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Bathroom Designers in Kanpur

There was a time when Kanpur was a city only for the students, thanks to IIT Kanpur, HBTI and GSVM. These days, a lot of banking institutions and even IT companies are setting up their branches in Kanpur. No wonder the city is growing and housing projects are catching up. The city has good health facilities too and people are settling down in Kanpur. Lifestyle is also changing and people are re-designing their homes as per the modern style of living. Bathroom designers in Kanpur are catching up because new bathroom gives a new look and feel to the entire home.

Why do you need a bathroom designer in Kanpur?

Kanpur is one of those cities which have developed at a large scale in a short period of time. The upcoming metro project in Kanpur is going to help the city develop at an even faster rate. It is obvious that people are not going to find time to design their homes themselves. Additionally, there are details involved in modern day bathroom designs. Only an expert eye can give you a complete feel of a modern bathroom. Below are some reasons why it is beneficial to hire a professional bathroom designer in Kanpur rather than attempting a DIY project.

  • Increased value of home: For people in Kanpur, their home is one of their biggest assets. A beautifully crafted bathroom would add value to the home. No matter you are living in the home or you have plans to live for some time and then sell it, a professionally designed bathroom space is an advantage over a DIY bathroom space.
  • Elevated Relaxation: Bathroom is the space were people relax. This is the first space of their home that they utilize on the morning and it should be perfect. A professional bathroom designer understands this and provides you the best possible style within your budget. They would add relaxing elements to your bathroom and blend it within your home's style.
  • Efficient use of space: Since housing projects in Kanpur are inclined towards building smaller home spaces, professional interior designers in Kanpur are aware how to use the available space efficiently. They would use tall mirrors to make the space look bigger and help you get rid of the unwanted accessories so that you relax within your bathroom space.
  • Correct features: While it might seem unimportant, a bathroom is an important space of the home and is also a dangerous one. An incorrect geyser fixture might put one of your family member's life at stake. Professional bathroom designers would make sure that everything is in its right place.

What are some tips to design/re-design your bathroom?

With the growing number of people in Kanpur, the size of the apartments is getting smaller. Professional bathroom designers in the city have studied various kinds of bathroom layouts and they would be able to provide you best tips to game up your bathroom design. Below are some tips which people of Kanpur are following lately.

  • Clean it up: A spotless bathroom would give you a good feeling and would also leave an impact on your guests. So, always make sure that you deep clean your bathroom occasionally. If you are going to renovate your bathroom space or if your bathroom is entirely new, a good idea would be to choose such materials which are easy to clean. Laminate finish on the tiles is generally useful in this regard.
  • Organize it properly: A bathroom needs to hold plenty of products, soaps, shampoos, oils, body lotions, hand wash and what not. It is important to get such cabinets in your bathroom which can accommodate the all the products that you require.
  • Upgrade the accessories: While it might not be possible to reinvent your bathroom entirely, it is always possible to upgrade an accessory or two. For example, you can get new shower curtains, new towels or even a new bath mat. A change is necessary sometimes and it would also help you to keep yourself updated with the latest trend in bathroom designing.
  • Go for tall mirrors: Gone are the days when people used a bathroom mirror only to brush their teeth. A tall mirror enhances the bathroom space and makes it look spacious. Modern day bathroom designers focus on big/multiple mirrors in bathroom space.
  • Lit it up: A dimly lit bathroom would never be appealing even if it is stuffed with the most luxurious accessories. Clear bulbs in bathroom ceilings would make your bathroom look brighter and airy. For a relaxing feel, you can use candles too.

What is the average cost of hiring a bathroom designer in Kanpur?

A regular bathroom in a Kanpur home has a configuration of 7 ft. by 4 ft. While a bathroom designer might charge on per sq. ft. basis, the major cost of the project would depend on the materials used in the styling. For example, if you choose a standard wash basin that costs Rs. 2K, a standard shower fixture that costs up to Rs. 300 and standard tap fixtures costing no more than Rs. 3K in total, you would only be paying standard bathroom designing charges to your bathroom designer. on the other hand, if you choose a designer wash basin of Rs. 5K, trendy shower fixtures which might go up to Rs. 3K and latest tap fixtures in steel finish, the cost of material alone would go up to Rs. 15K.

Keeping that in mind, you should be aware that the standard rate of bathroom designing in Kanpur is between Rs. 40 per sq. ft. to Rs. 400 per sq. ft., depending upon the experience of the bathroom designer, level of their involvement and the type of the project. While a basic bathroom design project should not cost you more than 1.5 lacs in Kanpur, it might go up to a total of Rs. 5 lacs if you choose premium materials and services.

How to find efficient bathroom designers in Kanpur?

Finding the right bathroom designer can make a lot of difference in the final product that you get. At homify, we have the best bathroom designers in Kanpur listed on our website. You can browse through our city-wise listings and choose a bathroom designer which best suits your style. It is advisable to request a quote from them before hiring them. You can do it easily by filling up an online form.