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Bathroom Designers in Pimpri and Chinchwad

Functionality and effective drainage should be the essential elements of every bathroom along with adequate flow of natural light and air to ensure that it can withstand test of time. Bathroom renovation in Pimpri and Chinchwad now is quite easy with the help of experienced professionals that are only too willing to share their knowledge about design, materials and durability with you. Depending on the kind of your house's structure ie either an apartment or an independent standalone house, size of the bathroom and the type of renovation required bathroom designers can give you detailed estimate about the money that will be required to make the bathroom of your dreams. 

What is the likely cost of bathroom designing in Pimpri and Chinchwad?

Renovating or redesigning a bathroom is not an easy task as it involves knowledge of details like existing plumbing and drainage along with cost of purchasing materials and finding the right people to carry out the project. 

Cost breakup for modest 10ft by 7 feet bathroom

The first cost that you are likely to incur is labor for removal of old wall tiles and sanitary fittings that could cost around Rs 30 to Rs. 40 per feet along with cost for renting a tile removal machine that could cost another Rs. 800-1000 per day. 

Raw materials to make the new bathroom like tiles, sanitary fittings, shower cabinet, bathtub and may more cost upwards of Rs. 20000 depending upon the quality of materials that you want to install. Plain tiles may cost Rs. 22-25 per piece while top quality anti-skid tiles for the floor will cost from Rs. 80 to Rs. 150 per tile.  

Restoration and cleaning up of areas that were affected could cost around Rs.500 to Rs.800 if the contractor uses his own laborers. 

Should one hire a contractor or a designer to remodel a bathroom?

You may have a basic idea about the look and feel of the kind of bathroom required but lack the technical expertise required to get it up and running with all the bells and whistles that is visible on glossy interior décor magazines. Contractor will only carry out your idea and give suggestions about which fittings/accessories from your bathroom vision can fit into the area. As they are knowledgeable about where the best materials are available at reasonable prices in the market and also about structural details they can advise you about these details. A contractor is a form of doer that is likely to fall in with your plans and execute them without any ideas or suggestions about what will look good or bad in your renovated bathroom. They are ideal for partial renovation jobs like changing tiles, wiring, installing new lighting systems or changing the sanitary ware. You can find contractors for specific needs on the homify professionals' page. 

Bathroom decorators are creative people and you can sit down and discuss plans about colors, themes, add-ons or accessories and can expect to get expert advice. They will give wings to your vision by providing a feel of how the project will look after completion with the help of 3D design rendering software. Bathroom designer in Pimpri-Chinchwad region will tend to have their own contractors that will carry out all your work from conceptualization of the design and layout to actual completion of work so you can rest assured.  

What types of bathroom renovation projects are done in Pimpri-Chinchwad?

  1. Old bathroom renovation

When you have decided to carry out the entire renovation of your bathroom then the first expense would be removal of existing wall tiles and flooring so that an entirely new look can be adopted. The labor cost for carrying out this work is around Rs. 15-20 per sqft as sandpapering has to be done of walls to remove the old paint from walls as well as removing all old fittings and accessories. For a small bathroom with size 2.1 * 1.2 meters in length and 2.5 * 3 meters in height the cost of construction/waterproofing/plumbing/plastering and then fitting in all the necessary details like shower, tiles and other minimalistic details the approx. cost would be around Rs. 20000 and above excluding the cost of materials. For extra touches like shower cabinet, bath tub, water heater, exhaust fan the cost will differ depending up the brand. 

  1. Bathroom additions and extensions

When you purchase readymade flats or budget row houses the builder just provides basic necessities and to make it ready for the family's use you may have to make additions like changing the washbasin's location or installing a glass separator between dry and wet areas or maybe simply replace low cost steel fittings with expensive branded brass or chrome plated ones. While the price of fittings can depend on the number of items you are purchasing as sometimes dealers give discounts if several items are purchased. Glass partition doors are available in both frameless and framed varieties and it is better to go for the former as they are easier to maintain. Price of glass doors depending on the brand and quality could range from as little as Rs. 375 per sqft to Rs. 550 per square feet. Bathroom cabinets can be both custom made that will be permanently fixed to certain locations of the bathroom or you can purchase portable cabinets from as little as Rs. 2000 to Rs. 1 lakh and above. 

  1. Total bathroom remodeling and renovation

Sometimes as the family grows or your needs change you may want to make new additions to the bathroom like removing an old shower cabinet and installing just a shower head or breaking down a wall to set up a spacious tub etc. For these kind of extensive changes and maybe extending the size of an existing bathroom you would first need to get necessary clearances from apartment owners' society if you are part of an apartment complex. This kind of change could be an expensive affair and could cost more than setting up a new bathroom as you would have to spend on breaking down some sections of old walls that could cost around Rs. 150 to Rs. 200 per square feet. The cost of renovating an old bathroom could start from as low as Rs. 10000 to Rs. 4-5 lakhs depending on the type of tiles, accessories and fittings.  

What are some government regulations and society regulations with regard to bathroom renovation?

If you are staying in an apartment then remember to take clearances from society secretary or the owners' association secretary about the changes that are going to be implemented and abide by all the rules and regulations laid down by the society. Government approval from local municipal authority is required if you are making a new house to connect the disposal of sanitary waste from your home into the corporation's main line. 

How do i find the right bathroom designer in Pimpri and Chinchwad?

If the work is being done by a Pimpri or Chinchwad bathroom designer then you may not have to worry about finding handymen for various tasks like plumbing, tile fixing, painting and other tiny tasks. For making small changes like installing new sanitary fittings, changing tiles or fixing cabinets you may need the assistance of handymen that can be easily found under various professionals on the homify website.