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Bathroom Designers in Thane

Thane may be on the outskirts of Mumbai but it has managed to capture the essence of the booming metropolis with trendy homes, offices and buildings dedicated to retail and entertainment. The average Thane resident today is well travelled and aware of the nuances of design that can transform a drab and congested home to a spacious and airy abode. This is exactly why bathroom renovation and redesigning in Thane today is no longer a tedious and long drawn out process. With the help of experienced bathroom designers and renovators   that are only too willing to share their knowledge about design, materials and their versatility  with customers it is easy to make the bathroom of your dreams. 

Likely cost of bathroom designing in Thane

Renovating, redesigning or designing a bathroom is an interesting challenge for a novice as it involves knowledge of details like existing plumbing and drainage along with cost of purchasing materials and finding the right people to carry out the project. In large urban settings like Thane where getting the best materials and bathroom designers to make every type of setting looking charming and livable is possible, getting the right fit is not difficult. All Thane bathroom designers start design projects by addressing basic layout details like color schemes, tiles, fittings and accessories to suit comfort level and aesthetics. 

Type of assistance you can expect for bathroom projects in Thane

Old bathroom renovation : Some of the hold style traditional houses in Thane have large bathrooms located in outer fringes of the house with just basic amenities. But now these are getting transformed into lavish spa style bathrooms with sunken bathtubs, Jacuzzi and shower stall designed like a cascading waterfall to provide buyers with every kind of luxury of that money can buy. To start the project of complete renovation you have to share details of existing bathroom like dimensions, plumbing structure with the bathroom designers and the design that you would like to have so that they can give you details of viable options that can match the design you want to have. The first expense you would incur would be removal of existing wall tiles and flooring so that an entirely new look can be adopted. The labor cost for carrying out this work is around Rs. 50-60 per sqft as sandpapering has to be done to remove the old paint from walls as well as removing all old fittings and accessories.  To complete renovate a 7 * 4 bathroom with simple fittings after breaking down the old walls to install a window, concealed plumbing, light fittings, tiles, false ceiling and bathroom accessories it could cost around Rs. 1 lakh or more.  

Bathroom additions or extension and remodeling: In flats, apartments and budget row houses that are not custom built only basic necessities are given and to make them ready for the family's use you may have to make additions like washbasin, cupboard, shower, mirror, glass separator between dry and wet areas or a bath tub. While the price of bathroom fittings, sanitary-ware, electrical accessories and other details can depend on the number of items purchased, you also have to factor in the cost of getting workmen to fit all the items in their respective places. Glass partitions can cost Rs. 375 per sqft to Rs. 550 per square feet while painting could cost around Rs. 75 per sqft while portable cabinets depending on size can start at Rs. 2000 and tile placement is around Rs.50 per sqft. Before the construction of new bathroom begins the renovation expert will first have to carry out waterproofing that will cost around Rs. 180 per sqft.  

Sometimes with addition of new members into the family or family becomes smaller when children grow and move out needs change and you may want to make changes like removing old shower cabinet and installing just a shower head or breaking down a wall to set up a spacious tub etc. For these changes and new installations you would first need to get necessary clearances from apartment owners' society if you are part of an apartment complex.  The cost of bathroom extension or remodeling could start from as low as Rs. 10000 to Rs. 4-5 lakhs depending on the type of tiles, accessories, cabinets and other fittings.  

Things to keep in mind while making or remodeling a bathroom

When a bathroom designing or remodeling work is being done by a Thane bathroom designer then you may not have to worry about finding contractors/handymen for various tasks like plumbing, tile fixing, painting and other tiny tasks as most of them have their contractors for small tasks. For making small changes like installing new sanitary fittings, changing tiles or fixing cabinets you may need the assistance of handymen that can be easily found under various professionals like painter, building contractor, tile fitter and cabinet maker on the Homify website. 

If you don't have any knowledge about how civil works are carried out there is every possibility that you may be duped if you attempt to cut expenses by hiring a little know contractor without any credentials. To ensure that the amount being spent to make or remodel the bathroom is good enough for a couple of decades ask among friends and colleagues for references or collect free estimates from more than a couple of Thane bathroom designers. The best way to start a bathroom remodel plan is by drawing out the pain-points of your existing bathroom and looking for alternatives. 

While planning out the number of bathrooms to be made or renovated you have to consider the number of people that are likely to use the bathroom/s in the house and the number of times it is likely to be used. For example if you want to keep the bathroom attached to the bedroom out of bounds for guests/visitors and make it a kind of personal relaxation and retreat zone then discuss the kind of vision you have so that adequate space can be allotted for the same. Ideally have a separate bathroom for guests close to living room or dining area with toilet and vanity facilities and trendy lighting attachments with decorative accessories to make it look presentable. Remember that bathroom designing and remodeling are fluid affairs so keep a buffer in the budget for unexpected changes in market prices for bathroom tiles and accessories.