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Architects in Visakhapatnam

Before building a house in Vizag, it's advisable to consult one of the local architects in Visakhapatnam to get a better idea of the style and materials that are best suited to the climate. For example, as a port city located on Andhra Pradesh's coast, the high level of moisture in the air can result in corrosion of some types of material. Similarly, there are regulations regarding the recommended distance from the shoreline and other factors that need to be considered before deciding on the architectural design of the house, which only a local architect might know.

What are the common styles of architecture in Visakhapatnam?

Like with most cities in India, Visakhapatnam presents a potpourri of architectural styles. On one end of the spectrum is colonial architecture that can be seen in buildings and monuments such as St. Paul's Church, St. John's Church, St. Aloysius' Church, Turner's Choultry, Collector's Office building, King George hospital and King Edward VII Market, all of which were built during the British era. Besides this, the city has traditional Indian architecture featured in structures such as Hawa Mahal, which was built along Beach Road as a summer resort for the Maharaja of Jeypore in Orissa. 

The industrial development during the 80s saw the city prosper, and with its natural harbour, the port city attracted many industries, including NTPC, RINL, Hindustan Shipyard and the HPCL refinery. It also became home to the Eastern Naval Headquarters. All this resulted in an influx of migrant population, along with which came the need for large public housing projects. It added the first set of large (but matchbox like) apartment complexes to the city's architecture

More recently, Visakhapatnam is on its way to becoming a major IT hub in the state and as a result, modern architecture, featuring steel and glass structures has become a common sight in the city. Among the most recognised modern buildings in Vizag are those of HSBC Bank, the Mahindra Satyam Development Centre and Wipro. Modern high-rise apartment complexes like those seen in India's leading metropolises have also become a part of the skyline in Visakhapatnam. 

What significant building regulations affect Visakhapatnam's residential architecture?

According to the regulations outlined by the State and local authorities, certain restrictions apply to residential architecture in the city. These include:

  • A prescribed minimum and maximum plot size in new developments and layouts, depending on the size of the abutting roads.
  • A minimum approach road requirement for sites in new areas or layouts. 
  • Plots/sites along ring roads, highways and bypass roads need to meet certain access conditions and requirements.
  • No construction is allowed in the bed of water bodies such as rivers, nalas or in the full tank level of lakes, ponds, etc.
  • Additionally, no construction is permitted within the buffer area of the Coastal Regulation Zone.
  • In the case of building activity near restricted zones such as the airport or within 500 metres from defence areas, special clearance needs to be obtained from the concerned authority.
  • Similarly, the minimum distance requirement laid down by the concerned authority needs to be met for sites near high tension electricity transmission lines, oil and gas pipelines and railway boundary lines.
  • There are minimum setback and height stipulations for all non-high-rise buildings.
  • Separate regulations apply to high-rise buildings. These include the provision of joint open spaces, the type of structure, provision of greenery and compliance with the facilities and amenities prescribed in the National Building Code.
  • Depending on the type of residential architecture, parking requirements also need to be met.
  • Besides this, there are regulations regarding land use (as mentioned in the Master Plan) to which the owner or builder needs to adhere.
  • Most importantly, it is mandatory to get an Occupancy Certificate for every building before it can be occupied.

The number of regulations can be confusing and daunting for a home owner but working with architects in Visakhapatnam makes the process easier as they are familiar with all the provisions of the building regulations.

What is the cost of building a house in Visakhapatnam?

According to 2018 estimates by local architects in Visakhapatnam, the cost of constructing a house in Vizag can range from Rs. 1550 to Rs. 1800 per square feet on an average for a modest house, including labour and material costs as well as the architect's fees. For luxury houses, the rate per square feet can go up to Rs. 3,500. The cost can vary considerably depending on the type of materials used as well as the structure of the building. For example, for a 2,000 sq. ft. house, which uses economy materials, the total cost of construction might work out to around Rs. 29,00,000, whereas a house of the same size that uses luxury finishes can be almost thrice as expensive at Rs. 90,00,000. In general, the structural cost per square feet remains the same across different categories of houses, but the style and the cost of the interior architecture can greatly affect the overall budget of the build.

Why are the advantages of consulting architects in Visakhapatnam when building a house in the city?

A mistake many homeowners make is to hire a well-known architect from another city based on seeing their work. Since architects in Vizag have experience in building houses using materials and finishes that are ideal for the local climate and are aware of all the regulations that need to be followed, working with one of them makes the process less stressful. For example, a home owner might prefer a house with modern architecture with a glass front door that optimises the sea view, but the local architect will look at the orientation of the house and might advise against a glass front door or façade that might not be able to weather the high windspeed during the monsoon.

Another advantage of working with a Visakhapatnam architect is that he has contacts with local subcontractors who he regularly uses for projects. As a result, supervision becomes easier, and the project is more likely to be completed on schedule. Additionally, with the trend towards sustainable architectural design and construction, consulting a local architect will bring the advantage of knowing the best local sources for building materials, thereby reducing the cost and impact of transportation. 

How much do architects in Visakhapatnam charge as their consulting fees?

Most architects charge a flat fee for the architectural design and supervision costs – usually a percentage of the cost of the project. On an average, it can be around 7.5%. However, some architects charge a rate per square feet, which can vary between Rs. 30 per square feet to Rs. 500 per square feet. It's best to clarify the fee amount with the professional before the project commences.

How do I find local architects in Visakhapatnam to take up my house construction?

On homify, we have city-wise listings of architects and interior architects. By browsing through our architectural directory and viewing their profiles, you can see photographs of their builds and get an idea of their range of services and quality of construction. Once you are clear about your preference, whether it's modern architecture or an older colonial or classic style, you can fill up the contact form to get a quote from the professional of your choice. Also you can look for Kitchen Planners from Visakhapatnam or Landscape Architects