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Bathroom Designers in Indore

With the likes of Rajwada, Lal bagh and Kaanch Mandir within the city, Indore is a home to amazing pieces of architecture. The designs of these buildings are mind blowing. Interior designers in Indore have been studying these buildings for their architectural designs and been trying to implement such unique designs inside people's homes as well. Bathroom designers in Indore have bloomed recently as millennials are paying more attention to the details of their interior space.

What kind of bathroom designs are trending in Indore?

One of the best things about Indore is that it does not have extreme climate. While decorating the interior space of a home, interior designers do not have to worry about what materials would sustain in what climatic conditions. Hence, bathroom designers in Indore are left with a lot of choice to experiment with. You would find all kinds of bathroom designs in Indore, be it modern with clear and crisp lines, traditional with a bold color palette, or rustic with the raw wood finish.

For the bathroom decorations as well, a person in Indore can go for fresh green plants, artistic paintings, wall paintings, glass decorations and many more. However, the one constraint that new bathrooms might have is the space constraint. Since more people are flocking into the city, the size of the bathrooms is getting smaller by a considerable fraction. But, even a small bathroom can look very fashionable when designed carefully. Expert bathroom designers in Indore are a pro at handling small bathroom designing and you can always consult them when you are unsure of a design.

What are the advantages of hiring a professional bathroom designer in Indore?

While you might think that you know how you want your bathroom to look like better than anyone else, you would be surprised to know that professional bathroom designers give a better vision to your idea. All you need to do is consult them once. Below are some advantages that you get when you hire a bathroom designer and not do it yourself.

Reduced cost: While it might sound counterintuitive now, if you think about it, cost of labor, tiles and tilers, painters, bath fittings, plumbers etc. add up and is equal to or more than the cost of a professional bathroom designer.

Attention to detail: Bathroom designers who have been in the industry for more than 2 years has an eye for the detail. They understand what designs would look good in what kind of a bathroom layout. They would also help you choose the right materials as per the overall theme of your home.

Proper planning: An experienced bathroom designer is aware how many tiles you would need to cover the floor area; how many tiles would break in the process and how much paint you would need to cover those walls. Also, they would know how much time it would take to complete the bathroom. If you plan to do it yourself, you might end up wasting the materials or over-hiring the labor.

Reliable network: Network in Indore is everything. People still work on the word of mouth. As a resident bathroom designer in Indore, an expert would know where to get the best plumber, the best tiler and the best painter.

Better vision of your idea: When you discuss your idea of your ideal bathroom with a professional bathroom designer, he would add detail to it and suggest amendments within your design and budget. Hence, you would be able to get a better version of your initial imagination.

How expensive is it to hire a bathroom designer in Indore?

Bathroom designers in Indore are detail oriented and their charges may vary depending upon the years of experience they hold. For example, a bathroom designer which has newly entered the market might charge less because he is building his portfolio. On the other hand, an experienced bathroom designer would charge more because of the value of trust he holds. It is always advisable to go with such a bathroom designer who has worked on at least 2 projects before. Below listed are some common ways by which bathroom designers calculate the cost of the project.

No separate cost: Many bathroom designers in Indore do not charge a separate fee for the design if you hand over the entire project to them. In this setup, they can choose the fittings – shower mixer, shower curtains, shower head, flush tank, wash basin, taps and pipes. They might earn from the commission they get while they these materials from their choice of stores. In such case, a 7 ft. by 4 ft. of a bathroom in Indore would cost you between 1 lac to 1.5 lacs.

By percentage: A common way to calculate the cost is by using the percentage method. The good thing about this method is that it is easy. You just should pay a fraction of the total bathroom build cost. For example, while laying out the bathroom plan, if the build costs Rs. 3 lacs, 8-10% of the cost would be charged as the bathroom design fee. For a standard 2 BHK in Indore this cost would be approximately Rs. 30K.

By sq. ft. rate: Due to the variety of choices available in Indore, the rates per sq. ft. vary on a large scale. The price range is between Rs. 40 per sq. ft. to Rs. 400 per sq. ft.

As a rule, cost of designing a full-fledged bathroom in Indore should not cost you more than Rs. 3 lacs even if you choose the most luxurious fittings.

What is the best way to find a reliable bathroom designer in Indore?

Indore is a small city and if you have been living in the city for quite some time, you might have some contacts which can tell you about reliable bathroom designers. However, mutual contacts always limit your scope of finding the best professionals. To eliminate this, we have put up a city wise listing of the best bathroom designers on our website, Homify. You can browse through the list, have a look at the bathrooms designed by these professionals and shortlist a few of them. Then, you can request a quote from them by filling up an online form.