1 Painters in Bangalore


What type of house-painters are there?

For every home design style, there will be specialist painters who can come up with striking colour schemes and create a uniform, beautifully finished surface for your interiors. Whether you choose to create a warm, traditional rustic style home or a dazzling and minimalist modern space, the choice of paint scheme will be a crucial element. Each style demands different skills from the painter – whether it’s in the kind of paints to be used, or the brushwork involved. You can also find a painter with different specialist skills – from a basic surface painter to true artists who are capable of conjuring up mural masterpieces on your walls. There are also professional exterior painters, who can ensure that your home looks exceptional and is also protected against the Indian climate. In a nation where rain and sun are both intense, wall painting needs to be done properly to get the full benefit of your home design project.

How do I find the right painter for my home project in Bangalore?

Homify offers an easy way to find the right house painter for your home design project. With the homify professionals directory, it is easy to find a specialist painter from any part of the world. If you need someone who is skilled in painting plaster reliefs, a specialist in renaissance artwork or a mural painter, homify can connect you to the finest home design experts. Finding the right painter in  Bangalore is crucial, as painting is more complicated than enthusiastic amateurs might think. When they consider how to colour a room, a painter will need to match colours to surfaces, ensure that the right primer is used, consider the climate of the area, budget for the right amount of paint and find precisely the right mixture of colours for the task involved. All of this makes it important to look for a trained, experienced professional painter, not just someone who can paint, alongside their other home design skills.

What do I need to look out for when hiring a house-painter?

As with any professional, painters will all have different areas of expertise, so be sure to find a painter who has experience in the kind of work that your job demands. At Homify, you can easily see details of other projects that each painter has worked on, to give you an idea of their experience. If a painter has worked mainly on pure white Mediterranean exteriors, then they may not be able to carry out intricately coloured painting for a traditional Bangalore home. But a skilled plaster painter may well be able to carry out the work that you require. You might also want to check out reviews by fellow customers to provide added assurance about the quality of their work. The thing to remember when bringing in a house painter is that their work will be a vital part of your home design, and that you will experience it every day that you live there. So it’s not a decision to be taken lightly. Speak to a number of the Bangalore painters and decorating professionals on the homify directory. E-mail them the plans of your interior design and feel free to ask for recommendations. After all, they are the experts. Your painter may well have some creative ideas about how to improve the design on the table. If they don’t, then it could be a sign that they aren’t completely engaged with the project, so you may wish to try another specialist.

How much will a painter cost in Bangalore?

As with any home design professional, bringing in a painter will be a significant investment, but it will be worthwhile. You could choose to do the work yourself or bring in low-cost contractors to carry out the task. However, this risks making mistakes and ending up with a poor quality result. You will pay slightly extra to enlist the skills of a professional home painter, but with their creativity, technical ability and professionalism, you can be confident that the end result will be spectacular. If you are investing a large amount of money in your home, then every aspect needs to be perfect. Any flaws in a well-designed home will stand-out and diminish the aesthetic appeal of the completed interiors. In some cases, an experienced painter may not be needed. When whitewashing villa walls, or painting pools, it doesn’t always makes sense to hire an artist. However, for most interiors, the difference between an experienced professional painter and an amateur or ordinary contractor will be immense. So it makes sense to go the extra mile and hire a professional painter, even if it makes the project slightly more expensive in the short-term.

How can I keep the costs down when hiring a painter?

Hiring your painter via the internet will be a good way to minimize the costs. With the homify directory, you can scroll through hundreds of specialist painter options in Bangalore. Because of the amount of choices available, each painter will be keen to offer their services at an affordable rate, resulting in discounts that aren’t necessarily available when you contact painters on a one to one basis. Being upfront about what is required will also drive down costs. If your painter can clearly see how long the job will take, whether they require any additional assistance and the kinds of materials that they will need, they can complete the job more quickly. Whenever over-runs occur, they tend to result in increased costs, so be sure to plan out your painting requirements when hiring an expert if you want to reduce the costs of hiring a painter. If you are worried about costs, it might also make sense to adopt a design style that does not require huge amounts of skill or specialist materials. Pure, stripped down modern spaces can be painted in single or two-tones, with uniform surfaces, while some styles require hardly any painting at all.

What other professionals could I need for my home building project?

On any home design project, it will be necessary to build an effective team of professionals to carry out the work properly. Alongside your painter, team members could include:

Architects Bangalore

Architects are the brains behind a successful home design. They plan the structure itself using 3D modelling packages, testing out different designs for strength, choosing the right materials, creating an aesthetically attractive design and fitting it all into the design style that their clients desire. They also ensure that any home design fits in with local building regulations, and they bring in other experts such as engineers, interior designers, swimming pool installers, lighting experts, gardeners, glaziers or kitchen designers as required. Your architect will work with an exterior painter if the design a particular colour scheme for the external aspect of your home. In India, this may well be a pure white colour to ensure a cool finish which fits in with the surrounding vegetation and urban environment. The architect will be able to create a structure which shows off this colour scheme, and fits harmoniously into the setting in which the home will be built.

InteriorArchitects Bangalore

As the name implies, interior architects are similar to conventional architects in the way that they design spaces using technical software  and their own expertise. Unlike architects, interior architects are trained to make the rooms of the home “work” as well as possible. They will be able to advise about things like how to light every room properly – so that the space appears as welcoming, user-friendly and spacious as possible. They can advise about acoustics as well, so that rooms don’t echo with chatter during social occasions and music sounds as crisp as possible. An interior architect will also help to ensure that every room receives natural sunlight, without becoming too hot in the summer months (a key skill in the Indian context). They will also work very closely with your painter, plotting out how to use colour to create the right atmosphere. This is where is becomes really important to bring in an expert painter. With complex designs, different rooms will need precisely modulated paintwork – and only an experienced painter can carry out the work that your interior architect recommends.

Tiler Bangalore

In some rooms of the house, tiling will be a crucial design element. For example, many bathrooms use tiling as an attractive, waterproof wall surface around baths and showers. Kitchen designers often use tiles to protect delicate surfaces against stains from smoke or food. In the right hands, tiles can add a gorgeous decorative element to almost any room of the home, and many interior architects will recommend that you enlist the help of a specialist tiler. Your tiler will almost always work in conjunction with your painter to complement the different elements of your rooms. By playing off smooth ceramic tiles and painted surfaces, they can create stunning interior effects that make the most of the spaces involved. It’s all about working as a team, so don’t be afraid to bring in a variety of specialists to carry out the design tasks that your projects require. The results will be outstanding.