1 Interior Landscape Designers


What do interior landscape designers do?

Whether it’s a home, office, gallery, airport, museums, a patch of decorative green can change the ambience of that space forever. Not only do they become an integral part of the interior landscape, they add a number of health benefits to the area. The plains and angles of interiors can be softened or enhanced with the introduction of plant life. Interior landscaping is often known as interiorscaping or plantscaping and it not only caters to residential spaces but also a whole host of commercial establishments. You could add a spot of lush green inside your home or convert an office wall into a living green structure or construct a floating garden at your hotel – all this and more is what an interior landscape designer can do for you. They will help you to beautify the interiors of a space by adding a touch of nature to it, creating a charming landscape and then maintain it.

There are many things an interior landscape designer can help you to achieve in your space. Here are some examples.

Lobbies and atriums – They can add decorative patches to any building and turn it into a charming ambiance that is bound to have a positive impact on the visitors. The green patch can impress your business clients, attract more visitors and tenants and augment the profile of a building in the real estate market. The daytime energy costs might also diminish and the lobby or atrium can serve as a special event venue. It will help to create semi-private seating areas with foliage acting as screens or partitions.

In offices or workplaces – You can hire interior landscape architects in Ghaziabaad to give your work environment an eco-friendly makeover with the addition of plants. Air quality will improve, noise will reduce, traffic patterns will be directed and any architectural flaws will be easily camouflaged. Botanical stylists will guide you while choosing plants that will suitably complement your office space and create a productive setting for all.

Creation of living walls – Thinking of a “natural” solutions to liven the look of your office entrance, reception or seating area? Get your interior landscaping guy to build you a green or living wall. This can be achieved by covering vertical surfaces with dense vegetation, whereby, they don’t eat up limited floor space. You can choose from soil less systems or hydroponics, organic systems, trellises and vining walls, living frames, self-contained systems, moss and natural green walls, preserved green walls and replica green walls.

In hotels, retail outlets, casinos and gaming environments – Interior landscaping in hospitality industries can build an emotional bond with customers. Ornamental plants can enhance the establishment’s status, create an inviting aura, increase customer satisfaction and perceived value, and direct traffic patterns. Plant screens can be used to add privacy and surveillance systems can be concealed from the public eye.

In hospitals or health care centers – The therapeutic and healing power of greens is not a new concept. Hence, allergy free planting is popular in health care facilities for producing a soothing and calming environment. Interior landscaping also masks sounds from water features, creates privacy screens and is visually pleasing.

Replica plants for unfavorable locations – For any area where living plants cannot thrive, artificial plants are considered the best options. Your interior landscaping artist can probably do a green wall or use preserved palm trees, whimsical plantings, prop fabrication and greenery for low light spaces.

Here is how interior landscape designers can manage a project for you.

- First they will get to know about your requirements and taste in interior decoration with plants and review the budget you have in mind.

- Then they will take a tour of your establishment to note and photograph locations which are ideal for placing plants.

- Botanical stylists or plant designers will check the available light condition or level, to decide on the plant variety or planter style that can be used. This is because, while some plants grow well in low or medium light, some others need high light. He may also work with an architect or interior designer if it is a new construction.

- The layout and size of your facility will also be assessed to figure out the proper plant scale.

- The architecture, textures and hues of the space in question, will be reviewed.

- A customized design plan will be prepared by the designer for installation. Professional installers will take care of the entire process with minimum disruption to your normal schedule or activities.

- It is no secret that living indoor plants need maintenance to retain their fresh and healthy look. The designer and his skilled team will hence ensure that the plants are regularly watered, cleaned, trimmed, fertilized and checked for pest infestations.

- Periodic inspections are conducted to keep a tab on the quality and growth of the plants.

- Blooming or seasonal plants of myriad colors, shapes and sizes are often suggested by interior landscape designers for interesting or exciting décor.

How do I find a professional interior landscape designer in Ghaziabaad?

- Perform an online search for interior landscape companies or interior designer companies. At times, landscape designers and architects can help you with your project, too. Homify is a website where you can find lists of such professionals. If your friend or a family member had interior landscaping done recently, ask them for suggestions or contact the agency they hired.

- What do I need to look out for when hiring an interior landscape designer in Ghaziabaad?

- Bringing in plants to beautify the interiors of your house is not enough. You need to be aware of the maintenance and care they need, to stay lush. Hiring the right interior landscape designer can take care of all this for you. Here’s what you should ask him before availing his services.

- Check his qualifications to gauge if he really has horticultural, designing and planning knowledge. If it is a company, then you may ask for certifications or check if it is a member of some reputed professional organization.

- Ask for reviews or testimonials from past clients or request the images and details of former projects. This will give you an idea about the quality of their work, timeliness and reliability.

- Discuss what you desire with the designer and see if he can offer proper solutions or alternatives. He should ideally review the interior space to check aspects like intensity of light and the apt locations to keep plants.

- You should also enquire as to how the plants can help in purifying the air. The designer should be able to enlighten you of other benefits, too.

- Don’t forget to ask how often your plants will be checked by the designer’s professional team, for watering pruning, addition of nutrients etc. Also, if any emergency attention is needed, then ask about whom to call.

- Designers or companies generally maintain sufficient stock of various indoor plants. But it would be wise to ask how much time it will take to complete the project. It may happen that, customized items and special flowers take a bit of time to source.

- If you don’t have much natural light streaming into your home, ask the landscape designer about what he recommends. Usually plants which survive well in low or artificial lights can be used easily. Or else, the designer may suggest replica plants. In such cases, make sure that they look and feel as real as possible.

- Moving from one place to another is a part of life, especially for offices or if you are a tenant. Ask the designer if he will help with the relocation of the plants and how much he will charge.

- Though it is quite uncommon, ask the designer if the indoor plants might carry the risk of giving you allergies.

- Enquire about the prices of indoor plants, flowers, or any other arrangement that you intend to have. The designer should also provide a well thought out cost estimate for handling of the entire project including regular maintenance. Compare with a few other interior landscaping companies before arriving at a value for money decision.

-How much does an interior landscape designer cost and how can I keep the costs down?

Before the project commences, ask for a clear estimate from the designer that covers all payments to avoid incurring extra charges in the future. Make sure that the calculation includes maintenance, emergency services or moving services if required. You can also stay away from rare or exotic plants which are naturally more expensive than commonly used varieties.

What other professionals and services do I need for my home in Ghaziabaad?

Here are some other professionals you may need apart from interior landscape designers, for the beauty and functionality of your home, office or any other facility. Get in touch with them conveniently on Homify.

Gardener in Ghaziabaad – Just like indoor plants, an exterior garden can liven up the appearance of any building. And a gardener has the skill, knowledge and passion to raise plants, water, cut and prune them, manage weeds and control pests and diseases. He can mow lawns, and knows the exact amount of nutrition, air and water needed by each type of plant. Whether you want to grow flowers, evergreens, herbs, or vegetables, a gardener is the answer to all your prayers.

Interior Designer in Ghaziabaad – If you want any indoor space to be planned, designed, furnished and decorated in a certain way then interior designers can help you to achieve this objective with ease. They keep both visual appeal and functionality in mind while doing so and sometimes work with architects or engineers, too.

Plumber in Ghaziabaad – These professionals install, maintain, repair or replace pipes in homes and offices. They may also be capable of designing the layout of pipes for efficient transfer of portable water, drainage water or sewage. So besides arranging for the convenient watering of your indoor plants, a plumber can assist with any other pipe systems, too.