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Bathroom designers in Hyderabad

When building or remodelling a house in Hyderabad, a common question that homeowners have is whether to hire bathroom designers in Hyderabad for the bath and shower makeover. Does the bathroom renovation require the expertise of a specialist or can an interior architect or interior designer handle the remodelling instead of a bathroom designer? Will a bathroom design professional be more expensive than an interior designer? Many advantages come with hiring an expert.

Is it essential to hire a bathroom designer?

An interior design professional or architect is qualified to plan and construct bathrooms. A bathroom designer is either an interior designer or an architect. The difference is that he is a specialist in planning and building bathrooms. His expertise extends not only to a thorough knowledge of the best materials, fittings and layouts but also to an awareness of the latest trends in bathroom design so that the homeowner's bath is current and up to date in terms of style and technology.

For those who consider hiring a contractor instead of a bathroom designer, it pays to be aware of the advantages of working with a designer. The project cost won't exceed the budget as everything is planned to perfection. In the case of directly working with a contractor, there's the risk of elements not being thought through and requiring rectification. For instance, after completing the tiling, a section of the wall may need to be broken down to add an electrical point near the mirror.

A bathroom design professional will also advise on the ideal materials or elements for each area, such as anti-skid tiles for the shower or ceramic tiles for the countertop backsplash. Similarly, they will provide suggestions on the right type of illumination for the bathroom or the placement of windows or an exhaust fan for ventilation in the area.

What are the pros of hiring bathroom designers in Hyderabad?

For any project, hiring a local professional comes with advantages for several reasons. Firstly, a Hyderabad-based bathroom designer will have excellent contacts with tiles and fittings suppliers in the city, as well as with reliable contractors and skilled labour such as tilers and painters. Therefore, one can be assured of a high-quality project with the minimum hassle and cost. Secondly, the expense of hiring a local professional will be more reasonable than that of an expert from a bigger city both in terms of fees as well as travel costs.

How should one decide on the right bathroom design?

A perfectly-planned bathroom has a blend of aesthetic and functional features. These usually include:

Layout: The placement of various elements within the room needs to ensure the optimal utilisation of space to prevent certain areas from becoming uncomfortable. For example, a sliding shower door may work better than a hinged one that bangs into the WC or basin when it opens. 

Materials: A practical choice of materials is advisable to avoid accidents or excessive maintenance. For instance, having a marble countertop for the basin can make the room look luxurious, but it will require coating and sealing every few months to prevent staining and water absorption.

Illumination: Certain types of lighting are more suitable than others for bathrooms. The bathroom designer will advise on the best options for over the counter lighting, the shower or even built-in LED ceiling lights.

Safety: Often, safety features don't get enough attention in bathrooms, especially in self-designed ones. These include ensuring that the electrical points are kept away from splash zones and tiles with a non-slippery surface to prevent accidents. 

The perfect bathroom includes the right combination of these elements to create a room that is practical, comfortable and stylish.

What are the approximate charges for hiring bathroom designers in Hyderabad?

The method of computing fees may vary between one professional and another. The most common method used by bathroom designers is the percentage of the project cost. In this method, for a bathroom build that costs Rs.300,000, the professional's fees may range from 10% to 20%, working out to Rs.30,000 to Rs.60,000.

Occasionally, one may come across a professional who charges by the square feet, usually ranging from Rs.40 to Rs. 400 per square feet. It's more common in projects that require a high degree of customisation or artistic detailing.

Another method that bathroom designers in Hyderabad may use is the fixed rate, especially when the homeowner requests just plans and drawings. The flat fee can start from Rs.40,000 and go up to Rs.450,000 depending on the scope of the design.

What should one check before hiring a reliable bathroom designer?

References are the safest option for finding a reliable professional. However, it's not always possible to get references for a bathroom designer as most people use interior designers for the entire project. The most significant detail to verify is the educational qualifications of the professional. He should be a trained architect or interior designer with a degree or certification in design and construction. 

The portfolio is an excellent way to assess the work quality and design style of a bathroom designer. When contacting a professional, ask to see their collection of work as browsing through the photographs will give a better idea of whether the person can deliver what one expects.

Finally, evaluate the ease of communication with the professional to ensure that he understands your requirements and is willing to consider your suggestions before designing the bathrooms. The last thing one wants is to be stuck with a bath that doesn't suit one's style or is uncomfortable.

How to find bathroom designers in Hyderabad?

An online search is the best option for getting a list of bathroom design specialists, but contacting an unknown person comes with certain risks such as the project not being completed as per expectations. 

On homify's bathroom designer directory for Hyderabad, we feature listings of verified professionals along with images of projects completed by them. All one needs to do after identifying a suitable professional is to submit the online contact form to receive a free quote.