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Guangzhou Beauty and Health Electronic
Guangzhou Beauty and Health Electronic Co.,Ltd has 11 years history and located in Guangzhou China. It is nearby Baiyun
Lexi Bathroom Furniture
We deal in premium bathroom Furniture.
Магазин сантехники
Магазин качественной сантехники предлагает продукцию лучших европейских и отечественных производителей. Вся сантехника
Bad Campioni
„bad campioni“ ist ein kreatives, dynamisches Unternehmen mit Blick in die Zukunft und Ihr Experte für  Bad- und Wellnessausstattung
BOOR Bäder, Fliesen, Sanitär
Ihr qualifizierter Partner rund um die Themen Bäder, Fliesen, Sanitär und Natursteine. Besuchen Sie unsere Ausstellungen
DeVal Bathrooms
We are a Cambridge Bathroom Design & Installation Company based just north of Cambridge, with a proven track record
Ulrich holz -Baddesign
Als Spezialisten für Baddesigne - Wandgestaltung und Bodengestaltung verstehen wir uns insbesondere auf die fugenlose Gestaltung
Badeloft GmbH - Hersteller von Badewannen und Waschbecken in Berlin
Moderne und luxuriöse Badewannen und Waschtische aus hochwertigem Mineralguss Badeloft GmbH hat im Jahr 2011 eröffnet.
ZICCO GmbH - Waschbecken und Badewannen in Blankenfelde-Mahlow
Das Badezimmer ist der Ort Ihres Zuhauses, in dem Sie sich ganz sich selbst widmen können und Entspannung finden in Ihren
Banovo GmbH
So geht Badsanierung heute: Banovo ist Ihr Badexperte für Badsanierung und Badrenovierung mit Qualitätsgarantie. Ob praktisches
BathroomsByDesign Retail Ltd
BathroomsByDesign, the UK's leading independent bathroom design specialists. Our aim is to provide our customers with an
Pientka - Faszination Naturstein
Faszination pur – jeden Tag aufs Neue Bei Pientka arbeiten ausschließlich Menschen, auf die Naturstein eine besondere Faszination
ceramica senio
“Our company is a unique Italian industrial reality, as we have been producing majolica tiles since 1968 with the same technique
Premium Residential Remodeling
اسان شاگردن ۾ تجربو آهيون اسان توهان کي ڪجهه بحالي جي پنهنجي اڏامائي تي ڪرڻ تي سوچيو ٿا؟ ايستائين جو ڀروسي ڪرڻ، نئين کابيواري
Will Bau & Bad
Im Jahr 1920 gründete Gustav Will die Biebricher Eisen- und Metallhandlung Will & Co. Fast 100 Jahre und vier Generationen
Tatiana Doria,   Diseño de interiores
Tacta Gestión, S.L. realiza proyectos integrales de reformas en viviendas y oficinas ocupándose de cada una de las fases

Bathroom designers in Chennai

The bathroom is one of the most critical portions of home and due to the technicalities involved, one of the most difficult ones to nail. Are you on a lookout for bathroom designers in Chennai to create masterpieces for comfort and functionality with alluring designs? Read on. 

What does an ideal bathroom look like?

A relaxing bathroom, well designed has a neat and tidy look. A soothing color scheme and dreamy features like focal point tub and light and airy window treatments are elements that can come together to create a pleasing serene space. The lack of clutter or overpowering pieces can help keep maintain a calm vibe. A traditional or country-style bathroom, popular in Chennai, can be created with modern minimalistic designs and accessories for a refreshed new look. Whether you are remodeling your existing restrooms or creating a new one from scratch, mixing and matching the traditional Chennai style with new international designs can be the perfect recipe to great washrooms.

What are the costs of designing or remodeling an existing bathroom in Chennai?

While the rates of each competent that your designer picks add to the cost, a luxurious looking remodeled bathroom could cost your around 1 Lakh INR. The price varies significantly based on the fittings, and titles used. Examples, while in Chennai, a professional designer can help you source a good brand WC at 15,000 INR, there are ones selling for over 1 lakh each. Establish how much you are willing to spend and work backward with your designer to get the perfect look within your budget.

What is the role of a bathroom designer?

The bathroom designers first resolve the layout and then decide on the design apt for the selected layouts. The bathroom designers deal with the textures of wall, floor coverings, wallpaper coverings, and marbles give them exotic look with richness and depth. The designers ensure a good view from the bathroom window for complete relaxation while you unwind here. Designers install stylish cabinets, slim line design silhouettes using bold colors patches with the display of friendly greenery like Aloe Vera which is best suited to fulfill the goals of the client. Bathroom designers take care that the client gets sufficient space with an outstanding display for their toiletries, cosmetics, and towels. Bathroom designers help visualize the space evaluating options of painted sanitary-ware, free – standing bath and traditional cisterns matching with other bathroom furniture giving two-dimensional look. 

What are the critical elements of great bathroom design?

  • Space: Getting the layout right is central to a great bathroom. A professional architect considers finer details while getting the layout right, like space between the WC, and shower? How much room there is beside the sink to brush, door spacing for opening and closing with ease etc.
  • Material: Underlying material and finish of vanity of the WC, mirror frame, the tub, the shower, and even the bathroom curtains make or break the look. A good bathroom designer blends the material and finishes together to create a stunning look, without compromising on space utility and functionality.
  • Lights: In many homes, the bathroom is used to ready the house inhabitants for school, work, and leisure. It also doubles up as a place to unwind, and enjoy solace. With the variety of roles a bathroom plays, it is critical that there is enough light for all the functions. Great designers use the combination of natural light through windows and LEDs for extra illuminations. Most well- designed lights have targeted lights or task lighting around the mirrors and vanity to ensure light without shadow casting. Professional spend significant effort is choosing the right amount of light and placements per the layout for utmost convenience. 
  • Colour: Choice of colour and tiles can easily make or break a living space and bathrooms are no exception. Great designers do not leave a bathroom monochrome, they use color to brighten up spaces. A simple glass vase with colorful flower stem can brighten up space without looking too bold or jarring.

Why do you need a bathroom designer based in Chennai?

Irrespective of the size of the bathroom, the Chennai bathroom designers, can help design as meticulously as any other space, be it the bedroom or living room. When you hire a local bathroom designer of Chennai, you can be assured of great bargains starting with the sanitary wares' wholesalers, all the way to the masons, plumbers and painters. Professional designers in Chennai keep in mind to the ceiling height, light and mirror according to the average height of people in Chennai.  A professional designer can also save you effort and money by picking up on potential issues, and addressing well beforehand.

How the find choicest professionals in the city?

Bathroom design is a labor-intensive task and to get work done, the professional should know the local language and have great contacts with the labor. In Chennai, the most popular way of selecting a designer is by word of mouth. Choosing from what your friends chose limits your options significantly. Many good bathroom designers may not have a great digital present or a running website of their own. Do not miss out a chance of connecting with them. On our website at homify, we have compiled an extensive list of professionals specific to Chennai, and added their previous work pictures. Selecting through the website is easy, convenient and free, and of course the choices you get is huge. 

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