones will prepare 3D renderings of the project and get approval about material quality before starting the work. But there are contractors that can do simple to elaborate renovation and construction work at lesser cost but you would have to go about procuring materials and keep following up about work progress. Here are common factors that you should keep in mind while hiring either a bathroom designer or a contractor for your bathroom project. 

  1. The size and scale of change/renovation or construction that is likely to be made. 
  2. Your knowledge about availability of raw materials and reliable handyman/laborers needed for the job. 
  3. Time and effort that you can devote to oversee the project. 
  4. Can you afford cost overruns if there is a delay due to unforeseen circumstances?

Bathroom designing requires deep knowledge of plumbing, water logging, ergonomics and functionality so take the advice of professionals while planning the structure and layout of this essential part of the house that could one day become your pride and joy. 

What are the pros of hiring a bathroom designer from Visakhapatnam?

Visakhapatnam being a bustling port city has been teeming with travellers, businessmen, government officials and politicians for several decades some of whom have made it their home due to its impressive infrastructure and availability of experienced professionals in every field. Therefore finding a contractor to redesign your bathroom or an experienced contractor to make your home and a classy contemporary bathroom is a piece of cake. Instead of hiring someone from another city who would have little understanding about local markets, building regulations and details that are required to carry out civil works it is best to hire an experienced person from within the city. 

When you hire a local contractor of bathroom designer they know what kind of tiles and sanitary ware, accessories and fittings will last long keeping in mind the sultry weather and water conditions. They will also where to get materials in bulk for projects at competitive rates which will save transportation costs. Getting Visakhapatnam based subcontractors or experienced bathroom designers/renovators that can do the civil work in is quite easy as you can find them on homify and check out their project designs to know if they meet your standards. Ideally take the help and advice of friends or relatives that may have recently carried out such projects for their homes and can suggest either a bathroom designer directory or some names for your project too. 

What are some popular bathroom trends of Visakhapatnam?

Like elsewhere in India people in Visakhapatnam too are conscious of making their bathrooms smart and trendy as elsewhere in the country and are not averse to using latest designer tiles, accessories, accent mirrors and other decorating elements. So let us explore some of the latest trends that were revealed recently in the seminar about ’Changing face of bathrooms' at Indian Plumbing Association. As most homes now have bathroom attached to their bedrooms people are now focusing on innovative options to separate the dry and wet areas of the bathroom. 

Modern bathrooms in the city now use quick drying tiles and water resistant shower cabinets to keep the region free of water droplets. Ideally have a separate bathroom for guests and visitors that could be located close to the living or dining area with washbasin and toilet facility so that you need not take them through the private areas of the house. Bathroom designers now enhance interiors of these regions with plants that thrive in the moist environment and keep it free of unpleasant odors. If space is a constraint use sliding glass doors for shower area and collapsible in wall multi-utility cabinets to keep your bathroom free of clutter. Bathrooms can also become environment friendly with use of faucets and water dispensing accessories that minimize wastage of water as like everywhere around the world, water is precious in Visakhapatnam too.