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When do I need an architect?

If you are undertaking a home development project or redesigning the structure of your buildings, then it is usually a good idea to bring in the skills of a professional architect. It’s not essential to have an architect on board for smaller projects such as room design, but for anything involving structural changes or complex designs, the skills that an architect can bring will be essential. If you are building a home in Pune from scratch, adding a summer house, conservatory or gazebo, then an architect should be the first person you consult. That way, they can guide you through the first steps in turning your design dreams into actual reality, and smooth out the pathway to the completion of your project.

What does an architect do?

Architects combine design skills with knowledge of structural engineering. They draw up the plans that contractors follow, enabling individual specialists to carry out construction tasks while keeping the project as a whole on track. When you add ideas to your homify Ideabook and finalise a style that you love, an architect will work with you to translate those ideas into plans that can be adapted and turned into real structures. They use their design skills to create harmonious, attractive and practical spaces that residents will love, while architects apply their engineering knowledge to make those structures safe, durable and stable. Without an architect on board, more complex design projects can suffer from long delays, poor organisation and complete structural failure in some cases—so it makes sense to find the right architect for your unique design challenge.

Architectural remodelling

Remodelling is something that many homify users will undertake. Basically, it involves taking an already existing home or structure and radically changing its appearance from one architectural style into another. If you have a traditional style home, an architect can use sophisticated remodelling software to add large glass windows, metal framed annexes and balconies, without losing the harmony of the building. When done well, architectural remodelling can retain elements of the old design and add new ones with elegance and class. If you don’t bring in architectural skills, and rely on your own style sense and the skills of contractors, the results can be a bit of a mess, so it makes sense to use a specialist remodelling architect if possible.


Sometimes design projects need to take a run-down old property and turn it into somewhere that looks as good as new. Every home suffers over time from degradation of materials and changes in fashion which make it seem out of date and embarrassing. A skillful renovation project can take unpromising materials and give tired old homes a completely new lease of life. Some architects specialise in renovation—with the ability to sense which structural elements and materials to retain and which to scrap. Sometimes, you will be surprised by how aged woods and stone can look when they are properly cleaned and finished, but a skilled architect will be able to advise about how to renovate tastefully and harmoniously.

Architectural planning

Planning is one of the key tasks of any architect. In fact, their project management skills are almost as important as their design skills. When you bring in an architect, they will focus on dividing the project up into different stages, with projected schedules and an estimated project duration. They will work out a budget for contractors and bring in support staff to run the project efficiently. Using 3D modelling software, they should also be able to lead you through these phases, using architectural visualizations to show how the structure will look as it develops, and what the finished building will look like as well.

Site manager

Your architect will almost always seek to appoint a skilled site manager. That’s because the site manager is their control centre when they are not on site. The site manager will inform the architect about any problems, they will deal one on one with contractors and liaise with the client to smooth over any issues that arise. A good site manager will also work hand in hand with your architect to ensure that the project remains on schedule and that all work is carried out properly. Without them, chaos can be the result, so it makes sense to hire a site manager to oversee your design project if possible.

How do I find the right architect in Pune?

In the past, anyone starting a design project has not always found it easy to secure the services of a good architect. Home designers in Pune have had to rely on word of mouth or phone directories—which is not the most reliable way to find the specialist you need. At homify, we offer a comprehensive, easy to navigate directory of professional architects who work in a wide range of styles. You can find one in the Pune area with the right mix of project experience and design specialities, and liaise directly with them via the homify website. You can even see examples of past projects that they have worked on, providing extra peace of mind and choice. With our help, it should be simple to find the right specialist for your design project.

Are large architectural firms in Pune better than smaller, boutique firms?

In some cases yes, in some cases, no. Whether you choose an architect from a large firm or a freelance architect is very much up to you. For some design projects with complex needs and large budgets, sourcing an architect from a major firm could make sense. They can draw on the connections within their firm to secure materials cheaply and their firm may well have reserves of experience to help carry out the project effectively. But for many homes in Pune, a boutique architect will be preferable. You can deal with them as individuals, allowing your architect to focus closely on what you want them to achieve. With homify, you can also find a freelance architect who specialises in the kind of work that you desire. So there is no easy answer to this question.

Choosing an architect in Pune

Choosing your architect will be the most important design decision during any project. We recommend taking time to assess all of the available options and talking to as many individual architect firms as possible before making your decisions. When it comes to meeting with your architect, come armed with photos, designs and style ideas—and do not be afraid to ask for evidence that they have the experience you need. The last thing you want is to be bring in an architect who doesn’t know how to carry out the remodelling or design work that you need. So take some time, don’t be afraid to say no and use homify’s directory to find the perfect architect.

How much will an architect cost in Pune?

If you are worried about costs architect services can easily be found at a reasonable price, but resist the temptation to always choose the cheapest option. A good architect will save money in the medium term by helping to organise your design project effectively, and you will save money in the long-term by having a more valuable, better-built home to live in. You can also secure the services of cheap architects using homify’s online directory, although a wide range of architect costs are represented. The important thing is to find a specialist who can do the work properly—choosing the cheapest option will generally not be the best design choice.

How can I contact an architect?

All of the contact details you will need to contact an architect in Pune can be found on the individual homify pages for each architect firm. E-mail, phone, fax or visit their offices in person—but remember to come with all of the information your architect will need to give advice about design options, duration and costs.

What other professionals do I need for my home building project?

An architect is not the only design specialist you will need. They will also usually bring in other professionals to carry out specific tasks.

Interior architects in Pune

A conventional architect will generally be skilled in designing exteriors and structures as a whole—but you can source interior architects to carry out specialist work on individual rooms of your home. If you need an ultra-minimalist modernist living room, or a Scandinavian-style bathroom, then an interior architect can work on that room, resulting in a higher quality result.

General Contractors in Pune

Almost every design project will require construction contractors to carry out the nuts and bolts tasks required. From carpentry to masonry, brick-laying, gardening and flooring—plenty of specialists will be needed to work on the average home, and your architect should be able to help to find them.

Designers in Pune

When you are looking to create a specific style, it may be necessary to bring in a professional designer. Your designer will work with the architect to ensure that the right furnishings and colour schemes are included, and they will arrange the interiors to create space and harmony. Essentially, a good designer adds the essential finishing touches to the work that your architect will carry out.

Pune Architecture

Pune is blessed with some of India’s leading architectural colleges, and has some of India’s most visually impressive modern architecture to be inspired by. These modern buildings sit alongside ancient palaces and the spacious, elegant architecture of the Raj—which tried to turn Pune into a garden city.

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