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Bathroom designers in Pune

Pune is a metropolitan city where the living spaces are small and bathrooms are even more pressed for space. Small bathrooms, if not designed well, can make the homeowners feel claustrophobic and dull. An ardent professional designer can liven up a compact bathroom, and lend it a wondrous, cozy and intimate look. Depending upon the style you like, a professional bathroom designer can make your bathroom look sophisticated, Jazzy or minimalistic, yet sparkling like a diamond. A professional with ocular magic, vibrant color schemes, and illumination, you can transform your small bath place into a comfortable luxury. A bathroom is a vital part of every home and is visited by each inhabitant from 4-10 times a day. Since the bathroom space is used for both functionality as well as for relaxation, it is critical to design the space well, just like any other space in the house.

How is bathroom renovation different from a bathroom remodel?

Bathroom renovation implies a restoring or updating of new fittings like replacing an old bathtub with a brand new one, changing showers, tiles, sinks, floor tiles, electrical fittings and fixtures, lights, mirrors etc. On the other hand, a bathroom remodel involves a lot more work, could comprise of changing the design layout, relocation of existing fixtures or addition of new features like additional windows and more. Adding design elements that were not there earlier is also accomplished through a bathroom remodel.

Which bathroom designs are apt for Pune?

Pune is a hub for employment and education, people have a busy, always on the move lifestyle. Needless to say, the hectic lifestyle amplifies the need for a relaxing bathroom to start and end the day with. Cool color tones give the feeling of tranquillity without taking up extra space. You can also add extra lights to make your personal space more comfortable and interesting. Skylights, lights in shower or solitudes though a bit more expensive, give the bathroom a luxurious feel. Pale, soft color schemes tend to give the illusion of extra space, and a hit amongst small bathrooms, typical of Pune. If you are under space constraint, avoid using dark colors. Many designers recommend using bright accessories to brighten the place with white color tones at the backdrop. Placing a huge mirror lend a more spacious and larger appearance to small bathrooms. The mirror reflects the light in the room, many it bright and flashy. Mirrors today are available in a variety of tones and frames; your designer can help you select the one that suits the space the best. Mirror placements, hanging paintings, quotes or huge framed pictures are much in vogue.

What are some design inspirations for Pune?

Pune has a range of great design schools and designers. Bathroom designers can personify your personal space with panache. Choose from a variety of attractive designs that have managed to win hearts, and are best suited for Pune:

  • Turkish Bath: The design is the Mediterranean inspired, and uses colors and patterns to distract the users from the lack of space, perfect for small bathrooms in Pune.
  • Monochrome Magic: Designers across the world add a melange of black and white patterned tiles to create an ambiance of coziness and distract the senses, giving an illusion of extra space.
  • Urban country: Design veterans today extensively use wood that is water resistant and natural stone in flooring and countertops lending the calming, mother nature-inspired look to bathrooms. Usage of pebble stones in bathroom design can again be calming.
  • A kaleidoscope of colour: Small bathrooms can easily become clumsy from a functionally perspective. Designers, with clever use of the full-length mirror in the shower area opposite the door and narrow vertical tiles in innumerable colors, make the bathroom appears larger and chic.

How much does it cost to build a bathroom in Pune?

The cost of building a bathroom from scratch or renovation depends on the size of the bathroom and the choice of material/fittings. Plumbing and tiles are critical to bathroom construction. Today, there is a huge selection of designs and styles to choose from in Pune, across bathroom fittings and tiles. Choices are available across price ranges, so the style you chose and quality of material you settle for really determines how much it would cost you.  Branded tiles and fitting cost more than standard ones. Example non-branded tiles are available in the Rs 25 to 40 price range also, while the branded ones start only at Rs. 150 and imported tiles could cost well above Rs. 2,000/- per tile. In general, an average 7'x4' toilet cum bathroom, could cost approximately around Rs. 50,000/- with tiles minus fittings. If you included average costs of branded fittings, in 75000 Rs. a bathroom can be ready. However, a stylish designer bathroom in Pune would cost you around 1 lakh rupees or more. Since most designers charge a fee as a percentage of the overall costs, get in touch with professional bathroom designers to get a suitable quote. We have for your convenience listed ardent professional on our website, city wise. You can look up for their work and contact them for free.

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