80 Architects in Pune


What are the pros of hiring an architect from Pune?

An architect is a professional who is responsible for designing buildings and structures. If you want a house to have a precise design of construction, an architect will help you before the construction begins. This is done to ensure that the clear picture of what you want is drawn. They have many ways of doing it like making a plastic model of the building you want or use cardboard to come up with what you have described to them. As a homeowner, an architect will help you know how your building is going to function. If you want to renovate your house, you can count an architect in too. An architect is responsible for site selection, energy analysis, and construction management. 

Hiring an architect from your city is a good idea because he will understand the weather conditions, climate and therefore the ideal building materials to use in your locality and for your house. The local architect would also know the building codes and zoning requirement specific to your city. Architects in Pune can be found on homify’s architect directory. Notable architectural firms in Pune include Shubhchintan, Aijaz Hakim Architect, Navmiti Designs, Urban Tree and 4th Axis Design Studio.      

What aspects should I consider when choosing an architect? The most important thing to consider when choosing an architect is that the firm or company has knowledge in the type of work you are looking for. If you want to add a pool or spa in your property, it will not make sense to approach a firm of architects who specialize in building kitchens. Also pay attention to the type of work they do. If you are looking for a modern and original design, choose architects who have proven experience in creating spaces and modern buildings. It sounds simple, but sometimes the offices of architects accept work for which they are not adequately equipped. So browse through the homify until you find the perfect signature style for you.

What does an architect do? 

Once you've selected your ideal design system using the homify site and your idea book, an architect will help you turn your dreams and plans into reality. Your architect will work with you and draw formal blueprints and diagrams that construction professionals can follow to build the finished design. In that process, your architect will use sophisticated techniques to ensure that any structure is stable and secure. Using your design skills, an architect will shape your own plans, define details and create visualizations in 3D until the idea can be transformed into a finished product. Many architects specialize in specific areas, such as building kitchens, garages or landscaping gardens

What other professional do I need in my home?

Aside from a skilled architect, you will probably need to work with other specialists to ensure that your project is completed successfully and without complications. These specialists can be bathroom designers, kitchen planners, landscape architects and interior architects. Some spaces require knowledge and extra tasks to put them in good condition. 

How much does it cost to build a house in Pune?

The average cost of construction in Pune is 1300—1450 per sq ft. However, it all depends which area the land is located at. If it is high end residential area, you can expect the overall cost to be more pricey.  The cost of construction depends on the quality of construction (A, B or C). C class means low grade bricks and sand, cheapest cement and steel, cheapest fixtures and fittings. B class means medium grade bricks and sand, medium cost cement and steel, medium cost fixtures and fittings. A class is  best in class resources and most expensive as well.  

C class construction costs around 700 to 800 rupees per square foot of construction. So a 1000 square foot house should cost between 7 to 8 lakhs to build. B class construction costs around 1000 to 1100 per square foot. So a 1000 square foot house should cost between 10 to 11 lakhs. A class construction costs anywhere from 1500 to 2500 per square foot. So a 1000 square foot house would cost between 15 to 25 lakhs. Please note this does not include land cost, which depends on the area it is located. 

What are the restrictions for building in Pune? 

The Building Permission department of Pune Municipal Corporation is responsible for issuing the necessary permits and certificates for all kinds of buildings, new and old. The department reviews all applications that seek building permits to ensure strict compliance with all applicable building and structural-laws and building code requirements. 

The Building permission is granted subject to very stringent scrutiny. This involves various stages starting with the identification and authenticity of land, the geo-location, if the building conforms to all the standards of safety and regulation, the distance from the road, distance from surrounding buildings, height and other criteria set by the Municipal authorities, along with the building plan. 

What are the characteristics of Pune architecture?

Pune is known for its British Raj bungalow architecture and the Garden Cities Movement layout of the Cantonment in the early Twentieth Century. Christopher Charles Benninger landmark architectural works surround the city, including the Mahindra United World College of India, the Centre for Development Studies and Activities, the YMCA Retreat at Nilshi and the Samundra Institute of Maritime Studies. 

Earlier known as Reay Market, it is one of the biggest vegetable markets in Pune. The British government built it and made it a marketplace for all the vegetable sellers. The market was renamed as Mahatma Phule Market. It was built in an neo-gothic style and has a central tower with a very unique octagonal structure.  

Another architectural delight of Pune is the Shivaji Bridge which is also known as Lloyd Bridge. The bridge reflects a combination of colonial and Mughal architectural styles visible in the floral patterns carved on the arched pillars.