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Bathroom Designers in Vadodara

The beautiful city of Vadodara or Baroda in the state of Gujarat is regarded as the state's cultural capital as much for its palaces and historical structures as for the planned modern buildings dot the cityscape and show how the landscape has changed in the last two thousand years. Located on the banks of the life-giving Vishwamitri river the city is home to historical buildings like the Lakshmi Vilas Palace spread over 500 acres, Kothi Building, Vadodara Museum, Kirti Mandir and the Hazira Mausoleum. 


Surrounded by such beautiful examples of architectural beauty it is inevitable that the people of Baroda too would have distinct taste for architecture and would want their homes to have similar level of finesse and style. Residents take keen interest in every part of their house construction from careful choice of materials, selection of proper wall-finishes, floor tiles, in-wall cabinets and good lighting which are the key elements of good design. When the basic construction and design is good it will be easy to maintain over the years with little repairs now and then.  


What is the importance of bathroom location in Vadodara homes?


Vastu has been an integral part of home design in India and building contractors in Vadodara  know that location of important parts of the house like kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and prayer area has to be done as per its terms else it will be difficult to sell the house. To keep environment at home positive and harmonious it is important for a bathroom in to be designed aesthetically and also as per vastu guidelines. Bathroom should always be located either in North-West or North-East sections of the house and not in the corners of the building. There are also certain guidelines that need to be kept in mind while designing the interiors of a bathroom like placement of closet, shower, bathtub, window and door. 


While a large bathroom gives plenty of space for experimenting with designs, textures and colors, the real challenge before bathroom designers in Vadodara is small bathroom in homes and apartments that appear more like a humongous jigsaw puzzle wherein all the small and large pieces have to be fitted within a specified area without breaking the pieces. Depending on the space available and type of bathroom desired it could cost anywhere from Rs. 12000 to upwards of a few lakhs to make bathroom design that fits into your expectations.  

What are the current trends in bathroom designs in Vadodara?


Bored of your bathroom? Need to increase its size or change its accessories/sanitary-ware or tiles then renovate the existing one according to latest trends by using trendy designer wall and slip resistant terracotta tiles, colorful sanitary-ware and a few accessories that fit your  budget. Bathroom designers in Vadodara focus on light tones, locally available materials and smart lighting fixtures to up the style quotient of bathrooms. As false ceiling with concealed lighting is in high demand around the vanity region along with musical showers with focused lighting you can opt for those additions as a part of bathroom renovation to give a trendy twist to the region.  

Light and simple décor goes a long way in making bathrooms feel spacious so used try to keep large item like geyser within the false ceiling or in-wall cupboards for minimal clutter. You can either go for plywood or laminate cupboards as the latter will cost around Rs. 70 per sqft while laminate ones will cost around Rs. 1300 to 1500 per sheet. If you have budget constraints then try to select materials in inexpensive price range. 

Plants are a great addition if you have space on the bathroom window or vanity area. In Vadodara, bathrooms that combine contemporary and classic styles to create a uniquely traditional flair are in demand so designers create spaces that are clean and relaxing.

What are some tips on finalizing the perfect design for your Vadodara bathroom?

Planning bathroom creation or renovation project can be a confusing affair with the wide variety of options available from tiles to laminates, accessories, vanity décor, sanitary fittings and other details. Unless you are bound by a limited budget try to explore the kind of offers that professional bathroom designers in Vadodara can provide and compare that with the offer given by interior decorator assigned to your house if bathroom designing is part of their work. In general complete bathroom renovation costs Rs. 1050 per Sqft and upwards while partial renovation is around Rs.800-900 per sq.ft. 

Budget finalization: Instead of asking an interior designer to give a comprehensive quote for the whole house you can start with a budget of Rs. 23000 for the project and let the bathroom designer give you options within that budget only. This is because that is the standard rate for setup of details like pipes, plastering and sanitary ware including labor charges and for extra details like shower, bathtubs, Jacuzzi, designer fittings you will have to spend as per market rates. 

Walls and Floor Tiles: Depending on bathroom color and mood theme you can decide the design and color of tiles on its floor and walls. The average cost of setting up large wall tiles bigger than 24 * 18 is around Rs. 220 per sqft and below that it is Rs.150 per sqft and these rates are inclusive of cement and labor charges. 

Selecting appropriate bathroom fittings and accessories: Details like bathroom cabinets, faucet, sink, bathtub, shower and sanitary ware are available in varied price ranges and selecting the right quality is imperative as it can make or mar the beauty of your bathroom interiors.  Vadodara bathroom designers that use 3D rendering can give you suggestions as per budget and vision and will satisfy queries about why some ideas can be implemented and some cannot.

What are some tips to design a small bathroom in Vadodara?

The biggest challenge in designing a small bathroom is configuration of toilet, sink and bath area by leaving enough clearance in such a manner it does not become a wet mess everyone someone uses it for bathing.  To avoid these issues you can incorporate these details in your small bathroom to keep it clean and spacious. 

  1. Install the sink in a corner 
  2. Shower curtain will ensure that water doesn't splash all over the bathroom and you save on space required to set up a glass door that moves back and forth. 
  3. Keep the vanity region below the washbasin and the mirror above basin.  

The best advantage of hiring a bathroom designer is that you will not need to hire different contractors – like a plumber, electrician and tile fixer which will save time and money as they have their own workmen for all tasks. A professional bathroom designer would make your bathroom ready within a fixed timeline while different people for each job will take several weeks or months to get your bathroom ready. 

Where to find the best bathroom designers in Vadodara?


Extensive information about bathroom designers is available in both offline and online directories and platforms like homify which gives details of projects done by the designers themselves so you can decide if they meet the vision you have in mind. Several of them give free estimates for small bathrooms that do not include designs or 3D rendering.