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What are the pros of hiring an architect from Surrat?

An architect is a professional, and his services are not cheap. However, there is a large local market for architectural services, and the internet is helping to lower the cost of hiring an architect, even for small projects. So, it might be that you find yourself a bargain. It is also important to remember that hiring a good architect from your city can save you money in the long run. A home that has been designed and built properly will maintain its value and increase its resale value. 

Hiring an architect from your city has many more benefits as he or she would be well connected to the resources and ideal building materials to use in your locality for your house. Architects in Surat can be found on homify’s architect directory. Notable architectural firms in Surat include Incept Design Services, Padarrpan Architects, Essteam, HundredDesigns and  Ellipse Design Studio.     

What aspects should I consider when choosing an architect?

When choosing an architect, make sure you take into account the type of architectural firm, their specialities and expertise so that you are aware of the services they offer. For example, if you want to add a pool or spa in your property, it will not make sense to approach a firm of architects who specialize in building kitchens. Also pay attention to the type of work they do. If you are looking for a modern and original design, choose architects who have proven experience in creating spaces and modern buildings. It sounds simple, but sometimes the offices of architects accept work for which they are not adequately equipped. Try browsing through homify to find the perfect style for your home. 

When do I need an architect?

Viewed simply, you will need the skills of an architect every time you start a construction project that involves modifying or remodeling your home. Generally, for simple interior design tasks, you will not need to invest extra money in hiring the services of an architect and you can do the work on your own. However, when you add a structure, such as a guest house or some extension, build a pool or even start building a house from scratch, it is always a good idea to consult an expert in architectural practice. 

What does an architect do?

Once you've selected your ideal design system using the homify site and your idea book, an architect will help you turn your dreams and plans into reality. Your architect will work with you and draw formal blueprints and diagrams that construction professionals can follow to build the finished design. In that process, your architect will use sophisticated techniques to ensure that any structure is stable and secure. Using your design skills, an architect will shape your own plans, define details and create visualizations in 3D until the idea can be transformed into a finished product. Many architects specialize in specific areas, such as building kitchens, garages or landscaping gardens

What other professional do I need in my home? 

To know the professional you need, take time and envision on the kind of service that you want and what improvement you would like. What is your budget or what can you accomplish now? Homify has different professionals on home improvement, and you don’t have to struggle to find them. 

Aside from a skilled architect, you will probably need to work with other specialists to ensure that your project is completed successfully and without complications. These specialists can be bathroom designers, kitchen planners, landscape architects and interior architects. Some spaces require knowledge and extra tasks to put them in good condition. 

How much does it cost to build a house in Surat? 

Building a house or an apartment  in Surat can cost from 1000 to 1500 per square foot. Don’t forget to consider that the total price also depends on which area in Surat the land is located at. If it is high end residential area, you can expect the overall cost to be higher. 

The quality of construction (A, B or C) can also affect the cost of building a home. A refers to the highest quality of bricks, sand, cement and steel. B refers to medium quality, and C refers to the lowest quality and cheapest material. 

The cost for a C class construction is approximately 600 to 800 INR per square foot. B class construction costs about 900 to 1000 per square foot, while an A class construction can cost between 14 to 24 Lakhs.  

What are the restrictions for building in Surat? 

The new height limit in Surat is now reduced to 12 meters due to new laws enforced in both residential and commercial buildings. Areas near the airport are most affected as they are an obstruction to flight movement. 

What are the characteristics of Surat architecture?

The building which is used at present as an office complex by Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) is one of the ancient monuments of Surat city. It was built during the period of Mugal Emperor Shah Jahan and was popularly known as 'Mugal Sarai'. It’s architectural qualities are visibly demonstrated by the skilful composition of  different elements combined with a combination of arches, cornices, decorated parapets and sculptured patterns on the exterior facade.   Some restorations have been made in the original building and due care was taken so as not to disrupt the original architecture of the building. Although currently, the central courtyard is used by employees for parking vehicles, it still has huge trees which are homes to a wide variety of birds, giving it still the same touch of nature which it would have once enjoyed.

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