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Bathroom designers in Ahmedabad

Bathroom is the most important and personal room of the home. It's here from where we begin and end our day.  It offers the moment of solitude, sets the tone for the refreshing day and de-stress the tired mind after a long day. Bathroom designs have often been ignored in spite of its importance. However, the concept is changing since with the inception of attached bath, bathroom has now become an integral part of the interior architecture of home. In modern homes, an aesthetically designed comfortable bathroom is much sought after. The best thing is that now we at homify have professional bathroom designers to assist us in transforming this humble space into a dream bathroom. 

What is the characteristic of bathroom in Ahmedabad home?

Though the employment opportunities have brought cosmopolitan culture in Ahmedabad, yet the city has kept it tradition and essence alive. Ahmedabad is dominated by business community and families which is why joint family tradition is quite prevalent here. So the houses here are built to support the joint family culture. Homes are usually planned and built to have an attached bathroom for the comfort of each family living together in a single home. Usually there are the same numbers of bathroom as the bedroom. For example, if it is a 3BHK house then there will be three bathroom attached with each room or there will be two bathroom attached with rooms and one in common space or hall of the home. Even if the size of bathroom has to be shrunk to fit into the size of the home, the number of bathrooms matches with the number of bedrooms in the home.

What is the usual size of bathrooms in Ahmedabad?

In Ahmedabad homes, the bathroom attached with master bedroom is usually big in comparison to other bathrooms of the home and the common bathroom is the smallest in the home. For example, in 2000 sq-ft 3 BHK (bedroom, hall, kitchen) home, the usual size of large bathroom is about 9X6 sq.ft. , the modest bathroom size is usually 7X6 sq.ft. and the small bathroom is about 7X4 sq.ft.

What aspects of designs are to be considered while designing the bathroom in Ahmedabad?

Planning and designing of the bathroom begins with the planning of the apartment or the  house. When it comes to designing a bathroom, the architect and bathroom designer work as a team. When it comes to bathroom design, these are the important points to be considered:

  • Since water closets, pipes and plumbing and sanitation lines are an important feature of bathroom; the designing of bathroom begins right from the foundation of the house or bungalow
  • Ahmedabad has a dry and hot climate with summer temperature going as high as 48 degree Celsius. So the selection of the pipes should be done considering the heat it has to withstand during summers.
  • Ahmedabad has high saline in water which can corrode and damage the water pipes, tiles, bathroom fitting and accessories. Material for bathroom constructions and its fitting should be selected considering this fact.
  • Once the water pipes and sanitation pipes are laid it cannot be changed. So assign the place for toilet seat, wash basin and faucets before the construction begins. Tiles and bathroom fittings can be changed easily, but not the water closets.
  • Since it is bathroom so it is important that water proofing is done properly. Any seepage will damage the building.
  • Slope of the bathroom should be done in such a way that water flows smoothly towards the drain.
  • Ahmedabad gets abundant sunlight all through the year. It is advisable to get solar heater fixed for hot water in bathroom and get it connected to the mixer to get both hot and cold water.
  • With long months of summers in Ahmedabad, the bathroom should be well ventilated and airy.  

        How much will the designing of the bathroom in Ahmedabad cost?

        Once the bathroom structure is ready along with plumbing and plastering done, the next step is to work on bathroom's aesthetics. Walls, floor, furniture and fittings together set the tone for aesthetics of the bathroom.

        Bathroom walls: Bathroom walls are usually covered with tiles either up to the ceiling or till 3/4th portion of wall. Wall is the first thing we see when we enter the bathroom so the overall ambiance depends on the walls. Rest of the décor heavily depends on the selection of wall tiles and colours. Matt finish, slate tiles and subway tiles are good for walls. The average price of good quality tile is Rs. 22-25/piece which is of 1X1 sq.ft. in size. Price for large sized tiles may vary from Rs.80-150/piece. Branded tiles may cost between Rs.1000-2000/sq.ft. Cost for installing the tiles is Rs.40-50/sq.ft. So the approximate cost for tiling a modest size bathroom with good quality tiles will be around Rs.7000-10000.  

        Bathroom floor: The flooring tiles should be skid -proof, durable, stain and scratch resistant and should match with the wall tiles and colour. Vitrified, ceramic and porcelain tiles are good for bathroom floors. Morbi (a place near Ahmedabad) based manufactured 600X600mm Vitrified tiles will cost between Rs. 30-45/sq.ft.; whereas the tiles from branded company will cost around Rs.30-78/sq.ft. The tile fitting charges is between Rs.10-22/sq.ft.

        Bathroom countertop: The best material for bathroom countertop is marble and granite. These are durable and can withstand the moisture, cleaning agents and hard water of Ahmedabad bravely. Cost of tiles depends on brand and quality of tile selected. The countertop will cost anywhere between Rs.2500-8000/sq.ft depending upon the quality of stone selected.

        Bathroom fittings: Good quality stainless steel faucets are best for the hard water of Ahmedabad. It is rust-proof and can be cleaned easily. Toilet seat and wash basin are best in ceramic. Faucets, taps, shower, jet sprays, mirror, towel rack will cost between Rs.560-1200, depending upon its quality and style. The price of toilet seat and wash basin varies depending on its style and quality. The range which starts from Rs.1500 can go up to Rs.25000. Shower cubicle and bathtub can be anything from Rs.20000 to a few lakhs. It all depends on you how much you want to spend.  

        Cabinets and accessories: Water-proof good quality wooden cabinets and shelves are essential feature of the bathroom. A designer touch in it can enhance the elegance of the bathroom. An average cost of designing a small bathroom of size 7X4 sq.ft., excluding the plastering and plumbing, will be approximately between Rs.40000-50000.    

         What are the advantages of hiring a bathroom designer?

There is lots of planning and execution involved when it comes to designing the bathroom. With advancement of technology, the professional designers can make and show the 3D model of your dream bathroom and give you a virtual tour of it. You can tailor the plan, layout, design, dimensions, colours or anything even before construction begins. It will save on time and money and avoid from any changes to be done after the construction. Since they have contacts with local manufacturers and dealers and have labours and plumbers in their team, the work are done smoothly and hassle-free.

Where can I find the bathroom designers in Ahmedabad?

The architect or the interior designers and decorators of your home can connect you with the bathroom designers. However, if you want to find a bathroom designer independently, then we at homify are here to help you to get the best bathroom designers in Ahmedabad. All you need to do is search for the bathroom designers in the professional section, select the one you find ideal for your home and send the request to us for quotation and other details. 

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