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Bathroom Designers in Nagpur

Nagpur is a cosmopolitan city where you find people from all communities, thanks to its strategic location at the exact center of India. The city is a hub for education and lately, people working in IT sectors and government firms are also moving to Nagpur. The architecture of Nagpur is also witnessing a change as more people are moving in the city. The houses are getting smaller and professional interior designing is on the rise.

A much-underestimated space when designing a home is bathroom. However, a bathroom is indeed an important part of a home. A poorly designed bathroom might bring down the value of the entire home. Residents of Nagpur are therefore placing high trust in bathroom designers these days.

What kind of bathroom designs are generally seen in Nagpur?

Nagpur carries a calm and peaceful aura in and around it. All the top-notch facilities are available in the city, yet it is very far from the hustle-bustle of the metro cities. People are tied to their traditional boundaries and yet have a modern outlook in their thinking. This is also reflected in the interior designing patterns chosen by residents. Below are common bathroom designs seen in Nagpur.

Modern: People of Nagpur are very calm and composed. Same is reflected in their bathroom designs. Modern style bathrooms are simple and clean yet elegant. The neutral color pallet and latest features make them functional and least cluttered with accessories. A good thing about this style s that you are left with a lot of space which you can utilize as per your convenience.

Traditional: The Victorian style bathrooms or the British style bathrooms are known as traditional styles. Though the popularity has decreased, some people in Nagpur still prefer traditional designs. White color is signatory of the traditional bathroom style and the natural materials such as granite, stone or slate are predominant.

Minimalistic: Bathroom designers in Nagpur are putting a lot of focus on this style lately. With the apartment size reducing, a minimalist style bathroom not only makes efficient use of the available space, but it also makes the bathroom look bigger. Things are plain and hence, minimalist style might not be for everyone. All white backgrounds with simple wood cabinets is the only décor in this style.

Eclectic: Eclectic bathroom is a rather new style popular among the bathroom designers in Nagpur. You can mix multiple styles in one in this one. You can use raw wood and stone and still use metal or steel accessories. Colors are totally your choice and hence you have the privilege to match your bathroom color with the theme of the entire home.

Rustic: Rustic style bathroom designs are also very popular in Nagpur. Cast iron and rough stone are used predominantly in rustic style. However, it is very easy to pick out the wrong materials when choosing this style. Hence, it is important to consult a professional bathroom designer when you are choosing lighting, cabinets, wood for the décor, etc. in this style.

What are the major points to focus when designing a bathroom?

There are various components which add up to give a complete look to the bathroom. Being in Nagpur, you would need to go for neutral colors and themes which speak of the calmness in themselves. A professional bathroom designer would help you understand the elements of bathroom designing so that you can pay attention to the details and make the best choice. The three most important elements of bathroom design are – color/theme, walls/flooring and lighting.

The color would affect the overall ambience of the bathroom. Since Nagpur has smaller bathrooms these days, light colors are given preference as they make the bathrooms look bigger. Darker colors might make a space look congested.

The choice of wall tiles and floor tiles is completely personal but as a rule of thumb, one should go for such tiles which reflect the light. You can also go for paint on the walls but wall tiles are easier to maintain. As for the bathroom floor, concrete is also a popular choice among the bathroom designers these days.

Lighting is the third important element, albeit the most important one. For a small bathroom, inlaid cabinet lights work wonders. For an average sized bathroom, ceiling lights are another choice. It is advisable to take the help of professional bathroom designers to understand what points in your bathroom should be illuminated, as it would impact the entire bathroom space.

What is the average cost of hiring a bathroom designer in Nagpur?

Nagpur is a cosmopolitan city and therefore, there is a wide range of options available when it comes to bathroom designing. From floor tiles to the wall tiles, and from shower fixtures to the wash basins, there is a variety of options. You can get a floor tile at a price as low as Rs. 25 per tile to a price as high as Rs. 2000 per tile. Further, the cost of fixing those tiles to the floor and the walls also increase in proportion to the cost of the tiles. And in case you are remodeling your bathroom, the cost of extracting the existing tiles comes at an additional cost too. Hence, the overall cost of bathroom designing in Nagpur would depend upon several factors.

For a regular bathroom of 7 ft. by 4 ft. in a 2BHK apartment in Nagpur, the resident bathroom designers would charge Rs. 300 per sq. ft. to Rs. 400 per sq. ft., including the material and labor cost, which comes to a total of not more than Rs. 1lac to Rs. 1.5lacs. If you go for only consultation, and pick the labor and materials yourself, the charges would be between Rs. 40 per sq. ft. to Rs. 200 per sq. ft., depending upon the complexity of the project.

In case the bathroom designer insists upon charging by the percentage method, you should know that average charges for bathroom designing in Nagpur fall between 10% to 20% of the build cost of the bathroom. If the entire project costs Rs. 3 lacs, the bathroom designer would charge you between Rs. 30K to Rs. 60K.

Where can you find choicest bathroom designers in Nagpur?

Professional bathroom designers have a very specific skill and you cannot trust a designer without a background check. On homify, we make sure that all the bathroom designers listed on our website are background verified by the best agencies. You can view their previous projects and even read the reviews provided by their previous clients. Our city wise listings are very easy to browse and once you finalize a designer for your bathroom, you can request a quote from them easily.