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Bathroom Designers in Lucknow

Lucknow is a place associated with culture and grace. It is a peaceful city and therefore, millennials are opting to settle down in Lucknow. IT companies and manufacturing companies are setting up their units in the city. As per the stats, Lucknow is seeing a rise in migrants from all over the country. This has pushed builders in the city to focus on smaller apartments. A small apartment further leads to smaller kitchen area, smaller lobby and smaller bathroom space.

When designing a home, bathroom designing is neglected by most of us. However, it is undoubtedly one of the most important part of the home. Bathroom designers in Lucknow are gaining popularity these days because of the need of creating efficient bathroom designs within the limited space.

What is the need of a bathroom designer in Lucknow?

While an interior designer provides an overall design for the home, a bathroom designer specializes in designing bathrooms only. He understands the layout of the bathroom of a house and provides a design best suited for that layout.

While Lucknow is originally the city of Nawabs, it is quite evident that people choose to be a Nawab in the bathroom as well. The royalty of the city is carried to the interiors of the home and is further carried to the bathroom designs. With the newer projects coming up in the city, a bathroom designer is a must.

  • Even a small bathroom can look good when wall textures, floor coverings and bath accessories are chosen carefully. Lucknow people prefer a rich look which depicts the royal culture. Resident bathroom designers in Lucknow know this very well and hiring one of the professionals would allow you to leverage their expertise to your benefit.
  • Not only the floor and the walls, window designs and cabinets installed also define the look of the bathroom. An expert bathroom designer would help you choose the best installations.
  • Lucknow has extreme weather conditions. Professionals would be able to help you in choosing the kind of accessories that would sustain in such weather. For example, if you choose to go for plants in the bath space, aloe is the apt plant for extreme summers. You would need to consult professionals when making weather related choices.
  • A bathroom designer would also explain you what kind of bath fittings are prominent in the city. They would show you around painted sanitary ware, cisterns – traditional and modern, bathroom furniture popular in the city and so on. As the saying goes, when in Rome, do as the Romans do, when you are in Lucknow, you would want your bath space to be in-line with the Lucknow trend.

What kind of bathroom designs are trending in Lucknow?

Lucknow is a city with everything royal. From the Imambara to the Ambedkar park, and from the Chota Imambara to the JN Mishra Park, royalty and heritage is seen dripping from its monuments. With such perception of the city, the bathroom designs tend to be royal too. However, millennials are going for minimalist bathroom designs to save space and give a rich look to the home. Therefore, you would find traditional as well as modern style bathrooms in Lucknow. Below are some common bathroom designs as seen in Lucknow.

  • Victorian: This style is in line with the old British design. Jewel tones and ornate rugs are signatory in this style. Porcelain is the main material used for décor accessories.
  • Transitional: This style is a mix-up of the traditional and modern style. Natural woods and traditional wall paintings are a general trend in this style.
  • Scandinavian: This is a rather popular style of bathroom designing in the modern times. The minimalistic approach of this style gives you more space to relax and unwind. Ornamentation is reduced to bare minimum and neutral colors are given a high priority.
  • Modern: This style is rarely seen in old Lucknow homes. Crisp and clean lines with bold colors go in this style.
  • Midcentury: Most old Lucknow bathroom designs are midcentury. Vintage cabinets and teak finish furniture in the bathroom gives a detailed look to the bathroom. And the best thing about this bathroom design is that it generally goes with the entire theme of the home.

What is the cost of hiring a bathroom designer in Lucknow?

Lucknow is a tier-2 city and the cost of living is not too high. Professional bathroom designers are gaining popularity on need basis and currently, people are skeptic about hiring them because they believe it would be out of their budget. However, you would be glad to know that not only a professional designer would bring the overall bathroom designing costs down, but they would also suggest you designs that would be worth the charges. Below are the common methods used by bathroom designers to calculate the project costs.

Percentage method: If the bathroom build costs Rs. 2lacs, as per the percentage method, a bathroom designer should charge 10-15% of the build cost, which is Rs. 20k to Rs. 30k as the bathroom designing charges. The cost of bath fittings and laborers is excluded in this method.

Per sq. ft. method: This is a common method to calculate the cost, but it has a high degree of variation. Some bathroom designers charge as low as Rs. 40 per sq. ft. while some charge as high as Rs. 400 per sq. ft. It depends upon the degree of involvement of the designer as well as the agreement between the client and the professional. For example, if you ask the bathroom designer to get the materials and the labor himself, paying Rs. 400 per sq. ft. is fair. It is advisable to work out the details of cost calculation if your bathroom designer uses this method.

Fixed charges method: For the standard bathroom designing which does not involve any artistic finishing, many bathroom designers in Lucknow have put a fixed cost so that they do not have to spend time discussing it with the clients, and it is easy for the clients as well. For consultation only, fixed rates are Rs. 40k on an average for a bathroom that is inside a 135-sq. ft. bedroom of a 1000 sq. ft. 2BHK. For consultation and execution of the project, the total cost is Rs. 2.5lacs on an average, for the same bathroom. If you choose premium materials and finishing, the cost might go up to Rs. 4.5lacs but not more than that.

How can one find the best bathroom designers in Lucknow?

There are not many professional bathroom designers in Lucknow and since it is a small city, people trust them by the word of mouth. However, this limits your choices since there might be new professionals in the town which locals might not be aware of yet. This is the point where homify comes to your rescue. We have curated a list of the best bathroom designers in India city-wise. You can visit our Lucknow bathroom designers' listings and browse through their projects. When you find a bathroom designer apt, you can connect with them easily. All you need to do is fill up an online form and request a quote from them.

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