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Bathroom Designers in Patna

Patna the capital city of Bihar has been an ancient seat of education and power which has impressive landmarks built by kings and vassals of Mughal era.  While the old monuments show influence of bygone era when stone was the main building ingredients of all elaborate structures the city is not without its share of modern skyscrapers. The eccentric dome like Golghar is one of Patna's most recognizable landmarks which during ancient times were used as a granary for stocking food-grains that could be used during famines. 


Though Patna may not be as modern as and trendy as India's other metro cities it does not lack in style and structural elegance. It's discerning population that has taste and understanding of good things in life invests in both apartments and independent standalone houses depending on budget. Every aspect of the house from interiors to exteriors is planned carefully as buying a readymade house or constructing it is considered once in lifetime expenditure for most residents. For a homeowner in Patna contemporary and spacious bathrooms are a necessity and they no longer follow the bygone norm of having a basic one outside the house at a far corner of the property. 

What are some bathroom design trends in Patna?

Bathroom designers in Patna are now being asked to don their creative hats and design attractive spaces that represent the owners' taste, modern architecture and also adhere to tradition. Gone are the days of simple, monochromatic color schemes with steel fittings and ceramic tiles. Bathrooms are now being decorated with geometrical shapes, chrome and brass fittings, PVC doors and decorative flourishes that make it more than a place for taking a refreshing bath. These are interesting factors that have helped Patna's residents choose from contemporary Indian bathrooms to trendy modern bathrooms and lavish Mediterranean bathrooms to up the style quotient of their homes.


What are some planning essentials while designing/refurbishing your bathroom?

It is easy to get overwhelmed with the essentials that are required to plan the layout and design of your dream bathroom. Most people think that consulting a professional designer is an expensive idea but they forget that making a bathroom is once in a lifetime expense and choosing wrong accessories or fittings can mar the beauty of space available. Sometimes apartment builders in Patna provide basic bathroom decoration services like wall tiles, floor tiles and sanitary fittings. But if you want a custom built bathroom or are renovating an existing one then the following details need to be kept in mind.   

  1. Selecting ideal color and layout

Depending upon the size and dimensions of your bathroom choosing the right color is very essential to help it sync with tones of the house. If the bathroom is small with little natural light then keep it minimalistic and use light colored tiles along with light toned sanitary-ware. This will help to keep it bright and airy while making you feel relaxed.  

  1. Bathroom Fittings

After selecting the wall and floor tiles you can coordinate with sanitary –ware suppliers and fitting suppliers to design the rest of the bathroom. You may have the vision but they have experience about which fittings will last and look appropriate too so take their advice. There are several design options online and bathroom designers can also give you 3D mockups of how the region will look with the fittings you have in mind. Ideally you can engage the services of an experienced bathroom designer in Patna that can give you appropriate suggestions depending on the space available and also answer questions about why some of your ideas may or may not be good for the bathroom. 

Why you should hire a Bathroom Designer or Interior Decorator in Patna?

Interior decorators in Patna usually provide a whole boutique of design services ranging from planning the design according to customer's taste and vision to executing the entire project from tiles to fittings and furniture. Patna being a not so sophisticated city it may be difficult to find an exclusive bathroom designer. An experienced interior designer will have a portfolio of previous works so you can browse through that to see if their design team meets your expectations. Even if you have plenty of time at your disposal and would like to cut costs it is advisable to hire a interior decorator for your needs as they would have a team of handymen and also know the best dealers to get all the fittings, tiles, paints and other accessories at reasonable rates. A professional is likely to get your bathroom ready in a shorter period of time than you would by first spending time on purchasing the materials and then hiring different people for various jobs. 

What is the cost of constructing and renovating bathroom in Patna?

Though cost of constructing a new bathroom or renovating an existing one in Patna depends largely on the space available and on your preferences it makes sense to hire a professional that understands your vision. While complete renovation with civil works is likely to cost around Rs. 1050 per square feet, partial renovation with painting, basic fittings and tile replacement is likely to cost Rs.800 per sqft.  Luxuries like bathtubs, in-wall cabinets or pre-fabricated cabinets, shower stalls, hidden lighting and other touches would scale up the cost by Rs. 2000-3000 and upwards. If the bathroom is large you can invest in inexpensive décor items like local madhubani paintings, decorative tiles or artificial plants to keep the cost within budget. Make it a point to take estimates of two to three bathroom designers in Patna and review their work in detail before making a final decision to ensure that you get best value for money and thing

What are some tips to find the ideal Patna bathroom designer for your needs?


As a resident of Patna if you are looking for bathroom designers then you can look through our page of design professionals and search for Bathroom Designers that will give you details of the projects that they have done in the past. We can recommend names of interior decorators in Patna like Ashoka Interiors and Breathing Space that are experienced enough to meet your goals. After you give them specifics of bathroom layout and the details required about the region that needs to be renovated they will provide computer generated mockups about different design options that can be applied to the area along with quotes for each type so you can decide the best. The best part of hiring a professional is that your work can get done in specified period of time without any cost overruns or time wastage.