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What do moving companies do?

Moving house or office can be one of the most stressful things in life. Not to mention the emotional stress linked with changing addresses, there is also the huge pressure of packing, decluttering, reallocating, reorganizing and finally moving. But a lot of this hard work and anxiety can be cut down simply by choosing a good moving company. Packers and movers can make any form of transition simple, safe and a lot less troublesome for you. They can assess, plan, organize, and execute the movement of items from start to finish, keeping your needs and budget in mind.

Here are the advantages you can expect from reputed moving companies

- They will first visit your facility to survey the articles that have to be shifted and figure out the best suited method of transport, depending on the quantity and volume. An estimated cost for the transport and other services will also be provided. They will ask about any preference that you may have related to the packing. For instance, movers and packers always take extra care when dealing with fragile or delicate objects like glassware, electronics, paintings etc. The packaged items are collected from your doorstep and then transported by road, rail, water or air as the situation demands. The company finally handles the unloading, unpacking and installation of everything at the new location, too.

- Movers usually provide packing boxes, goods lift, vans or trucks for the project. For packing, bubble wraps, tissues, thermocol, fabric cartons and corrugated rolls are also widely used. Packers can dismantle and rebuild furniture with ease. Protection and insurance against any possible breakage or damage during storage and transit is also offered. Whether it is a domestic or international relocation service, companies have immaculate tracking systems in place.

- For international relocation, the import export norms of the foreign country are considered to avoid any misunderstanding.

- Warehousing or storage facilities are provided if your destination is not finalized or the new home is being constructed, and the goods need to be securely stored for some time. Commercial clients can also benefit from this system. Benefits include security surveillance, periodic pest control, vacuuming and cleaning, temperature control, inventory management, retrieval facility and firefighting equipments.

- A company’s cargo handling services are multifarious. They accept the incoming consignment and get its dimensions and weight measured. Then the cargo is examined, X-rayed and all documentations are taken care of. Physical checking is performed for hazardous or perishable items. Finally, delivery of the load at ramp and its transfer to airlines is carried out.

- The carriers which movers use for cars come with safety chains and locks, safety belts and wheel stoppers. Your vehicle is protected from bad weather and a periodical inspection is conducted during transportation to ensure if everything is fine. You don’t need to drive your car for loading on trailers, since local pickups are employed to accomplish this task.  

- A smart supply chain management system and wide distribution network usually helps packers and movers to deliver on time.

- The value added services by a moving company may include prompt customer care, prior intimation about arrival of goods, and handling of all paperwork wherever required. Even if your goods are being transported on a shared basis, then they also receive the utmost attention.

How do I find a professional moving company in Dubai?

There are numerous professional packers and movers you can find online, especially on listing websites like Homify. Apart from this, you can also go through yellow pages or ask your friends and family members about such services which they might have availed recently. For companies that you come across online, carefully peruse their services, shifting process, moving checklist, profile, presence and so on. Some company websites allow you to place online queries and obtain quotes which you can compare with other companies to examine price fairness. You can also check for references and cross check them for satisfaction. Also do remember that sometimes what works for one, might not work for another family.

What do I need to look out for when hiring a moving company in Dubai?

With the right moving company, you will have the peace of mind that your precious goods will be relocated properly and safely without any trouble or delay. But how will you know which one to pick? Here are some questions to jot down and ask a mover before hiring their services.

- Ask how long the company has been in business and what type of clients they have had. The more years and experience they have, the better.

- Ask for testimonials and reviews which will help you to assess if their professionalism, timeliness and quality of work, is up to the mark. Also check if they have won any awards, certification or have faced any legal allegations in the past.

- Ask if the movers have the necessary licenses for state and interstate transport. Don’t get your goods involved with anything illegal.

- Check whether the company will be providing insurance for your items. This is a must for your protection against any damage or theft during transit.

- Get an idea of how you will be charged – whether it is by the hour, the number of packages or the weight of the goods. Don’t forget to ask about charges for extra services. It is also vital to know how the weight of shipment is measured.

- Find out who will take care of the dismantling, packing, loading, unloading, unpacking, rebuilding and so on. Only well-trained and skilled professionals should be involved in such tasks.

- Find out if the packers and movers provide compensation for workers, in case someone is injured during the process of relocation. This will guarantee that you don’t have to shell out the money for the worker’s personal damages.

- Ask for a well documented and signed contract which clearly states all terms and conditions. Check if all the verbal assurances the company has offered, are mentioned in print.

- Ask if the mover will charge extra for the time taken to travel to and from your house or any other establishment.  

- Know about the company’s cancellation policy and what it entails. Your move may suddenly get stalled or postponed due to several reasons, and then you will naturally have to stop the shifting process. So it’s wise to be prepared for all contingencies.

- Find out what the terms and conditions of the payment are. Usually the final payment is done after you receive all shipments at the new location and the movers reinstall everything according to your plan.

- Ask exactly how fragile products like antiques, electronics, glass, musical instruments or expensive clothes will be packed. On your part, remember to specifically mention which items on your list need it.

- Ask if the pickup and delivery dates are guaranteed and if there is any compensation if either or both of them are missed.

- If your goods have to be stored for a while, ask what kind of warehousing facility they provide and if it is safe and suitable for the nature of your items.

- Try to find out whether there is any work that you can do yourself that will save you money. If you are planning to do your own packing then enquire about the kind of packing materials you should use.

- Don’t forget to ask about the supplies that the moving company will be providing and if you have to pay for them separately.

- Ask how long the packing will take and how many movers will be employed for it. Also enquire if you have to pay for any overtime.

- Make sure the packers and movers are aware of the measurement of the doorways, stairways and elevators beforehand. This is particularly necessary while moving large objects.

- Compare the total cost you have to incur across 2 or 3 moving companies to arrive at a cost effective decision.

How much does a moving company in Dubai cost and how can I keep the costs down?

The amount you will be charged for shifting will depend on several factors like the season when you are shifting, nature of move, weight or quantity of shipments, the time required and number of movers involved, type of materials used for packing, any extra charges or value added services and so on.

Ask for a strict estimate from the mover which covers all payments. To keep the costs under control, you can decide to do at least some packing by yourself. It may also be advisable to try and carry smaller items to your new home or facility yourself.

What other professionals and services do I need for my home in Dubai?

If you are shifting to a new home or office, then besides moving companies, you may also need other professionals to get your brand new setup up and running. On Homify, you can get in touch with such professionals with ease.

InteriorDesigner & Decorators in Dubai – They can assess, plan, design and decorate any indoor space to make it aesthetically pleasing and functional. Interior designers may often collaborate with engineers and architects to ensure that all technicalities are followed during the process.

Electrician in Dubai – There is no life without lights, fans, computers, television and such. And these professionals can install, maintain, repair and replace all electrical wiring systems of a building. They can also set up all electrical appliances according to your requirement.

Painter in Dubai – Walls of a new building look dull and unappealing without paint. So a skilled and experienced painter will know how to prepare such surfaces and will be helpful to choose the type, colour, amount and combination of paints which can be used.