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Designing or renovating a bathroom can lead you to incur a huge expense if not done with proper planning. Besides spending a considerable amount on the functional aspects like plumbing, electricals, tiles and fittings, one should seek for professional guidance to design a bathroom for optimal use of space, use of natural light and synergy with adjoining rooms. 

What are the pros of hiring a bathroom designer from your city?


Bathroom designers from your city will know how to select the best quality building materials such as tiles, faucets and counters. They will also know which materials are most suitable for your needs and for different areas of the bathroom such as the shower area and the sink area.


By hiring a professional, you can make sure the bathroom design is cohesive and that everything is installed properly. Another advantage of hiring a bathroom designer from your city is that they will know the building regulations specific to your city. This way you can ensure that your bathroom will pass the inspection test and that no money, time or effort will be wasted. It will also ensure that your bathroom is safe to use, which is of utmost importance as even a small mistake in the design of the bathroom can cause dangerous accidents, especially with the deadly combination of electricity and water.


Bathroom designers from your locality will know the exact price rates and wages specific to the city. They will also have contacts to suitable subcontractors. Last but not least, local bathroom designers that do not have to travel long distances don't cost as much. Bathroom designers in India can be found on homify's bathroom designers directory. 



What does a bathroom designer do?

Bathroom designers will not only decorate your bathroom professionally, but also plan a layout which is suitable to your needs, select appropriate materials and install electric and plumbing systems. A bathroom designer is responsible for making sure all your needs and wants for the bathroom are incorporated into the design. The designer will also evaluate your taste, style, personality, requirements and your budget to ensure the bathroom is designed accordingly. Last but not least, bathroom designers can also help you with the practical aspects of the building process.


A bathroom designer is also expected to be aware of the latest trends and how to achieve the look and feel you desire. Before you consult with a bathroom designer, carefully consider how you will use the bathroom. Do you want a modern or a Scandinavian bathroom? Do you really need a bathtub or will a shower area be enough? How much space do you need for the sink area and counter? Having the answers to questions like these beforehand will allow you to make the most out of your bathroom designer.



How to choose the right bathroom designer?


Start with reviewing the designer's portfolio of past design projects and see if your style matches with theirs. If you like their work, then the next step is to see how well the designer understands your style, taste and requirements. It will be much easier to work with a bathroom designer that understands your needs easily. The only way to find out if the bathroom designer is right for you is to communicate your ideas clearly and see how he or she responds. Also, don't forget to check if the designer has all the right certifications. Some questions you should ask the bathroom designers are such as: how many floor plans they provide?; how long will it take to complete the project; and also if they can recommend and cost-saving ideas.

It's not difficult to find the names of bathroom designers through an online search, but to verify their credentials is not an easy task. On homify, we make the task of identifying a reliable bathroom designer easy for you by providing city-wise listings in our bathroom designers directory along with images of the professional's portfolio. When you browse through the pictures and identify a bathroom designer whose work you like, you can fill up the contact form to request a free quote for the design and construction of your house.



How much does it cost to build a bathroom?


On average, a '7 x 4' bathroom with medium range tiles and fittings will cost about Rs 50,000 to Rs 60, 000. However, the cost of building a bathroom depends on your requirements, the size and your budget. The two most important things in a bathroom are plumbing and tiles and there is a large variety of designs to choose from so the price depends on what type of bathroom fittings or tiles you choose to use. A bathroom can be built with a budget of Rs 10,000 or Rs 100, 000 depending on the materials being used. Branded tiles can cost between Rs 1000 to Rs 2000 per square feet, whereas non-branded tiles can cost as little as Rs 30 to Rs 40 per square feet. The average price stated in the beginning does not include branded tiles or fittings, but it does include good quality plumbing materials such as pipes and joints as well as labour costs of breaking old tiles and plastering.



What makes a good bathroom design?


A well-designed bathroom is one that is practical, comfortable, safe and aesthetically stylish. Some of the things that should be considered are such as a cohesive design, layout and accessibility, safety and slip prevention, waterproofing, material selection, ergonomics, lighting and privacy. Kids bathrooms can be decorated with wallpapers and for the cabinets one can select from options like frosted glass panels or wood. 

What are the building regulations for bathrooms in India?

The ideal height of the bathroom measured from the door to the ceiling should be around 2.4m. By Indian law, a minimum height of 2.2m is required. The size of the bathroom should not be less than 1.5m x 1.2m or 1.8 sq.m. Combined with the toilet, the floor area of the whole bathroom should not be less than 2.8sq.m. The minimum floor area for the toilet should be 1.1sq.m. 

Some other general building codes are such as the bathroom should not be above any other room except for a washing place, toilet or balcony. The bathroom is also required to have a small window for ventilation and a floor that slopes gently towards the drain and not towards the rooms. 

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